15 Resources For The Beginner Gardener

Do you want to start Gardening this year but don’t know where to begin? As many of you know I love gardening and have been gardening for years. I actually started vegetable gardening because I wanted to serve my family organic veggies but couldn’t afford to do so. So I decided to grow my own! I slowly started increasing my garden every  year to include not only vegetables but berry bushes, fruit trees, and herbs. If you’re new to gardening you are probably doing lots of research trying to figure out where to start. Well, look no further! I’ve put together a great resource guide for the beginner gardener (and I’m sure experienced gardeners will find some good info too).

15 Resources For The Beginner Gardener

Learning how to garden is a rewarding past time whether you want to do it for fun and relaxation, or whether you want to save some money by growing your own vegetables! Hopefully you’ll find lots of information here to help you get started.

Beginner Gardener Tips

1. Gardening 101 Series: Planning Your Vegetable Garden – A Cultivated Nest

2. Beginner Gardener Mistakes to Avoid – My Stay At Home Adventures

3. Start A Raised Bed Garden – How Was Your Day

4. What Should I Plant In My First Garden?– Simply Vicki

5. When To Plant Your Garden – I Am That Lady

6. How To Create A Gardening Binder – Frugally Sustainable

7. My Tips For Growing Bigger Better Tomatoes – A Cultivated Nest

8. 11 Gardening Tips for Beginners – Ann’s Entitled Life

9. How To Plant A Garden – Savings Lifestyle

10. How To Attract Pollinators To Your Vegetable Garden – A Cultivated Nest

11. 6 Vegetables You Only Have To Plant Once (perennial vegetables) – Treehuger

12. Getting Started With Composting – Moms Need To Know

13. 5 Best Vegetables To Grow In Containers – Brown Thumb Mama

14. Easy Vegetables That Anyone Can Grow – The Seasoned Homemaker

15. How To Grow Blackberry Bushes – Ann’s Entitled Life

In addition to these resources, I have written quite a few articles on gardening that you may find helpful. You can find them all here in my gardening category along with photos of my vegetable garden.

15 Resources For The Beginning Gardener


This is a great article. I would love to share it with my garden club in our monthly newsletter. Are you ok with that if it clicks back to your blog? Let me know!

Great collection! Thank you for sharing these. Since we have moved on a mountain, I am now experimenting with container gardening! Wish me luck!

Love this! We just started really getting into gardening this year and I am trying to learn everything I can about it.

What a great list of resources for all types of beginning gardeners! There’s even some good stuff here for those who garden every year. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we’re looking forward to what you have to share next week. 🙂

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