October 22, 2014

25 Creative Candy Corn Recipes

Are you crazy for candy corn? Check out this amazing collection of recipes that either use candy corn or are inspired by candy corn!

25 Creative Candy Corn Recipes


25 Creative Candy Corn Recipes

1. Candy Corn Cookie Bark From Sweet Bella Roos

2. Candy Corn Punch From Simplee Thrifty

3. Homemade Candy Corn Pretzels From Sugar Swings

4. Candy Corn Biscotti from Food Nasty

5. Candy Corn Oreo Bark From Raking In The Savings

6. Candy Corn Popcorn Bars From Wheel N Deal Mama

7. Candy Corn Cheesecake Mousse Recipe From Meet Kristy

8. Candy Corn Crunch From This Mama Loves

9. Halloween Muddy Buddies Mix From Simply Being Mommy

10. Candy Corn Lollipops From Mess For Less

25 Creative Candy Corn Recipes including this  Candy Corn Party Mix from Fleece Fun

11. Easy Candy Corn Party Mix From Fleece Fun

12. Candy Corn Bark Recipe From Life Is Poppin

13. Candy Corn Cereal Treats From Baked Perfection

14. Candy Corn Peanut Bars From Easybaked

15. Candy Corn Magic Bars From The Domestic Rebel

16. Candy Corn Cookies From LilaLoa

17. Last Minute Candy Corn Cookies From Bake At 350

18. Candy Corn Bundt Cake From A Baker’s House

19. White Chocolate Candy Corn Cookie Bars From Love From The Oven

20. Candy Corn Striped Madeleines From Sugar Swings

21. Candy Corn Pop Tarts From Pint Sized Baker

22. Candy Corn Cookies From Baking Beauty

23. Halloween Candy Corn Popcorn From Erica’s Sweet Tooth

24. Candy Corn M&M Macadamia Nut Cookies From Something Swanky

25. Candy Corn Halloween Eclair Cake From Sweet Simple Stuff

These are also great for using up any leftover Halloween candy corn that you might have!

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Organizing Your Linen Closet

Re-organizing this house before we put it on the market made me realize that I really, really  like having a place for everything and everything in it’s place! I was surprised at how much my husband loves it too! One of the great things about moving is that you get to start over with your home. I plan on spending some time making sure that all the spaces in our new home are maximized for storage (since it’s a smaller home).

Fantastic ideas for organizing your linen closet!

One of those spaces is the linen closet! Most people don’t have a large linen closet so it’s really easy to just stuff things in there. But there’s something really lovely about an organized linen closet isn’t there! To help inspire you I’ve gathered some great linen closet organization ideas.

8 Tips for A Beautifully Organized Linen Closet

Ideas for organizing your linen basket like this one from A Bird and A Bean

Use plastic baskets to contain like items and don’t forget to label! The Dollar Tree has these baskets so you can make your linen closet look cute for not much money! See the before and after at A Bird and A Bean

Lots of great linen closet organizing ideas like this one from The Real Thing with the Coake Family

What a great idea! Use a office file sorter to hold washcloths! See this linen closet makeover at The Real Thing With The Coake Family

use towel rods on the inside of your linen closet  door for more storage via BHG

Love the idea of using towel racks on the inside of the linen closet door via BHG.  You could hang your tablecloths or tea towels on them. I roll my big bath towels like those pictured above instead of folding them.

Great linen closet organization ideas like this one from Simplicity in the South

Place shelf dividers between stacks to keep them separate and again, labels help.  See the full makeover at Simplicity In The South

Sheet sets wrapped in cloth via Martha Stewart

Here’s an interesting idea from Martha Stewart. Wrap each sheet set in a square of fabric to keep the sets together and easy to find (some people also like to put all the sheets into a pillowcase of the set.

