Spice Cupboard Organization

My family and I have become a little obsessed with spice cupboard organization. Mostly because the cupboard where I keep my spices is such a jumbled mess! None of us can find anything! It used to be pretty neat when it was just me cooking. But now that my husband and daughter cook – well what can I say. The price for not having to cook every meal…Plus I use very little salt so I think I have every Mrs. Dash spice jar there is!

How to organize your spice cupboard

These are the original 1960’s cabinets. This cabinet  is only 13 inches wide and the shelves don’t move. There’s nothing I can do about the amount of space I have for spice storage (this is the most convenient cabinet) What to do, what to do?

Organizing spice - spice cabinet before

I think I’ve looked at every post ever written by people who have re-organized their spice cabinets in search of the answer to how to make mine easier to use.  I’m going to share a few favorites with you today and hopefully next week I’ll be able to show you my nice reorganized spice cabinet!

Spice Cupboard Organization Ideas

spice cupboard organization ideas

These spice jars are actually ball jars! If I had a cabinet deep and wide enough I would totally use this idea from Dwellings By DeVore

Spice cupboard organization - spice jars with Martha Stewart  labels

These spices are organized on a  tray using Martha Stewart labels and kept in a pantry.  Pretty!  source: Arianna Belle Organized Interiors

Spice cupboard organization using dollar store spice jars

This spice organization ideas uses Dollar store jars with customized kraft paper labels from Staples.                 source:  The Social Home: Dollar Store Spice Cupboard

How to organize your spice cupboard - chalkboard spice jars

These chalkboard spice jars are kept in a  drawer which is why the tops are labeled with the spice name. source: Raising Up Rubies: Chalkboard Spice Jars

SpiceStor Organizer

This looks like a handy spice storage organizer. This is from SpiceStor and they have all kinds of spice storage organizers. The one pictured is $19.99

spice cupboard organization - coca cola crate spice rack

Now this is so cute! If I only had a few spices I would do this upcycle of an old Coca Cola crate.  source: Discover.Create.Live

spice cupboard organization - test tube spice rack

Also cute, is this test tube spice rack.  I think I have too many spices to do this though. source: Dream Book Design

ikea spice storage

Spice storage from my favorite store – Ikea.  source: Elevencupcakes flickr

side of fridge spice storage

Apparently, quite a few people store their spices on the side of the refrigerator. source:  small bird flickr

spice organization

This is very cool! I would never have thought of using metal utensil trays nailed to cupboard. source:  Tidy Mom – How to Organize Kitchen Spices

spice cupboard organization - magnetic spice cabinet door

These spice jars are held to the door using magnetic paint! source:  IHeart Organizing

Hope you’re  inspired to get your spices organized. I am! Hopefully, I’ll be able to work on it this week since I’m done painting my kitchen (now I want to organize it)!

10 ways to organize your spices

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  1. Vee says

    I will be interested to know which solution you go with. Currently, I am using the drawer with the caps labeled. Of these I really like the one from SpiceStor if I had a free upper cabinet.

  2. says

    Trust you to find cute ways to organize spices, hehehe. I LOVE that old Coke storage container.

    Mine are mostly in the tall antique cabinet we inherited from Hubby’s parents. I learned long ago from some organizing article to separate my baking spices from my savory herbs and spices (although there is some overlap) so I have the baking spices on one shelf mostly on a Rubbermaid Lazy Susan and the savory spices on another shelf (also on a Lazy Susan).

    I say mostly on the Lazy Susan because I do have some dried herbs from my garden and a couple bulk items like onion powder in small canning jars to the side of each Lazy Susan.

    I recently organized the cabinets over my kitchen counter but it is also time to tweak the yellow pantry. It doesn’t take long for it to get cluttered again.

    I keep my kosher salt and a couple Mrs. Dash seasonings in my cabinet close to the stove as they are what I use most of the time. I especially like the Mrs. Dash original and the lemon pepper.

  3. says

    I have a drawer and a cabinet for the big containers we get from Sam’s, Manuela. The cabinet is getting a little out of hand. I do actually have two spice racks in the garage that I can use to neaten it up. I really just need to put some of the spice from the big containers into smaller jars. I think that will help tremendously just doing that. You’ve given me a nudge with this post and I think I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. : )

    • Manuela says

      Oh good – spice cabinet makeover party! Hope you show how you re-organize yours on your blog.

      I don’t have wall space for spice racks – wish I did.

  4. says

    Lots of cute ideas there! I’ll be interested in your solution. Your cabinet and space beside the stove looks pretty much exactly like mine (circa 1975) and about the same amount of space. My spice cabinet needs revamping, too, I think. I have about 2/3 of my spices in that cabinet, and 1/3 in a door shelf on the door to the pantry because the bottles are too big for the cabinet area. Now that I think about it — the biggest problem I have is spices and herbs in differing sizes of containers — so they don’t all fit in the same area.

    • Manuela says

      Yes, I have square tins, big round bottles, little bottles etc. If they were all the square tins I don’t think I would have a problem.

