November 27, 2014

8 Fun Ways To Display Those Christmas Cards

Are the Christmas cards rolling in yet?

8 Fun Christmas Card Display Ideas

Are you wondering how to display the Christmas cards you’ve received?

Here are some fun ways to display your Christmas cards.

Martha Stewart Christmas Card Wreath


Martha Stewart Pinup Wreath made from clothespins. There are lots of tutorials out for different types of clothespin wreaths.

Holiday ribbon Christmas card holder

I love this idea by Yum Sugar! All you need is some festive Christmas ribbon and tape.

string art Christmas tree & card holder

String Art Christmas Tree & Card Display uses 3m hooks so you don’t mess up your walls and it’s easy to take down after Christmas. Check out  My Poppet for the easy tutorial

ribbon on curtain Christmas card display

I also like this idea for displaying Christmas cards  from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss. You clip a ribbon to your curtain from which you hang your cards.

Christmas card display with lights

What a fun way to display cards!!  Living in the Woods shows you how to make this display with lights.

ribbon Christmas card display

30 Handmade days has a great tutorial on how to make this ribbon Christmas card holder for your wall.

Christmas card holder idea

If you’re lucky enough to have a sleigh (I wish!), you can string some ribbon or twine around and through it and attach your cards with tape or pins. From Midwest Living

yardstick Christmas card holder

This one is so easy and uses yardsticks! Go to Mamie Jane’s to find out how. Isn’t it cute!

As always, the photo’s are linked to their sources as well as a link in the text. Please go to the source to pin an individual idea.

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  1. I do have a sled, but have other plans for it and that’s too bad because that is a sweet idea. I’m just going to clothespin (with the mini-clothespins) mine to the branch in the living room. It’ll brighten up a corner.

  2. Love all the ideas. However, I don’t receive enough cards these days to devote anything with. I have one of those wire flippy things that I just don’t get out anymore because of so few cards (sad to say). I used to send about a 125+ cards out & have saved all the ones I got (each years pile has diminished substantianly(sp?)). I have even used some in picture frames as decorations.

    Each year that I get a card in the mail that I don’t reciprocate makes me anxious that I am not doing my part.

  3. I love these ideas…I have a card hanger with a star on top…we use it all year round for birthdays etc.
    Barb from Australia

  4. Those are all great ideas, I especially like the sleigh.
    Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Cindy

  5. The sled one is my favorite. We only brought one sled down to Georgia when we moved here, and Mom uses it for decoration. Who could have known all those years ago that we should have brought all of them.

  6. Great ideas! I don’t have many yet:) Have a blessed day dear Manuela, HUGS!

  7. Great ideas! I always thinks f something cute to do and then end up taping them around the living room entryway like my mom used too. Old habits die hard!

  8. Such great ideas! I have two stands, but I am always looking for something to do for the extras. Thanks!

  9. Some really cute ideas, but since I’m doing simple this year – mine are simply in a red Christmas basket by the fireplace. :-)

  10. Hi, Manuela

    I love these ideas and they are all so beautiful. Have a great Thursday!


  11. I receive no more than a few cards a year. There was a time when they came by the basketful. Now, it is a handful. I get lots of ecards, which is just not the same. I love all these ideas, though. Thanks for sharing!

  12. What clever ideas, Manuela! I love displaying Christmas cards and you have given me some great new ideas!
    Blessings and thanks so much for sharing, my sweet friend!
    Carolynn xxx