10 Homemade Gifts In a Jar From Your Kitchen

Homemade gifts in a jar are fun to make and a frugal holiday gift to give to just about everyone.  Great when you need a little something to show appreciation to a teacher, neighbor or friend. They’re also a great starting off point for gift baskets!

10 Homemade Gifts in a Jar From Your Kitchen

10 Homemade Gifts In Jar

homemade chex mix in a jar

This first one is homemade No Bake Chex Mix  from  Amanda’s Parties To Go The presentation is so cute isn’t it! She even gives you the Christmas tag as a free download here!

mason jar filled with homemade chocolate covered pretzels

Who wouldn’t love a mason jar filled with these yummy homemade chocolate covered pretzels from The Happy Homebodies

pancake mix in a jar gift

5 Grain Pancake Mix in a jar from Good Life Eats. She also is kind enough to include a free printable recipe card for you to attach to your jar.

cow girl cookie mix in a jar

Cowgirl cookies from Bakerella. You could change the pink out for something more seasonal.peppermint stick cocoa mix in a jar

Peppermint stick cocoa from My Recipes. Yummy! Perfect for a cold wintry day!

vegan mac&cheese mix

For your vegan friends how about a homemade dairy free mac & cheese mix. Change the presentation to one that’s more Christmassy.

cinnamon honey butter in jar

How about cinnamon honey butter from Tidy Mom. Doesn’t that sound delish. She even gives a great tutorial on she made the jars look so cute here.

lentil soup in a jar

How about your favorite soup mix in a jar? This is curried-lentil soup from Good Houskeeping.


 chocolate dipped pretzels in a jar

Chocolate dipped pretzels in a jar from Alice Golden. I made similar ones last year with stick pretzels and they were a huge hit!

cookies in a jar

This is one is so easy because you can make a batch of  cookies, dressed up nuts or  homemade candy (or buy them) and place them in a jar, wrap with Christmas ribbon and fabric and you have a very nice present. Photo source Cartwheels In My Mind

I hope this gives you some easy ideas for  gifts.

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  1. says

    Great collection of ideas here. I love the mac and cheese jar. It is nice to give a ‘savory’ rather than all the sweets (not that I have anything against sweets, lol).

  2. says

    Love these ideas! I’ve pinned the Peppermint Stick Cocoa which sounds so yummy and would make a nice little gift! And how cute is the cookies in the jar? A “cookie jar”–hahaha!!!

    These types of things would make nice neighbor gifts as well.

  3. says

    Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas. I like to give something homemade from the kitchen to coworkers, mail carrier, etc. Now I can add a few new items.

  4. says

    Great ideas!

    I think I will make a big batch of Puppy Chow instead of the savory Chex Mix and put it in pretty jars.

    I hope to make the Christmas Jam (recipe parked on my recipe blog) this year, too.

    I wasn’t sure what to get the newlyweds (on our tight budget) and when I was at the grocery store yesterday, I passed the really good cheese and had a Eureka moment. I’m going to put together a basket of their favorite food that is portable since they are leaving for New England soon after Christmas. That’s a gift they can use.

  5. says

    What a delight to spy your collection of great inexpensive Chanukkah and Christmas gifts. Each one is unique and so creative.
    I always love ppopping in and seeing what you’ve been up to.
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Carolynn xo

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