Great linen closet organization ideas like this one from Turnstyle Vogue

Organize your linen closet with baskets  like this one from Turnstyle Vogue

Great linen closet organization ideas like this one from The Happy Housie

Use large baskets or bins on the floor of the closet. See the Before & After Linen Closet Makeover at The Happy Housie

2 different ways to fold towels

Here are 2 different ways to fold towels via Code Red Hat so that they’ll fit neatly on your shelf.

I hope this gives you some ideas for organizing your closet.

You can find all of my organizing posts here and my Pinterest  organizing board has lots of great ideas – find it here


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Ideas for Maximizing A Small Kitchen

We will be moving into a kitchen that’s  smaller than the one we currently have if we go with the house I showed you ( which I’m 99% sure about). I’m not quite sure how I’m going to set things up and where I’ll put everything but I thought I’d share some ideas for the making the most of a small kitchen  I’ve found.

Great ideas for maximizing  your small kitchen

Moving is such a great opportunity to not only get rid of stuff but to start out more organized! I’m really looking forward to that!

Small kitchen organization ideas like this one from SAS Interiors

Use the inside of doors via SAS Interioris

DIY burner covers that double as more countertop space via The Kitchnn

Find ways to give yourself more workable surfaces like this project. Here’s how to build burner covers that extend your countertop space via The Kitchnn

Small kitchen organization ideas  like this one

Using your backsplash area is a great way to keep your counters free via No. 29 Design

small kitchen organization ideas

This is a great idea if you don’t have many drawers via Food Network

Small kitchen solutions like this one from Sweet Verbena

Get a cutting board that goes over part of your sink for more counter space via Sweet Verbena .  I know Ikea sells one but I’ve seen some at TJMaxx as well

Maximizing a small kitchen - Shower caddy produce rack

Use the space at the end of  a cabinet like this idea from Domestic Diva. She  hung a shower caddy up and used it to store some vegetables

small kitchen solutions like this pegboard pot rack

If you have the wall space a pegboard pot rack like this one from Rice Designs is a great way to free up cabinet space

Maximize your small kitchen by using the side of your refrigerator

Utilize the side of your refrigerator via Instructables

double your cabinet space with under the shelf baskets

Double your cabinet space by using under the shelf racks via HGTV

I hope you got some ideas for making the most of your small kitchen!

What do you do to make the most of your kitchen?


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15 Dollar Store Pumpkin Crafts

Foam pumpkins from the dollar store are the perfect fall accessory to makeover on a budget! Here are 15 dollar store pumpkin crafts to get you inspired.

15 Dollar Store Pumpkin Crafts

15 Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeovers

1. Studded Dollar Store Pumpkin – Lucy Designs

2. Blue Crackled Pumpkins – Home Stories A to Z

3. Mod Podged Pumpkins – The 36th Avenue

4. White Trick Or Treat Pumpkin Topiaries – The Kim Six Fix

5. Tissue Paper Pumpkins – Poofy Cheeks

6. Make Your Own Burlap Pumpkin – Country Chic Cottage

7. Glam Pumpkin Topiary – Tiaras and Bowties

8. Dollar Store “Thanks” Pumpkin – A Diamond in the Stuff

9. Sharpie Pumpkins - The Happy Housie

10. Vintage Style Dollar Tree Pumpkins – Fox Hollow Cottage

11. Funny Mummy Pumpkin – Consumer Queen

12.  Corn Husk Wrapped Dollar Store Pumpkin - Craftiments

13. Chalkboard Dollar Store Pumpkin – Home Hinges

14. Spooky Spray Painted Pumpkins – Clever Pink Pirate

15.Welcome Sign Dollar Store Pumpkins – Sister See Sister Do


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25 Festive DIY Fall Wreaths!

Are you all ready for fall? I know I’m looking forward to cooler weather! One of the easiest ways to welcome fall into our homes is to display a fall wreath at our front door or entryway. I’ve gathered some great DIY ideas for fall wreaths that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing!

25 Festive DIY Fall Wreaths that anyone can make!

One thing I love about this season besides the food, colors (well everything really) is fall decor! Here are 25 fall wreaths that you can make!

