November 28, 2014

10 Amazing DIY Dollar Store Holiday Decorations

You don’t have to spend a lot to have a pretty home! You just have to be creative and think about how you can use items in different ways. Here’s some inspiration to help you create beautiful Christmas decor on a budget – DIY Dollar Store Holiday Decorations!

Create beautiful Christmas decor on a budget with these DIY Dollar Store Holiday decorations & crafts. |10 DIY Dollar Store Holiday Decorations

Here are some frugal ways to decorate for Christmas!

10 Amazing DIY Dollar Store Holiday Decorations

10 Amazing Dollar Store Holiday Decor Ideas | Dollar Store Wine Glass Dioramas Wine Glass Dollar-Store Holiday Dioramas from Pop Sugar. Aren’t these just so pretty and all made with items found at the dollar store!

DIY Dollar Store Berry Wreath | 10 Amazing Dollar Store Holiday Decorating Ideas

DIY Dollar Store Berry Wreath from That’s What {Che} Said – this wreath looks so expensive but it’s made from dollar store pics!

Dollar Tree snowflake Door decoration - cute idea instead of a wreath | 10 Amazing Dollar Store Holiday Decor Ideas

Dollar Store Snowflake Door Decoration from The Craft In Me – This is so cute and easy that I’m thinking of doing this to our front door this year.

10 Amazing Dollar Store Holiday Decoration Idea | Dollar Tree  Christmas Door Decoration

DIY Dollar Tree Holiday Door Decoration from Purple Hues and Me – I never thought abut adding to those big foam/felt Christmas decorations that the dollar stores sell. Great idea!

cute Christmas scene globe

Cute Dollar Store Christmas Scene Globe from Alyssabeth’s Vintage – love this little winter scene and the cute cake stand.

10 Amazing DIY Dollar Store Christmas  Decorations like this burlap candy cane

Dollar Store Burlap Candy Cane from Learning, Creating, Living. This is so clever! Wait till you see what she uses as the base!

Dollar Store DIY Sock Ornaments | A Collections of 10 Amazing DIY Dollar Store Christmas Decorations

Dollar Store Sock ornaments from Crafts ‘n Coffee.  Love this idea! Also a great way to repurpose old Christmas socks that have holes or that you don’t want to wear anymore.

Dollar store Christmas book page wreath

Dollar Store Christmas Book Page Wreath from Alyssabeth’s Vintage. I love book page wreaths – they’re so easy and  always look good!

10 Amazing Dollar Store Christmas Decorations like this beaded garland  Christmas tree

Beaded Garland Christmas Tree from Mess For Less – love that this is a quick project!

10 Amazing Dollar Store Christmas Crafts like this  pretty wreath from Craftberry Bush

Dollar Store Christmas Wreath from Craftberry Bush – You’ll have to go see what she used to make this wreath. It’s from something very unusual but turned out so pretty!

I haven’t started decorating for Christmas, have you?

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A Pretty Kitchen Shelf With Hooks or A Place To Hang My Aprons

I am having such a hard time getting used to this kitchen! We’ve been in this house for 3 weeks and I just can’t seem to figure out how where the best place would be for stuff or a work flow. I did realize that I couldn’t dedicate a whole drawer to pot holders/oven mitts like at my old house. So I had to find another way to store them and decided that hanging them would be the best storage solution.

A pretty way to provide some extra storage for potholder and aprons.

I also hung up my two favorite aprons! I  had a cute wire basket with hooks that I got either at TJMaxx or Target and I had a picture ledge from Ikea. So I combined the two and now have some vertical storage and a little place to display stuff in the kitchen.

Pretty place to hang your aprons and pot holders. Great way to increase storage if you don't have lots of drawers in you kitchen.
If you’ve ever seen a picture ledge you know it’s really narrow since you’re supposed to just prop pictures on it. So there’s not a lot of display space. Which was my intention in using it.

Cute kitchen shelf with vintage ceramic rooster and some free printables

I just wanted a little space to easily display a few fun things. Something easy to change without a lot of hoopla! The “Together We Have It All” is a free printable from Entirely Eventful Day. She has lots of really pretty ones so go check them out. I can’t remember where I got “Home Is Where Your Heart Is” – etsy I believe. “God Bless Our Home” I’ve had for many years so I have no idea where I got that.

Cute kitchen shelf with hooks for pot holders and aprons

I treated myself to some new  holders since they’re out where everyone can see them :)  from Target.  The cute polka dot pot holder and the patchwork one were gifts from a reader.

