Make Your Own Multi-Purpose Freshener

DIY Multi-Purpose Freshener

As you can tell I am a huge fan of essential oils and will put them in just about anything because I truly believe that they work. From recipes to household cleaners to my face wash, I love to use them not only for the benefit of knowing they are natural and safe but because they smell amazing! This DIY multi purpose freshener uses only 2 items that you probably have at your fingertips already- Baking Soda (which is incredibly cheap) and Essential oil. I used Lavender oil but you can use any scent you like. This freshener has so… [Read More]

10 Beautiful Ways To Wrap With Inexpensive Brown Paper

10 Beautiful Ways To Wrap With Brown Paper

Sometimes the prettiest things are the simplest things. Such is the case with brown wrapping paper!  All it needs is an extra element or two to look simply perfect. If you’ve got a present to wrap for a birthday or a holiday (like Mother’s Day), then check out some of  these ideas for wrapping presents in brown paper. There’s lots of great inspiration! A beautifully wrapped present is fun to give and receive! Please visit the listed sources for the complete tutorials.  10 Beautiful Brown Wrapping Paper Ideas 1. Bunting Gift Wrap All you need is ribbon, paper, and string to… [Read More]

9 Tips For Sticking To Your Budget

9 Tips For Sticking To Your Budget

Are you having a hard time sticking to your budgeting? Making a budget can be difficult but sticking to it can often be harder! But it’s incredibly important for most of us to do so. Staying on budget will make your life less stressful and run smoother.  Check out my 9 tips for sticking to your budget! Follow­ing these tips can help you stick to your budget! 9 Tips For Sticking To Your Budget 1.  Make Your Budget  Realistic Very few people’s budgets are perfect the first time they do it. You can help yourself stick to your budget by making… [Read More]

Soothing DIY Peppermint Foot Soak


Nothing feels as good at the end of a long hard day on your feet as a good relaxing soak. This one is a fabulous mix to keep on hand for tired tootsies! I like to make a large batch and keep it on hand in the bathroom for “emergencies”, one batch gives you 2 to 3 foot soaks. It also makes an amazing gift for anyone but it’s especially perfect for Mother’s Day. This peppermint foot soak is both soothing and refreshing! 4 easy ingredients, 3 of which are likely to already be in your pantry. If you do… [Read More]

Homemade Lemon Lavender Dishwasher Tablets


I love making my own dishwasher tablets because it saves me a ton of money, smells divine, and gives me a sense of accomplishment and control over my choices. Not to mention that a mason jar of these hanging out on the counter just looks pretty! They leave your dishes clean ( I use them in a combination with vinegar as my rinse aid in the dispenser) and smell so fresh and bright. These Homemade Dishwasher Tablets take less than 5 minutes to make! Feel free to experiment with your favorite essential oils to create a smell you love. Homemade… [Read More]

8 Old Fashioned Money Saving Tips That Still Work

8 Old Fashioned Money Saving Tips That Still Work

It is no secret that our grandparents and great grandparents were frugal with their funds. Being cautious with money was the best way to make it last and make sure you always had some set aside for a rainy day. Many of the strategies that our grandparents used still work today, so why not given them a try too? Take a look below at these 8 old fashioned money saving tips that still work today and are well worth trying out! These are pretty much tried and true things that will work for everyone! Old Fashioned Money Saving Tips That… [Read More]

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