10 Creative Upcycled Door DIY Projects

10 Creative Upcycled Door DIY Projects

Don’t you love upcycle DIY projects? There’s nothing better than taking something old that someone else would consider trash, and turning it into something beautiful and useful! One great example is upcycling old doors! House doors, cupboard doors, doors of all shapes and sizes can continue to be useful for years as headboards, benches, tables, and more! Whether you’ve got an old door left over from a home renovation, or you just found a great one at the thrift store, these 10 Creative Upcycled Door DIY Projects are sure to inspire you! Depending on the door that you have, you may… [Read More]

10 Fun Summer Mason Jar DIY Ideas

10 fun Mason jar craft ideas

It’s now officially summer! It’s time to enjoy the heat and sunshine, and time to make fun summer themed crafts! And what’s a better material for summer DIYs than Mason jars! You can make them into vases, lights, and other fun indoor and outdoor decor elements! Check out these 10 Summer Mason Jar Craft Ideas for fun ideas for what to do with your Mason jars this summer! 10 Fun Summer Mason Jar Craft Ideas Watermelon and Lemon Mason Jars These would be perfect for a summer picnic table or outdoor barbecue! And they’re very easy to make! Check out… [Read More]

10 Creative DIY Planter Makeovers

10 Planter Makeovers

Are you getting excited to get out into the garden? Plants and flowers are often well complemented by colorful pots. But decorated pots tend to cost more than plain terracotta or plastic ones. Luckily, it’s easy and inexpensive to decorate the plain pots you already have! Whether you’ve got a potted garden or are planning to give flowers as a gift, these 10 DIY Planter Makeovers should be very helpful! Why settle for plain pots when you can easily add some pizzazz! 10 Creative DIY Planter Makeovers Floral Fabric Pots If you’d like a complex pattern on your pots, you… [Read More]

15 Creative Patriotic DIY Home Decor Projects

15 Patriotic DIY Home Decor Projects

Do you love Americana Decor or maybe you need something to spruce up your home for Memorial Day or Independence Day? These inspiring red, white and blue ideas will add a festive touch to your home any time of year. All of these ideas are easy to do and budget friendly! Check out these creative Patriotic DIY Home Decor Projects! Do you decorate for patriotic holidays? 15 Patriotic DIY Home Decor Projects Patriotic Straws and Stars Wreath This is a very unique and pretty wreath! The main material is paper straws. The Project Corner explains how to put together your… [Read More]

Awesome DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Having a hard time thinking of what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? You could always buy something, but it can be more thoughtful (and frugal) to make something yourself! Check out these Awesome DIY Mother’s Day gifts that you can make for your mom this year!   DIY Mother’s Day Gifts 1. Lotus Flower Ring Holder If your mom likes jewelry, this could be the perfect gift for her! Yay for Handmade shows you how to use Sculpey clay (which you can bake in the oven) to create a pretty custom ring holder! 2. Mod Podged Notebook Make… [Read More]

10 No Sew Home Decor Projects

10 No Sew Home Decor Projects

Have you ever wanted to use some pretty fabric you found, but decided against it because you either can’t sew or didn’t want to sew? That’s not a problem with no-sew projects! Instead of using the traditional needle and thread, you can use hot glue, staples, Mod Podge, and several other products/techniques! Check out these 10 no-sew home decor projects and make something pretty! I confess,  straight line sewing isn’t hard and there are lots of things you can make if you can sew a straight line.  But I often don’t want to mess with setting up my machine (because invariably,… [Read More]

10 Cute Easter Treats In A Jar

10 Easter Treats In A Jar

Easter is almost here! You may have your Easter decorations in place, but what about gifts for kids, family, neighbors and friends? There are few better gifts than food gifts, but food can be messy and hard to transport. But that’s not the case if you put your gift in a pretty jar! Mason jars tend to be the most popular jars, but you can also put your gift in cleaned out baby food, peanut butter, or tomato sauce jars! For some cute (and delicious) inspiration, check out these 10 cute Easter treats in a jar! Please visit each linked… [Read More]

Homemaking Tips: 7 Bathroom Cleaning Tips


If I could hire someone to clean the bathrooms I would! Until that day comes, I need some help in making that chore a little easier! Here are several bathroom cleaning tips that will help make cleaning easier and faster. The bathroom is easily one of the busiest most used rooms in the house so it always needs cleaning! Top 10 Bathroom Cleaning Tips 1.Drip Dry Your Toilet Brush This is a great tip for what to do with that toilet bowl brush after using it from Mrs. Hines Class. She has some other bathroom cleaning tips as well. 2. Use… [Read More]

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