Cute kitchen shelf with hooks and cubbies provides needed storage and display space in a small kitchen

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with the cubbies  – I already have a place for incoming mail. Maybe a place for outgoing mail, coupons to retail stores (not grocery coupons). Maybe I’ll just use them to display cute printables.

What would you use those cubbies for?


Sweet & Simple Projects: Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornament

Are you in the mood for some easy holiday crafting? If so, give this cute and inexpensive to make pipe cleaner Christmas tree ornament a try. This is #2 of my Sweet & Simple DIY Projects series.

Easy to make pipe cleaner Christmas tree ornament. So cute and a great kids activity!

You can make your own pipe cleaner tree ornament using a just a few simple materials, and the end result is a sweet little tree ready to hang on your real Christmas tree. This is a great craft to do with kids!

Here is how you can get started crafting your own ornament!

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornament

Supplies needed:

Stick (about 6 inches in length is ideal)
Assorted green pipe cleaners
Craft glue
Ribbon for hanging

holiday pipe cleaner craft

Choose the type of pipe cleaners that appeal to you for your tree. For this one, I used sparkly green one found at  my craft store. You can use plain green, neon green, sparkly, or a variety of all if you like!


1. Begin by laying the stick flat on your work surface.
2. Cut your pipe cleaners in half. Begin twisting them around the stick evenly so there is an equal amount of pipe cleaner on each side of the stick.
3. Repeat the process until ¾ of the stick is covered with pipe cleaners. Leave the bottom bare so it looks like a tree trunk.
4. Take your scissors and start trimming the pipe cleaners so they taper and form a tree shape. Start at the bottom, trimming off a little more as you work your way upward.
5. Once the tree is the shape of your liking, you can add the ribbon for hanging. Just add a dab of glue to your ribbon and attach it to the backside of the tree. Just place it directly on the stick, press, and hold until secure.

how to make a pipe cleaner Christmas tree ornament

Your pipe cleaner tree is now ready to be enjoyed. Hang it on your Christmas tree or anywhere you can use a little festive holiday décor.

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DIY Burlap, Gingham, Wheat Napkin Ring

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The Dining Room – We Finally Have A Dining Table!

Hi everyone! I had to sell my dining room table from my other house ( it was too big for this small breakfast room). So we have been eating on TV trays since we moved! Not very comfortable – especially for my 6’2″ husband. But we finally got a round white pedestal dining room table at Ikea.

Pretty red and white dining room! Red buffalo check curtains, Ikea Liatorp dining table, red slipcovered chairs

So this is the confusing part – it’s either the Liatorp or the Ingatorp table. My Ikea is kinda of a mess (don’t get me started on the disgusting breakfasts they have). The display said it was Ingatorp (in black or white) $349. But when we went to pick it up, the aisle and bin number info said Liatorp and it was $249. Which you can’t find  on their website anymore. So I don’t know if they’re discontinuing the Liatorp and renaming it Ingatorp or what? Maybe your Ikea is better organized than mine (Atlanta). That’s Corey by the way.

Ikea Liatorp white dining table

Anyway, it’s round but it self stores leaves so you can make it into a bigger oval dining table. Which is what we’ll need for Thanksgiving (I’ll just place it on a diagonal).

Liatorp pedestal dining room table from Ikea

I’ve got to find some round tablecloths. All mine are oval!

Inexpensive curtain idea - red buffalo check curtains are really tablecloths

I also got a curtain rod put up with my “curtains”. They are actually tablecloths and used to hang in the living room of my other house. They are hung by clips that you can find at Target, Home Depot, etc. I’m not sure I’m going to keep them here but I thought they’d be cute for Christmas at least.

I’m also not sure if I’m going to keep the sidelights as is or put blinds on them or do some other bay window type curtain treatment. The back part of the yard is woodsy and it kind of freaks me out to look out at night :) !

Freshly picked camellias from the garden

I have lots of Camellias of all varieties on both sides of the house so I snipped a few to enjoy inside. The leaves are so dark green and glossy. I find them pretty even if they don’t have flowers.

So we decided to use the formal dining room (below) as our TV room/husband’s office and use the smaller breakfast room as the dining room.  It may change down the road but that’s what works for us right now.

black dining room chandelier

We’ll be moving this dining room chandelier into the breakfast room and the breakfast room light/ceiling fan into the TV Room.  Then we’ll just switch them back when we move (this is a rental).

