10 Simple Ways to Live On Less

10 Simple Ways to Live On Less

In today’s world, it seems as though everything keeps getting more expensive but wages are staying the same. It’s no longer about keeping up with the Jones’, but instead, it’s about just being able to pay your bills on time and trying to keep some money set aside for when you really need it. If you’re not used to it, living on less may be challenging! It may also require determination and willpower! Living on less is possible, you just need the right tools. Here are 10 Simple Ways To Live On Less. 10 Ways To Live On Less 1. Go without… [Read More]

A Frugal Trick For Making Better Spending Decisions

A frugal money saving trick that will help you make better spending decisions

I’m sure that many of you are like me and are always looking for a trick or tip to help you stick to your budget. Well here is a little frugal money saving trick that I use to help me make better spending decisions and I think it can help you too! It’s so easy to be swayed by things even if you think you’ve got a good handle on wants vs. needs! I learned this simple trick long ago from one of my favorite frugal living books, Your Money or Your Life:  9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with… [Read More]

Disposable Products You Can Replace with Reusable Ones

Replace disposable products with reusable ones.

Disposable items have become a major part of everyday life. So much so, that we often don’t stop to think how much we’re spending on them, or how much they’re contributing to landfills. Luckily, many of them can be easily replaced by much longer lasting, and inexpensive, versions. Some you can make yourself, and others you may need to purchase. But either way, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run, and do something good for the environment while you’re at it! Even reducing one or two disposable products will go along way to helping your budget and the… [Read More]

Free Printable Menu Planning Sheet (& Menu Planning Tips)

Free printable menu planning sheet and tips for meal planning.

When you think about the basics of menu planning, it sounds pretty easy (and I’ve written about how to menu plan before if you need more specifics). Until you actually sit down to do it! So I wanted to share some of my best tips for menu planning & a free printable menu planning sheet with you. The meal planning sheet is at the end of the post and you can find other free printables here. Some of you may be wondering why you should meal plan at all?  1. Planning your meals will help you save money because, 2. Planning your meals… [Read More]

14 Snacks You Can Make At Home Instead of Buying

14 Snacks You Can Make At Home Instead of Buying

I don’t know about you, but I love snacks! Sweet, salty, healthy, decadent, I love them all! But if you love snacking like I do, there may also be two things you don’t like about store-bought snacks: the prices and the artificial ingredients. Many snacks are so easy to make that paying store prices seems ridiculous! And other snacks are “bad” enough with all their sugar that when you see the list of artificial ingredients, you almost don’t want to eat them! So instead of buying snacks, check out these 14 snacks you can make at home instead of buying (copycat… [Read More]

Quick Meals To Make Instead of Eating Out

Quick meals that you can make instead of going thru the fast food drive thru.

If we’re being honest, a lot of times we eat out because we don’t feel like cooking or we’re in rush and don’t think we have time to cook anything. Although we know it’s a lot healthier to eat at home and cook our own meals, those fast food places can still be hard to resist when you’re pressed for time or don’t feel like cooking. It’s important to have meals that are readily available to cook, so you don’t have to waste money in the drive thru. That’s why I like to keep a few meals in the freezer that… [Read More]

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