  5. says

    I never could find a good system. I have too many bottles. So I just keep them in a couple of small plastic baskets that I can pull out of my pantry. I usually have to find the right one for other people cooking in my kitchen, but that’s not very often. I look forward to seeing your solution.

  6. says

    those are some really cute ideas. I think how you store your spices really depends on the cabinet or shelf where they will live.
    My spices are in glass bottles-Starbucks coffee drink bottles that my mom saved. I painted the lids red and added labels. I am pretty happy with them.

    But I love that wood coke case on the wall. I am sure my dad has some in his attic but I don’t have wall space in my kitchen to hang it. hmmmm

    anyway- I am looking forward to how you do your spices, I know it will be cute.

    • Manuela says

      Well I don’t know how cute it’s going to be. I just want to be able to find the spice I’m looking for and not buy multiples of ones I already have because we think we’re out (but we’re not).

      Your dad has “some” coke crates in his attic. Oh my gosh those things go for quite a bit on ebay and etsy these days!

  7. Cindy says

    what a lot of good ideas! We did a makeover a few years ago. (I guess everyone has this problem at one time or another.) I had my husband make a wooden stair-step like rack that sets in my cupboard. I bought jars from BB&B so they would all be uniform, look nice and fit better. I like it, but we keep adding more spices and have run out of room. Another makeover?…

  8. says

    Wow, do I need this, and judging from the other comments it’s a very common dilemma. I don’t have quite as many spices as you do, but I have more than I can easily and neatly store. My storage space isn’t getting any bigger, I’m going to have to find a way to make the spices smaller.

  9. says

    Are we on the same wave length or what?!! Monday I was online looking for ways to organize my overflowing spice cabinet and trying to find jars that would work (it’s small and narrow). Thank you so much for the idea collection! You’ve inspired yet again!!!

    P.S. Hahahah…LOVED your caption on the “before” photo!!!

  10. says

    P.S. I was just looking through your photos again noticed your spice cupboard was very similar to mine in size and shape. Right now we have a hodge podge of bottles and jars and bags, like you. One thing I HAVE done is to put them all in long plastic bins so I can easily pull the bin from the shelf and sort through it and find the spices we need and then slide the entire bin back into the cupboard. I do this for our vitamins as well and it is a HUGE timesaver, although I realllly want to get uniform jars/bottles/whatever to make it prettier. Also, our bins aren’t the prettiest (bright yellow…but quite sturdy) plastic that I “borrowed” from Mike. They were originally intended to hold hardware supplies and they truly do hold up…which is why I’ve been using them for over a decade! I also use them in the big pantry to hold baking supplies in one spot! x0x Tracey x0x

  11. says

    I got sick of the spice mess, too. I also either buy spices in bulk or dry my own from the garden. So I keep mine in half-pint canning jars. I have waaay more jars than the storebought spice racks can hold…so I built my own, which can be found here: http://www.braverhomesandgardens.blogspot.com/2012/09/self-built-spice-rack.html

    One thing I would suggest is to not use the idea of hanging/shelving them near the stove. Heat reduces the flavor as well as the nutrient levels in herbs so store them away from sources of heat! Good luck with your project!

  12. says

    Love all these ideas and how you’ve done the work of finding them! I especially LOVED the test tube idea as they are all the same size. At Close to My Heart, we are coming out with a new catalog on Feb. 1st and have little plastic “treat tubes” that would be perfect for spices! They have a tight fitting plastic lid. The tubes are about 4-5 inches tall. I’m going to use some for my spices and label the top with some of our chalk paper (you can write on it with our chalk pen)! I would never have thought of this idea without your post! I posted recently on my blog one of the treat tubes in a little box, with doggie treats in it.

    Also loved the idea of the coca cola box. I don’t have too many spices as we recently moved and I got rid of MANY that were old, outdated, almost used up, etc. But now I find myself missing many of my favorites and need to replenish. Thank you always for the great ideas and research.

  13. says

    They are all very interesting way to organize your spices, I’m looking forward to seeing which one or more you have chosen to use, or maybe you have a better idea for your own cupboards. I am not an organized person, but I love organization. Mine are in drawers as well as in a cupboard taking up two whole shelves. Like you, I don’t use salt in cooking, so the flavour comes from the spices that I use.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Cindy

  14. says

    I have a ton of spices and they’re organized according to use…for example, all the Italian spices in one basket, all the “fall-type” spices (cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice) in another basket. Chili powder and cumin are by each other, salt and peppers are by each other, etc.

  15. says

    Gracious! Talk about hitting a wave length, lol. I’ve been looking for solutions too. I have a k-cup organizer that holds some of my bottles but it’s not ideal. I’ve done like Tracey suggested for the others and put them in plastic bins that I pull out when I need a spice. Like Brenda (it just goes on doesn’t it?) I’ve got mine sorted in two areas: baking spices (or sweet) and savory herbs and spices. Rhonda mentions her starbuck drink bottles. I’ve seen that photo of her pantry and it is too cute, too. I’d say easily as cute as the Coke crate you showed. I’d love love love to do that, but where to put it? Sigh.

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