October 30, 2014

Using An Old Bathtub As A Container In Your Garden

I really want to get out in the garden! I have so many plans and I want to start on them now! One thing I’ve always loved is whimsy in the garden and I am looking for an  old cast iron bathtub that I could plant with flowers or maybe bamboo for my backyard along the fence line.

Using an old bathtub as a charming container in your garden. Lots of great ideas!

Here are some cute old tubs planted as gardens.

Petunias growing in an old clawfoot tub

Purple petunias planted in an old purple bathtub. via Black Gold Garden Compost (there seems to be something wrong with their server so I unlinked it)

annuals planted in a bathtub
Annuals planted in a bathtub via GardenWeb

flowers planted in a bathtub

Flowers planted in a bathtub via flickr by Kle58

pond in a bathtub

They would make great water garden planters too. via the Daily Press

bathtup planter

I love how this one is planted in one type of flower. via Fun Flower Facts


This one is styled by Sunday Hendrickson for Flea Market Gardens Magazine

an old bathtub planted with flowers in the garden

I just love this bathtub planted with tall flowers. It’s looks like a little cottage garden!  via: Lushhome 

These won’t work for every garden but they would be lovely in a cottage style garden!

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  1. I want to get out in the garden so bad I can’t hardly stand it! It’s been fairly sunny today, but COLD, and windy, too.

    If I had a bathtub in the yard right now — let’s see, I’d plant it up with the lettuce plants and the cute “mature in 45 days” miniature cabbages that I couldn’t keep myself from bringing home from Lowe’s this morning — and violas (because I love violas — but have yet to find a spot where they will thrive in my yard).

  2. I want one in my bathroom. The garden would have to take second dibs. They do look darling!

  3. It would also make a nice water garden with some fishies!

  4. I’ve always wanted one of these tubs…for my bathroom….and wouldn’t mind one for the yard too…but first thngs first. :) These are lovely….

  5. How cute those are! It sure made me wish for Spring’s arrival. laurie

  6. I’m with Vee–my bathroom would have first dibs on a clawfoot tub!

    I gotta say that I’m more than ready for springtime and itching to get my hands dirty. Even though little green leaves are poking through the soil, I know I still have some time before I can safely garden without losing plants to the frost (and snow).

  7. I always thought having an old iron bed would be pretty neat, Manuela. You know as a flower “bed”. These old tubs look like they would hold quite a bit, too. The purple one is quite eye-catching and I love the flowers in it, too.

  8. Kimberly Dial says:

    I love all of them! I’m eager to get out & get my hands dirty in the flower beds too! Happy gardening my friend!

  9. Love these ideas! I’ve always thought they would be cool for a little fish pond :) I would love to have you share this on The Creative HomeAcre Hop today!

  10. The Tub of Petunias is my favorite. I just love petunias and you know the aroma would be awesome!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing this on The Creative HomeAcre Hop!!!

  12. I’ve always loved the look of an old tub filled with flowers in the garden. Unfortunately, my yard is very small and there’d be no room for something like this w/o it looking ridiculous. I plan on doing something with my vintage bike in the garden though this year!

    • Pretty! I love that look also. You could do something with a small galvanized tub or enamel pan?

  13. Hi Manuela,
    What a fun post. I love each tub full of flowers…Of course, the one that features lots and lots of RED takes the cake for me.
    Thank you for your kind comment and visit, my friend.
    Carolynn xoxo

  14. I love this idea! We bought an old watering trough a few years ago and plant vegetables in it. I’d like to find another but these bathtubs would work just as well. Mimi

  15. I would love to have an old bathtub in my garden. It would fit right in with my garden and house style. When we moved into the house there was an old rowboat filled with flowers in the garden and I loved it. But unfortunately the rowboat eventually rotted away.

    thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.