August 22, 2014

Thrifty Find & Gift From a Friend

Happy weekend everyone!  First I want to share with you a little item that I found at Goodwill last week. I’ve been looking for a little ceramic bust of a woman for a while now and haven’t been able to find one in the size that I want.

yellow bust of woman bookend

But I did find one bookend that has a bust of woman on it and it was the right size (so I get what I wanted and have a cool new bookend)! I spray painted her yellow and now it looks like a little statue.

books covered in plaid scrapbook paper

I looked through my scrapbook paper and found some plaids. So  I used that paper to recover some books.  I’m quite happy with my little thrift store purchase!

I got the most marvelous surprise in the mail the other day!

heart garland

Carol from Art & Sand sent me the cutest heart garland!

Valentine's Day Mantel

She made it for me in the colors that I use most yellow, red and black. Isn’t it cute!  Thank you Carol!

You have to go visit Carol if you’ve never been to her blog before.   She’s always up to something new and  has the cutest  home ever!

I just wanted to share this story with you.  My husband and I walked into Kroger and they had a huge table filled with Valentine’s Day cookies and cakes by the door. I went over to take a look and said to my husband how I was surprised they hadn’t marked down the Valentine’s Day stuff yet.  He just looked at me quizzically.

So as we’re leaving Kroger I said “I wonder when they’re going to finally mark down those Valentine’s things”.  He turned to me and said “Just because you posted your Valentine’s Day Mantel doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day is over!”

LOL! You know,  people are already pinning Spring and Easter stuff on Pinterest. I guess I’ve already moved on in my mind :)


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  1. That garland is adorable! I had to check the calendar to see if it is too soon to decorate for Valentine’s Day. I really am lost in time.

  2. Your garland is precious – aren’t blogging friends the best? Your little lady bust looks perfect for your cheery home and I love your books!


  3. I am so glad you like the garland. It looks cute hanging across your fireplace.

    That is so funny that you thought Valentine’s Day had already come and gone.

  4. Carol’s garland is very nice. And I really like the old pickup full of hearts.
    It’s still Valentines day here. With snow and frigid temps, it would seem silly to me have spring decorations here. I will sure be glad when it warms up though.

  5. Carol is so sweet! And you’re right, she has the cutest house. Love your new find!

  6. Isn’t Carol so sweet? I love your garland and it is perfect for your mantle. I don’t know if you saw on my blog, but she sent me some hearts as well. :-)

  7. Hi Manuela! Oh, what wonderful gifts! The little garland is so sweet and I have that same darling little red truck. Hope you’re having a great weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Enjoyed seeing your Valentine Day decor – love the little red truck! Have I decorated for VDay yet? Nope – and probably won’t with other things going on. However, love seeing what everyone else is doing!
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  9. Cute find and perfect in yellow:) What a sweet gift from your friend, LOVE the garland! Enjoy your weekend dear Manuela, HUGS!

  10. What a lovely pop of color your bust is! That garland is perfect for your home. What a lovely gift indeed!

  11. Love the red and yellow garland!

    I do understand not knowing exactly where one is in relation to a holiday!

  12. Laughing about that last part! It is so true. I kept telling my husband that I was “soooo late” with my valentine table this year. He kept reminding me that the 14th isn’t until Friday. I meant that I was blog late, of course.

    They just don’t easily *get* it, do they?

    (And I just love both the garland and that DIY bust. The bright pop of yellow is perfect.

  13. Hi Manuela
    That is the sweetest little heart garland. Aren’t bloggers the most generous people ever? Thanks for visiting me :)

  14. Lol, I am with you! Let’s get that Valentine’s stuff marked down. I keep looking for marked down candy…lol