10 Frugal Habits Thrifty People Nurture

Frugal Habits of Thrifty People

Most people think that the things they do to live frugally are just that, things they do, but in truth, frugality as a whole is a lifestyle. In fact, it’s a day to day way of living that needs to be nurtured in order to really bank as much benefit from it as possible. People who are truly frugal understand that the habits they have built up need to be attended to every day. Take a look at these 10 frugal habits thrifty people nurture to see how your own habits stack up. 10 Frugal Habits Thrifty People Nurture 1…. [Read More]

How to Use the iBotta App To Save Money!


Are you using ibotta? If not, you’re leaving money that you could be saving just lying around! ibotta is a free grocery rebate app that can really help cut down the cost of your groceries! iBotta works when you purchase certain groceries, household and pet items that have rebates available. When you purchase the items, you’ll earn cash back that can be “cashed out” for Paypal or one of several gift cards! Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to use ibotta to save you money! Guide to how to use ibotta: 1. First, you need to download the ibotta app… [Read More]

40 Simple Money Saving Tips and Tricks

40 Money Saving Tips and Tricks

It takes hard work to earn money, but it doesn’t have to be hard to save money! There are so many different and easy ways to make your money go farther, from simply managing your money better to reducing some expenses. Check out these 40 simple money saving tips and tricks! We’ve even categorized them for you so you can go to directly to the topic you’re most interested in! 40 Simple Money Saving Tips and Tricks It’s hard to save money if you don’t know where your money is going! Making a budget is the most basic and simple… [Read More]

How To Save Money On Laundry Products


For  many families (especially ones that do laundry often),  knowing how to save money on laundry products can mean the difference between a few extra dollars in the budget for a treat, or gathering pennies to make it until the next payday. While coupons are a highly popular way of saving money, this list won’t include those. Not everyone enjoys using coupons, or can find deals that make it worth their time and expense clipping them. We are going to focus on more practical ways to stretch your laundry budget farther! How To Save Money On Laundry Products 1. Make your… [Read More]

Can’t Pay Your Bills: Budget Rescue 911

What to do if you can't pay your bills

Like it or not, sometimes our budgets just get into trouble. Sure, we do what we can, when we can, but sometimes, no matter what we do, it’s just not enough to help prevent massive budget failure and a complete breakdown of our finances. Have you ever had that happen to you? Where you can’t pay all of your bills on time? I remember facing this situation when my husband and I were first married and we didn’t have a clue about how to handle our finances! Ideally, we should all have an emergency fund set aside for just this… [Read More]

10 Inexpensive Summer Outdoor Activities (To Keep Your Kids Entertained)


The kids are out of school and the first week or so it’s always fun….then they get bored! Here’s a list of 10 fun summer outdoor activities that will keep your kids or grandkids entertained that are easy on the pocket book! It’s easy to go over your budget during summer trying to keep everyone happy and entertained. We all want our kids to have a fun summer but you don’t need to to bust the budget to do so! 10 Summer Outdoor Activities (to keep your kids entertained) Try this ice block treasure hunt from Macaroni Kid Race some… [Read More]

5 Budgeting Tools That Make Budgeting Easy

5 Budgeting Tools That Make Budgeting Easier

Many people make budgeting more complicated than it needs to be and the amount of online budgeting tools out there only help to make things complicated.  Besides old school pen and paper methods, there are online budgeting tools and lots of apps that you could use. It can get overwhelming! When it boils down to it though, you really only need a handful of tools to do your budget and to stay on track with it. A lot of us have a habit (a bad one honestly) of picking up every single new tool that we find and in the… [Read More]

5 Common Budget Mistakes You May Be Making

5 Common Budgeting Mistakes

Budgeting can be hard! Wait, let me clarify that; making a budget is fairly simple, sticking to that budget is hard. It’s so easy to make mistakes with your budget and unfortunately those mistakes can be incredibly hard to erase. Once you’ve made them, you’ve dug yourself into a hole that for some families, they never climb out of. Take a look at these 5 common budgeting mistakes and then go double check your budget to see if you’re making any of them. 1. You Are Not Tracking Expenses – For some people, tracking their expenses is just a part… [Read More]

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