Small Garden Shed Love

I’ve been thinking about all the outdoor projects that I need to do. Too many to list but on the top of my list is building a small garden tool shed to house my most used garden tools (so I don’t have to keep going into the barn or garage). Ideally I’d love to have it in my vegetable garden so I don’t want it to take up too much space. It has to be a small garden shed.

small garden shed ideas

The one that I’m really coveting is one that my local Home Depot uses in the inside gardening area. It’s really the perfect size and so cute!

side view small garden shed

 I figure if my husband can just build me the basic shell I can cute it up.

small garden shed

inside small garden shed

It’s not very deep so it won’t take up lots of space but I think it holds a lot. I wouldn’t have all those shelves, probably just one on top since I want to put in my favorite hoe, rake, shovels etc.

I’ve asked if they sell them and they say no that they built it themselves. So I’m just wondering if any of you have seen them in your Home Depot?

Here are some other small garden sheds that I like:

small garden shed made from doors

This one is made from upcycled doors! Love it! via HGTV Rate My Space

garden shed with tin roof

source: pinterest

I do have a french door I found in a neighbors garbage that we could incorporate into our design like this one.  Look at that handle!

blue garden shed

source: flickr

This one is cute too with it’s unusual door and I love the color.

cute garden shed

I still have some old windows that I haven’t used so we could do something like this too.

small garden shed

Love this one! via Liberty Rose

This weekend my husband is building me some more raised beds and then I’ve asked him to help me with the foyer steps.  So we’ll see when I get my garden shed!

****Photos that are not mine are always linked to their original source (if I can find it). ****

Check out the garden shed I that I wound up making by repurposing doors and windows:  My Cute Upcycled Shed

Have a wonderful weekend!

small garden shed ideas

If you’d like more shed inspiration check out my garden shed board on Pinterest!

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  1. says

    Too cute! All of them! I’m afraid my husband would run away from home if I added one more project to our list, lol.

  2. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says

    I love each and every one of those! Can’t wait to see what you eventually come up with.

  3. says

    The custom built, dreamy visions, hand-made in your garage, architected structures are ALWAYS… hands-down, the BESTEST of the BEST….finished product… the *OOAK* label slapped on there…(ONE OF A KIND) Manuela-Designed building….yep. YOURS and Nobody else has one like it. I can’t wait to see it – whenEVER it gets done… That’s what I’m talkin’ about. :-) I want one too! But I’m willing to wait to see if it might be a chicken shed ….!!! instead of a garden shed…one day….:-)
    Hugs to you. Loved the eye-candy photos today. xoxo

  4. says

    All of your inspiration pics are fabulous. I love them. How cute and I can’t wait to see what you do. I want one a little bigger, one that holds the lawnmower, blower, edger and a lot of bags of fetilizer and stuff. Hugs, Marty

  5. says

    I can’t wait to see what you do. I love these pictures they are so beautiful and very cute. We need to get a shed too this year.

  6. says

    Love all the sheds! I love your barn too. ;)

    Why don’t you have chickens???? The live variety?? I could totally see you with chickens and a cute little coop! I’ve tried talking my husband into it but alas he is not listening.

    By the way, I finally have my small raised bed ready to go….yay!

    • Manuela says

      I don’t like their feet! LOL I know it’s a crazy reason but it’s true. I’ve thought about getting chickens for a long time and yes, it’s totally something I probably should do. But I don’t know. I guess I have to find someone that has chickens who will let me hang out with them to see if I really want them. Most of the time I think it’s a cute chicken coop that I really want :)


  7. says

    I love them all – but that Red one! Yes! It would be perfect down by the garden…hmmm…maybe I need to see if my darling will make one.

    Thanks for the idea!

  8. says

    I liked ‘em all!

    that second one was just adorable. The trowel handle, tin roof and pieced together cupola…whoa… I swooned over that one.

    thanks for sharing the eye candy. ~Pat

  9. says

    That would be a really cute. I think if your hubby can build it for you, than go for it. You’ll save money and you’ll definitely be able to “cute it up” just the way you like it ;) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  10. says

    Such adorable little sheds ~ I love them all, but I especially love the last one. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. says

    Really really fun Manuela! You gave me an idea for a shelf for inside my ” garden shed ” I want to build from reclaimed materials too! I have a little narrow cabinet that would be perfect for seed storage and gardening books! Always so fun to come by and see what you are up too!

  12. says

    Such cute little sheds. I have not seen one of those sheds at out HD. I would love to have a shed to keep all of the gardening stuff out of my garage. I love the second picture. It makes me think of a British phone box for some reason.

  13. says

    What cute sheds! You’ve inspired me. I just realized I could have something cute at the back of our little garden shed that doesn’t work well for me. There is room for a shallow shed with personality to be added – and it would be just steps from my raised bed garden!