September 2, 2014

My Cheap & Cheery Valentine’s Day Mantel

Here’s my  Valentine’s Day Mantel that I put together over the weekend.  It didn’t cost much and I love how cheery it looks!

Valentine' Day Mantel - red truck filled with felt hearts

The only thing that took a little bit of time was the pom pom heart wreath. Everything else was really quick and easy.

Valentine's Day Mantel

I got some Valentine’s Day socks and covered my planters with them. I cut off the bottom of the socks and pulled them over the planter and just tucked the cut part under the bottom.

faux ivy pot covered with Valentine's Day sock

Target has Valentine’s Day socks in their dollar spot. I got these at JoAnns and all their Valentine stuff was 40% already when I bought them so they’re probably even cheaper now!

Pom Pom Valentine's Day Wreath

My pom pom heart wreath  was made by recycling a heart shaped wreath form that I’ve used for several years.

Yarn Valentine's Day Wreath

This was this the first time I used that wreath form in 2010 when I wrapped red and white yarn around it.  I do something different to it almost every year

how to make a pom pom Valentine's Day Heart Wreath

My wreath form was already wrapped in white yarn but you could wrap it in anything – burlap or ribbon for instance. Then I made a bunch of big red and white poms. Those get glued to the front of the wreath form. You could add even more pom poms and do the sides of the wreath form but I was lazy.  So. I. didn’t.  You can get a heart shaped wreath form any craft shop.  I’ve seen them many times at the thrift store as well  (especially the grapevine ones). Or you can cut out a heart shape out of a cereal box or foam core like I did here when I made a burlap Valentine’s Day Wreath. 

"Be Sweet" handpainted Valentine's Day Sign

The “Be Sweet”  sign is one I made many years ago (I painted over a sign I already had that said something else).  My red truck is stuffed with felt hearts. Love my red toy truck (wish I had a real one)! I get a lot of use out of it since the open back is great for filling with all kinds of decorating things.

Red gingham heart garland

The red gingham heart garland I’ve had forever.

Cheap & Cheery Valentines Day Mantel - cute inexpensive ideas

Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day is easy for me decorate for since it uses so much red!

A Cultivated Nest's Valentine Pinterest Board

I have a great Valentine’s Day pinterest board if you’re looking for more ideas!

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  1. so cute!

  2. Adorable!! would love to know where you purchased your red pickup truck…..such a classic!

    • I got it at Hobby Lobby. I have seen similar ones at TJ Maxx and Ross. Not sure if HL still carries it since it’s been a while.

  3. I love all of your Valentine décor! I have that same little red truck and may have to fill mine with hearts. That is so cute. Yes, the red of February certainly fits in with your home!


  4. It looks great, Manuela! I love your truck filled with hearts. I think red is the way to go with a truck like this. It seems to work for quite a few holidays, so you really get your monies worth out of it.

  5. Did you make those cute little heart-shaped pillows? Adorable! I already pinned nearly every photo here to my Valentine’s Pinterest Board, which was sadly lacking of content, since I haven’t made a thing for that day. I looked online for your gorgeous chair, but was unable to find it.

    • The yellow chair? Last time I checked they were sold out in that color. They still have other colors in stock. Not sure if they are phasing them out or just out of stock.

      Thanks I saw all the pins! I think my pin marklet isn’t working right for this post. Only half the blog title is showing in the text. I’ll have to look into that (add to my list) :)

  6. Manuela, you have absolutely the perfect home for Valentine decor! I’m so jealous.

    You know something? I’ve never done a Valentine mantel! How sad is THAT? You’ve inspired me.

  7. Cute ideas Manuela. I love the socks that covered your ivy pots! You are clever. :) Pamela

  8. Beautiful! Love your truck load of valentines AND the sock covers for the planters! GREAT idea! Enjoy your evening dear Manuela, HUGS!

  9. It is so cute! Makes me want to go and start putting up some Valentine’s décor since I haven’t done any yet!

  10. So sweet! And again I have to say how much I love that truck!

  11. Now how cute and creative is that to put socks over your planters?! I love that idea. I’ve always loved your little red truck. It looks so cute on your mantel with the hearts in the back.

  12. Great mantle – I LOVE your little red truck – adorable!

  13. So cute! I also love the little red truck. I guess I could get my heart shaped topiary out – but no where to put it now. Still dealing with paper and stuff after the drying process. Should have already finished, but took a couple days off from the job.

  14. What a great looking mantel. I love that you added holiday cheer to everyday items like the topiaries and the truck.

  15. Very cute!

    I adore your red truck – I’d love to find one and I’d love one in real life too!

  16. Love the truck! Love your décor! I pinned your top image to my Valentines Day Board on Pinterest. I too love the yellow chair! Where did you find that lovely chair? I love your style. Seeing your decor always makes me wonder why didn’t I do my living room in yellow! Sooo yummy!
    <3 Pamela

    • Thank you! You made my morning! I got the chair from Target on-line. Last time I looked the yellow chair was out of stock but they have other delicious colors!

  17. Everything is really cute, but the red truck full of hearts takes the prize.

  18. Love the little truck and you heart wreath is very cute.

  19. No matter what you fill it with that little red truck just slays me! I have been on the lookout for one but no luck so far, and yes, a real one of those is my dream vehicle! I love your decorating, you are so original in your ideas, like using the socks over your pots. Brilliant!

  20. I love what you did. I just bought that red truck for christmas, but never thought about using it like you have. Next year will have to keep it out and put my little hearts in it. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Love the mantle and the red truck. I remember my son having an old red car. I need to see if I can find it. Too cute!

  22. Sweet Valentine decor. I love the felt hearts in the red truck. What a great piece.

  23. Love it all, but my favorite has to be the red truck too. Makes me want to root through the boys old toys to see if they had one. I’ll have to put it on my to-do list :)


  24. So festive Manuela! Love all the storage container ideas on your last post too. You are so inspiring. Mimi

  25. That truck of hearts is the cutest bit of Valentine goodness I have seen this season!

    • Hi Laura!

      Thanks so much! I think that truck is one of the best things I’ve purchased at Hobby Lobby. I get so much use out of it!