My Budget Kitchen Makeover – All Done!

I am done painting the kitchen!! I have to say that we all love the white walls :) I admit, I had my doubts – but I love that color for that room. I’m not going to go crazy and paint every room white though – I love color too much.

kitchen makeover {A}

 But it works in the kitchen. Between the fresh white walls and all the new lighting – it’s so nice and bright now (which was one of my goals).

ikea storage

The other goal I had was to add some more storage which we did with this Ikea unit called Besta.  It’s sort of like a modular piece where you can choose different elements. Different sizes and door styles, glass shelves or solid, drawers etc. You can design what you want in the store (they have computer stations where you can just click and drag elements to make what you want). You can make it low and wide  if you need it for a tv or high like we did. We added the casters so we could roll it out of the way to get to the door of the window seat.

Ikea Besta Unit

I did buy a drawer for it but I’m not sure I’m going to use it. We’re going to see how this configuration works for us and then decide.  I have my bread machine, Vitamix, popcorn maker behind the solid doors. These are things we use almost every day so I needed them to be easy to get to. We don’t have enough counter space to keep them out.
Besta with glass door

Behind the glass door on the top is my household binder and various cookbooks, that open shelf below it  is for the mail, keys, calender and maybe a phone (we have phones in 3 other rooms so I’m not sure we really need one here). Like I said, I may add the drawer that we bought (maybe I could put some of my spices in it).

Farm Fresh Sign

I had two message boards in this spot and now I have room for one.  I really use the huge message board in my office. This one was more for hanging fun things anyway. The Nest art is something that Vee made and  gave me many years ago. The Farm Product sign is from Cost Plus World Market.

pillows on window seat

 So now I just have some fun  fluffing to do with a few things I asked for and got for Christmas. At some point I’m going to make a new cover for my window seat but mainly I am going to get this kitchen as organized as I can.  I want to make the best use of the space that I have and be able to find what I’m looking for!

Here are my previous makeover posts in case you want to take a look back. I’ll do one where I show the entire kitchen in one post in a week or so.

Kitchen Makeover – Window wall with new lighting

Kitchen Makeover – Progress

Kitchen Makeover – My Plans


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  1. says

    I like the white too. Before I scrolled down and saw the wheels on your cabinet, I was going to tell you how much I liked the cabinet and the way it creates a cozy nook around your window seat (which I adore btw).

  2. says

    That looks great! I’m glad you all ended up liking the white — I think that’s what keeps me from painting things more — fear and trepidation that I won’t be happy with the result.

    One of these days I am going to have to splurge and come to Atlanta and shop at Ikea. Hmm. I’d probably need to rent a trailer to haul stuff back. Actually, I’ll be going to Austin some time in Feb when our daughter has her baby — maybe I can check out the Ikea there and make serious notes.

    • Manuela says

      When we went to Ikea to get the Besta there were three guys furnishing their apartment that came with a uhaul. As a matter of fact, the reason I got to little doors on the bottom instead of one big door is because they bought out all the doors! I was so annoyed! Plus they were watching their two carts like a hawk. :)

      Hey if you make it to Atlanta, let me know. Maybe I can meet you there. That would be fun!

  3. says

    Hi Manuela! Oh, I love it! The white wall color does look so fresh and pretty. Everything you’ve done look wonderful. Yay! Now have your hubby take you out to dinner.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  4. says

    it looks just as wonderful as I knew it would.
    and you helped me make my mind up about something- we have a similar white piece of furniture in the craft room but I need more storage in the breakfast room. So, I am going to measure and it probably going to get moved in there tomorrow. I would like to buy cabinets but have spent so much money lately and really should not spend the $600 for the cabinets right now.

    your pretty pictures always inspire me, thank you

  5. says

    I love your new, white kitchen. So bright and cheery! You’ve encouraged me that I can redo my kitchen when the time comes – one wall at a time! Right now we’re finishing up odds and ends of projects in the main living area. We’re getting ready for an open house to celebrate my dear, little mother’s nintieth birthday in a few weeks. We’re spiffing up so we can party! Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement.

  6. says

    It looks really beautiful Manuela. You did a wonderful job in the makeover. I really like that Ikea unit and think it’s a great idea that you added the casters to it. Enjoy your new kitchen! Pamela

  7. Vanessa says

    Hi, Manuela

    You kitchen looks great and I love the white walls too. It’s brighter and all the changes are just lovely. Have a great week.


  8. says

    It feels so good to have a room finished, eh? I love that Ikea cabinet, it’s so versatile. Gotta love Ikea for that. I blogged about my Ikea finds this week. Your kitchen nooks looks really nice.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. says

    Looks so clean and fresh. Love how the yellow in the other room ties in with your red and yellow in your “new” kitchen. All of your accents make it just perfect. Great job!


  10. says

    Very nice! I love the white walls with the red and yellow pops of color – so cheery. Had never heard of that particular IKEA cabinet. I’m sure you will love it; it looks so versatile and handy.

  11. says

    It looks great!

    I agree that the white is perfect in the kitchen with your pretty red accessories, and I love seeing the yellow walls of the dining room!

    Wonderful job!

  12. says

    It looks wonderful. I like the new storage, too.
    White is so refreshing on the walls. I am planning to paint my utility room white when it warms up a bit. I painted the bathroom white last February…from a cool blue. I LOVE THE WHITE!

    have a great week! Pat

  13. Debbie says

    I love the final reveal! It looks so fresh and happy in there. I have just embarked on a big old budget makeover of my own, and my kitchen is a hot mess. You have totally inspired me yet again.

  14. says

    It is Rockin’…it just says Manuela! and I love it! You know I am liking the red and black and the white…and the color pops and prints. Great storage plans. INSPIRING! Thanks so much for sharing all your creativity. It is beautiful. Love to visit!!! {{hugs}}

  15. says

    well, you saved us about $600 and lots of work. I moved the white cabinet/armoire thing we already had -inspired by you- into the breakfast room and it looks nice in there and serves just the purpose I needed it too.
    So, my husband especially thanks you

    I’ll post pictures later. and I thank you!

  16. Vee says

    I was so busy looking at the cabinet (because I’m quite sure I need one!) that I nearly missed the way you used that little Nest sign. Looks very charming there that way. Your kitchen turned out beautifully. Not some high falutin’ Lowe’s kitchen, a beautiful Manuela kitchen.

  17. says

    Just lovely! Well done.
    Tell me, can you recommend a bread making machine? I have had two in the past and never made a very successful loaf – always they were too heavy and dense. I think I saw one in your cupboard, am I right?

  18. says

    Thanks so much Manuela for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

    I LOVE your kitchen and it’s been on my mind wondering if I should add some yellow to my kitchen. Looking at THIS post makes me want to throw in a bit! It’s so lovely!!!

    I’ve RSS’d your blog and look forward to reading your future posts!

    Have a wonderful day!

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