August 22, 2014

My Garden Hose Wreath

We had a new Goodwill open close to us a month ago and it has just been a treasure trove! They always seem to be super good those first few months.  We have found all kinds of great things there and one thing I want to show you is a not bad looking garden hose wreath that I got for $2.92. This was a great thrifty find since I’ve been wanting to make this type of wreath for quite some time! It was a little scraggly looking so I had to fix it up.

DIY Garden Hose Wreath

Below is what it looked like to begin with. Not toooooo bad but obviously missing some flowers.

thrifted garden hose wreath

I was lucking to already find one in the shape of a wreath but you can easily make your own by winding a length of an old hose around in a circle a few times and securing it with zip ties or twist ties like on my wreath below.

zip tie garden hose into a wreath form

That’s all and it’s a great way to upcycle an old garden hose (or you can buy the cheapest 15 foot hose you can find). I suppose if the hose color doesn’t work for you then you could use one of those spray paints made for plastic, but that seems like a pain in the you know where.

upcycled garden hose wreath

Then I just stuck in various fake flowers and added a little clay pot and a bird that I already had  (if I had any clean gardening gloves I would have added those too…but I dont). I plan on hanging mine on the gate that leads into my vegetable garden,  so it’s going to have some shelter from an arbor that has grapes growing on it. But it’s still going to be exposed to the elements so I didn’t put anything fragile on it. If  you make one and your front door is covered or you put it in a screened in porch, then you can add so many other things like seed packets etc since you don’t have to worry about them getting wet.

Garden Hose Wreath

Here it is all done!  I didn’t want to make it spring specific since I plan on keeping it on my newly painted garden gate.

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  1. Love that wreath!!! So cute and perfect for a garden gate! Really cute!


  2. What a cute idea, and love the price you got yours for. Great job on the redo!

  3. Very cute, Manuela! I think a pair of those children’s gardening gloves would be a great addition. I have a pair here from when my kids were little {don’t remember where I got them at this point} and every once in awhile my granddaughter will see them and ask to wear them. Maybe I will actually get her out gardening with me when she has them on one day!

  4. Now that is just too cute!! :)

  5. You come up with the cutest things!

  6. I’ve never seen a garden hose wreath but is very cute and certainly perfect for you.

    Yea for the new thrift store!

  7. Manuela! That is so cute.
    I like the spray paint idea too… why? Because if you don’t have a garden hose, but you find or have an old WASHING MACHINE hose…you could use it too.
    You’re so clever– I’d have never thought of this.

  8. I love the whole idea, and of course, YOUR improvements made it just adorable.

  9. Well, Manuela… that is too cute and the first time I have seen such:) Love it! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. I love that! That is so cute!

  11. Wow, I love what you did with this Manuela! So bright and colorful!

  12. Super cute and how great is that price?!

    It will be perfect on your garden gate!

  13. Really pretty–great way to recycle an old garden hose!

  14. Linda Petersen says:

    Your wreath is just too cute! Can’t wait to make one for me & one for my super/gardener friends.
    Thank you for sharing.

  15. That is one project that I have never seen before. Hmmm…something I may need to try sometime. I love the way yours turned out and the $2.92 is GREAT!! Blessings, Cindy

  16. Too cute. There has to be some old hose around here somewhere. I love how colorful and bright yours is.!

  17. You are so clever. I love your sweet hose wreath. I wonder what Steve did with our old hose?

  18. What a great wreath Manuela! It would be perfect for a potting shed.

  19. This is adorable Manuela and I love that clay pot you added it gave so much character.


  20. What cute wreath….I have been wanting to make one for so long and I forgot about it.

    Love yours! Such a great find at a the thrift store!

  21. So cute…love all the colors you used and the pot is a perfect touch!

  22. Now that is so cute! Perfect for a garden gate or shed as well as a more unconventional front or back door wreath.

  23. I absolutely love this! Super stinkin’ cute! Pinning :)

  24. What a super cute idea for this time of year. I love it. Saw you featured at Savvy Southern Style.

    • Thank you Holly (love your blog btw)! Yes, it was so nice of Kim to feature this project.

  25. Gardening gloves! Thanks for the inspiration–they will be the perfect addition to my spring wreath. I’m filing that one under Why Didn’t I Think Of That, Manuela.