Ideas for Maximizing A Small Kitchen

We will be moving into a kitchen that’s  smaller than the one we currently have if we go with the house I showed you (which I’m 99% sure about). I’m not quite sure how I’m going to set things up and where I’ll put everything but I thought I’d share some ideas for organizing a small kitchen that I’ve found on Pinterest.

Great ideas for organizing your small kitchen and maximizing space.

Moving is such a great opportunity to not only get rid of stuff but to start out more organized! I’m really looking forward to that!

Organizing Ideas for Small Kitchens

Small kitchen organization ideas like this one from SAS Interiors

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Use the inside of doors to organize your spices and utensils via SAS Interioris

DIY burner covers that double as more countertop space via The Kitchnn

Find ways to give yourself more workable surfaces like this project. Here’s how to build burner covers that extend your countertop space via The Kitchnn

Small kitchen organization ideas like this one

Using your backsplash area is a great way to keep your counters free via No. 29 Design

small kitchen organization ideas

This is a great idea if you don’t have many drawers via Food Network

Small kitchen solutions like this one from Sweet Verbena

Get a cutting board that goes over part of your sink for more counter space via Sweet Verbena .  I know Ikea sells one but I’ve seen some at TJMaxx as well

Maximizing a small kitchen - Shower caddy produce rack

Use the space at the end of  a cabinet like this idea from Domestic Diva. She  hung a shower caddy up and used it to store some vegetables

small kitchen solutions like this pegboard pot rack

If you have the wall space a pegboard pot rack like this one from Rice Designs is a great way to free up cabinet space

Maximize your small kitchen by using the side of your refrigerator

Utilize the side of your refrigerator via Instructables

double your cabinet space with under the shelf baskets

Double your cabinet space by using under the shelf racks via HGTV

I hope you got some ideas for making the most of your small kitchen!

What tips do you have that make the most of your kitchen?

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Most kitchens are under utilized, and most of us have items we don’t need. I’ve always said I’d rather have a smallish kitchen but a large pantry. The pantry can be used to store items that we don’t use very often, but don’t want to part with, i.e., things like woks, bread makers, food processors, etc. Some items take up way too much space for the amount of times they’re used!

I really like the last idea, and I’ve used it myself in the past. Wasted space, whether you have a small or large kitchen, just doesn’t make sense!

I hope everything goes well with the house you’re hoping for!

I definitely have items I don’t need/use! Looking forward to getting rid of stuff. The house is a rental. We’re waiting till we know for sure that our buyer’s loan is approved before signing the lease. Her 21 days is up next week. I’m sure it’ll be fine so far there have been no problems. But just in case….we know people where things have happened the last minute to prevent the sale from going through.

So glad for you. Good luck in your decision.
I tried to mail you but it was a no reply address. Sorry if I already told you that.
We have had some showing recently including one this morning. I had one hour notice. Not giving up.

You tried to email me? That’s odd – I’m not on blogger so I shouldn’t be showing as no reply. But I do have a contact form on my blog that you can use – those inquires are emailed to me. Good that you have had showings! All you need is one person. Oh I had one realtor call at 7:45 PM on a Friday night to ask if they could be over in 15 minutes!! I said no because that’s just too crazy.

Oh if you try to reply to my reply to you it won’t go through. I think that’s what you mean? Yes, that won’t work. My reply to your comment just works that one way. 🙂

I think the house you like is so great! Weird backyard with the shrubs, but you’re creative, you can probably do something clever!

I’d consider using the formal dining room as something different and use the breakfast room for eating all your meals. How lucky you are to have a working fireplace! Its a gas starter and looks like you can burn wood? That is ideal!

How fun to have a new place to settle into and make a home in.

Thanks Deanna! I’m excited! I’m selling quite a bit of furniture so I’ll have fun looking for other furniture at the thrift stores and doing some DIY projects (which I really haven’t done in a long time). I agree, I think I decided to use the dining room for a tv room/possible office for my husband. We were going to share a bedroom as a office but he’s such a loud talker (on the phone) that I think it might be best for him to be in his own space 🙂

I know…I’m so thrilled about the fireplace! It’s a gas starter and burns wood. We’ve never had one of those. Anyway, we don’t move until the 15th the closing is the 21st so I’ve been busy prepping for a garage sale and packing stuff up. I’m looking forward to getting back to regular blogging when we get settled in!

So many great ideas for organizing a small space or any kitchen really. I especially love those under the counter baskets on that beautiful rod.

Came over here to catch up on your organizing and moving posts… It looks like we’ll be jumping on the downsizing bandwagon too.
I need all the help I can get.
I appreciate you posting these ideas.
Now I need to got through your index and read any decluttering…purging posts you might have hidden in here!

Hi Pat! Did you sell your home? Our closing is on Monday and the movers are coming on Tuesday. We’ve already paid for our rental so we can clean and move fragile things over ourselves. I had a HUGE garage sale last saturday. I got rid of soooo much stuff and furniture (and took lots to Goodwill that didn’t sell). I’m going to have to get rid of more stuff (plates lots of plates 🙂 ) and some more furniture but I’m going to wait until we move so I can see what fits and doesn’t fit. It’s hard letting go of things you love but if you don’t have room you don’t have room and I really don’t want to pay for a storage unit.

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