My Container Vegetable Garden

Growing Vegetables In Containers

As many of you know, we sold our house last October and are currently in a rental. At our old house I had a pretty good sized vegetable garden which you can see here (my 2014 garden tour). But I knew we weren’t going to be in this rental long enough to make it worthwhile to do any sort of raised beds so I decided to grow my vegetables in containers (since that would make them easy to move). So today I’m sharing my container vegetable garden! Growing vegetables in containers is great if you don’t have the space or the… [Read More]

Easy to Make Bird Bath Succulent Garden


I love succulents because not only are they beautiful and unique plants but they hold up well under neglect – sometimes I forget to water as often as I should…Succulents do very well as indoor plants but I have found them to thrive even in the heat of Florida in the shade. They do love sun but mine grow beautifully in filtered sun as well. They also like very well drained soil so plant accordingly. Sometimes I pot them and scatter them on tables on the porch and other times they go right into the ground but this time I… [Read More]

15 Resources For The Beginner Gardener

Resources For Beginner Gardeners

Do you want to start Gardening this year but don’t know where to begin? As many of you know I love gardening and have been gardening for years. I actually started vegetable gardening because I wanted to serve my family organic veggies but couldn’t afford to do so. So I decided to grow my own! I slowly started increasing my garden every  year to include not only vegetables but berry bushes, fruit trees, and herbs. If you’re new to gardening you are probably doing lots of research trying to figure out where to start. Well, look no further! I’ve put together a great resource… [Read More]

Where To Find Frugal Gardening Supplies

Where to find frugal garden supplies

Gardening season is just around the corner, so it is time to start thinking about gathering those garden supplies. If you need new garden supplies this year, or just want to refresh the stash you have, you might be seeing dollar signs. But don’t worry; because the truth is there are plenty of places to find frugal gardening supplies, you just need to know where to look. Take a peek below at where to find frugal gardening supplies so you can grow your garden for less. Frugal Gardening Supplies 1. Lowes Lowe’s takes back the plastic pots that they sell… [Read More]

My First Garden Project At The New House

How to make a transitional fall & Halloween Planter

One of my neighbors said that I can expect about 100 kids on Halloween! In our last neighborhood no one went trick or treating so this will be a (hopefully) fun experience. Anyway, I was going to change out one of the planters in the front of the house to fall flowers but I thought I’d do a little something special for the trick or treaters! So I made a Halloween planter but it’ll be easy to transition it to just a fall planter by removing a few things and I can even dress it up for Christmas. Here’s how… [Read More]

The Perfect Hydrangea – My Fast Growing “Limelight”

The perfect hydrangea - growing Limelight Hyrandreas

Limelight is one of the easiest and fastest growing hydrangeas around! This hydrangea is a truly stunning flowering shrub!  It’s the only one that I have that made it through our unusually cold Georgia winter without any damage. All my other hydrangeas are just leaves with a few blooms (except my Endless Summer ). Here’s why I think this is a must have hydrangea in your garden (zone 3-8). Hydrangea paniculata  ‘Limelight’  blooms from May into fall and has soft lime green petals. The petal mature into pink in the fall. You can just see a tiny bit of pink on the… [Read More]

Vegetable Garden Tour 2014

A Cultivated Nest Vegetable Garden Tour

Hi everyone! I have a pictured filled vegetable garden tour for you today. I took tons of photos since this will probably be my last year of gardening here since we will be listing our house in a few weeks. I thought I’d share a few with you. This is very bittersweet…I’m ready to move but I’d like to take my yard with me I didn’t plant as much as I usually do since I think we won’t really be around to harvest much of it.  I also got a late start because I had some other things to finish… [Read More]

New Seating Area In The Veggie Garden

A pretty seating in a vegetable garden

Hi everyone! We’re still plugging away at projects here. But I wanted to share with you a new seating area in my vegetable garden. Some of you may remember that my daughter and I built a paver patio in the veggie garden a few years ago (link here). Anyway, we moved my potting bench into the garden onto that patio when we re-did our back door area (link here). Plus I took out my strawberry bed and my reclaimed door garden shed. So I had a big open space that I felt needed to be filled with something. So I… [Read More]

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