1. My Fall Wreath – A Cultivated Nest

2. Frugal Fall Wreath – The Frugal Homemaker

3.  Pottery Barn Knock Off Faux Antler Fall Wreath – The Country Chic Cottage

4. Pretty Recycled Paper Bag Fall Wreath - Pop Sugar

5. Wrapped Burlap Fall Wreath – Making Home Base

6. Fabric Scrap Fall Wreath – Chase the Star

7. Apples & Pinecone Fall Wreath – Better Homes & Gardens

8. DIY Fall Monogram Wreath – Practically Functional

9. DIY Versatile Fall Wreath – Simply {Darr}ling

10. Burlap Monogrammed Fall Wreath – Second Chance to Dream

11. Easy Autumn Floral Wreath (under $6) – Songbirds and Buttons

12. Felt Flower Wreath – The Thinking Closet

13. Fall Yarn Wreath – Crafts n’ Coffee

14. Autumn Popcorn Wreath – Cherished Bliss

15. Welcome Fall Wreath (plus printable) – Fleece Fun

16. Flannel and Denim Fall Wreath – The 36th Avenue

17. Fall Mesh Wreath – The Nerd’s Wife

18. Painted Burlap Flower Fall Wreath – Busy Being Jennifer

19. Fall Rag Wreath - A Beautiful Mess

20. Shabby Burlap & Buttons Fall Wreath – Crafts n’ Coffee

21. Fabric & Felt Fall Wreath – Uncommon Designs

22. 5 Minute, $5 Fall Wreath – Organize & Decorate Everything

23.Who’s There Owl Wreath – About Family Crafts

24. Wood & Burlap Natural Fall Wreath – Finding Home

25. Rustic Acorn Fall Wreath – Crafts Unleashed

Hope you found some inspiration! You can find more fall inspiration on my Pinterest Board.

11 Laundry Room Organization Ideas

I don’t have a  laundry room per se. My “laundry room” is in my garage. It’s more of a laundry area :)  We recently spruced up that area and I was looking at some cute laundry rooms for inspiration and thought I’d share a few laundry room organization ideas with you.

Check out these 11 amazing laundry room organizing ideas!

I’m sure a few of these ideas will make an appearance when I do my laundry room reveal! Here are some great ideas for organizing your laundry area!

Stain kit for your laundry room from BHG

Love the idea of keeping all the stain treating products in one easy to find place. via Better Homes & Gardens

Laundry Room Organization - wall organizer via Small Notebook

Towel racks are inexpensive and look how great they work for organizing a laundry area! via Small Notebook

Back of the door laundry organization from My Sweet Savannah

Using the back of the door is always a smart idea especially in a small space (which laundry rooms usually are) via My Sweet Savannah

laundry closet organization

If you have more of a laundry closet you could add some small shelves on a side wall like these from Waffling

corral laundry items on a lazy susan via BHG

Corraling laundry items on a lazy susan is a brilliant idea. via Better Homes & Gardens

built in DIY drying rack from Me and My DIY

Wouldn’t it be great to have built in pull-out racks to dry your sweaters on!  Me and My DIY has a great tutorial on how to build these.

leave notes on a washer with a dry erase marker via The Paper Mama

LOVE this idea to keep a dry erase marker on your washer to leave special laundry instructions via The Paper Mama

Laundry room organization - pocket finds jar via BHG

Having a separate jar or bin for “pocket finds” is a great idea via Better Homes & Gardens

Laundry Room Organization - hooks on wall via Smart Girl Style

Mount some hooks on a laundry room wall to use for drying items like these from Smart Girl Style

Laundry containers with DIY labels from Simply Designing

Here a pretty way to contain your detergent. You can use jars for powdered detergent and drink dispensers for liquid detergent like these from Simply Designing

organizing a laundry room with baskets via Simplicity In The South

Of course you always need bins and baskets! Love the chalkboard tags on these from Simplicity In The South

Check out my Pinterest Laundry Room Board for more ideas!

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