Liatorp table in dining area

Those french doors lead into the kitchen and the tile goes from the foyer into this room into the kitchen. The tile is ice cold in the morning! I’m going to have to find some sort of round rug to put under the table! Otherwise, I love this room! It’s so bright and sunny and has a great view of the backyard.

As you can see, I don’t have anything on the walls (we’re slow unpackers) but I’m happy to be able to sit at a real table finally!

My First Garden Project At The New House

One of my neighbors said that I can expect about 100 kids on Halloween! In our last neighborhood no one went trick or treating so this will be a (hopefully) fun experience. Anyway, I was going to change out one of the planters in the front of the house to fall flowers but I thought I’d do a little something special for the trick or treaters!

How to make a transitional Fall/Halloween Planter

So I made a Halloween planter but it’ll be easy to transition it to just a fall planter by removing a few things and I can even dress it up for Christmas. Here’s how I did it.

DIY Transitional Fall & Halloween Planter

Before photo of planter with penunias
This planter came with the house and it’s filled with some petunias which are at the end of their season here (Atlanta).

How to make a transitional fall/Halloween planter. Step 2

I had done some tree and bush trimming (this yard is a major mess btw) and saved this branch just for this idea. I refreshed the planter with a small bag of dirt and “planted” this branch as deep as it would go. Then I watered the dirt and made sure the branch was in there nice and secure (you could insert some rebar or a stake and tie the branch to it if you’re in a windy area).

How to make a transitional fall/Halloween planter for your front porch area

I chose a mix of ornamental cabbage and mums to plant around the base. I’ll remove the mums and plant those spaces with pansies or more ornamental cabbage for winter. I’ll probably plant the mums in the yard (in my other yard they came back year after year). I added the faux jack o’ lantern (which I’ve had for years) for the some Halloween fun as well as the black netting around the pot.

Halloween planter idea - wire black birds to branches that are planted into a fall planter

I wanted to hang some little pumpkins off the branches but it’s next to impossible to find any fall stuff right now. Every store I went to had Christmas up and very little fall/Halloween stuff. Then my daughter had the brilliant idea to go to Party City. We found tons of fall and Halloween items there! I got 5 of these black birds and wired them to the branches.

DIY Halloween Outdoor Decoration Idea

I would have spray painted the branches (black probably) if I could get to my spray paint. Unfortunately all my spray paint is behind a bunch of boxes!

Front door with mice silhouettes for Halloween in the front door sidelights

The only other Halloween decorations I added was a doormat and some mice cutouts (that I also got at Party City) in the windows.

It was so much fun to do a little outdoor decorating for Halloween! It’s literally been like over 8 years since we’ve done anything for this day and we’re looking forward to having some trick or treaters!

Did you do any special decorating for Halloween this year?

Sweet & Simple Projects: DIY Burlap Gingham & Wheat Napkin Ring

I’m going to be doing a new series for the rest of the year featuring projects/crafts that are really easy to do called Sweet & Simple Projects. The first project is a DIY napkin ring that’s perfect for fall! It’ll add a beautiful touch to your table for the simplest of dinners or an elaborate Thanksgiving meal!

DIY burlap gingham & wheat napkin ring. Perfect for your Thanksgiving table!

You can make one napkin ring in under 4 minutes so this is a pretty fast craft as well!

DIY Burlap, Gingham & Wheat Napkin Ring

Supplies Needed:

wired gingham ribbon (I used red cause that’s my favorite but black or any other color would work as well)
wheat (had some from a bunch I used several years ago but easy to find at any craft store)
hot glue
sewing machine/thread


1.Cut burlap into 2 ½ “ by 5” strips.

cut burlap into strips for napkin rings
2. Sew a ¼” seam all the way around to keep it from unraveling and to give it some structure.
3. Roll burlap strip overlapping ½” and sew together by hand or use a little bit of hot glue.

DIY napkin ring tutorial
4. Cut 2 or 3 wheat pieces from a bunch 3 ½” inches long.
5. Cut wired ribbon 5” long and wrap around wheat, tie off.

DIY Fall Napkin Ring Tutorial - making the wheat topper

6. Hot glue your wheat bundle securely to the burlap.

DIY fall napkin ring tutorial
Slip ring over fabric napkins gently.

Homemade napkin rings are not only frugal but also a great way to personalize your table!

Have you ever made your own napkin rings before?


This is an original post from A Cultivated Nest.  If you are reading this anywhere other than A Cultivated Nest, this content has been stolen.

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