Decorating with Glass Bottles

I know I don’t have to tell most of you that decorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive. I love finding ways to re-use & re-make things that I already have in order to stretch my decorating dollar. Something I’ve really liked lately are the Pottery Barn Demijohns or oversized wine bottles/vases that they’ve had in their catalogs lately. But those are $99 to begin with for the small ones! So when we had a couple of empty glass  apple juice bottles the decorating wheels started turning!

Decorating with glass bottles - Pottery Barn inspired DIY oversized wine bottle upcycled from an apple juice bottle

A vintage wine bottle would be nice but any large bottle/jug with the label removed would also work.

empty apple juice bottle

Here’s the bottle that I used – organic apple juice from Whole Foods! Below is a picture of the large vintage wine bottles that Pottery Barn sells.

Pottery Barn Oversized Wine Bottles

 See them on the table being used as vases. $99  for a small one!

spring flowering branches in upcycled glass bottle - decorating with glass bottles

I soaked my bottle in warm water to get the label off. You can use some Goo Gone if you have a more stubborn label.

To make it more like a Demijohn you could wrap some twine around the bottom or around the top (or around the entire bottle).

fireplace mantel decorated with spring blooming branches

So instead of throwing out or even recycling an interesting  glass bottle use it as a vase and add it to your decor. It’s an inexpensive way to accessorize your home!

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  1. says

    Very pretty – and thrifty! Great idea. I was looking through the catalog and realizing how much of what they have for a pretty good amount of money we used to see all the time at flea markets and such. But you’ve proven that with a good eye for detail, you can get the look for much less.

  2. says

    I really like that better with your clear glass than Pottery Barn’s green! Very clean and fresh looking (and I’m really loving your bird print).


  3. says

    I just threw away (recycled) a really neat green olive oil bottle the other day Manuela…and as I tossed it in after cleaning it out I thought, “this is a unique bottle”…but I didn’t think of anything to do with it. Now that I have seen your post I wish I still had it. (:>)

    Your large bottles look so neat with those branches in them. And what a neat hanging light fixture over your table! I also love your picture of all the birds!

    You always inspire me when I visit here.

    Love, Linda

  4. says

    Wonder what the hubs will say when he discovers that I have purchased a huge old honkin’ jar of vinegar just to use the bottle?

    That’s a great idea, and I am currently planning a yellow touch just like that for my mantel. Good to know I have this option for a vase. (Well, I have the option if I buy the vinegar…)

  5. Sharon says


    Very sweet! I LOVE the Forsythia and the branches look PERFECT in that jug! I love the bird print by the way. Thanks for popping by!

    Have a blessed evening!

  6. says

    rah!…yes very creative thinking. :-) And have you ever seen the little teeny miniature syrup bottles they give out at Cracker Barrel??? They make the most Adorable vases for one stem of anything on a windowsill or bath counter/vanity (multiples lined up). :-) Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs Manuela. I love your feathered friends lined up in the print on your mantel.

  7. says

    And that narrow opening is perfect for containing branches like that. It looks great. Now I’m going to have to look in the refrigerator and see if there are any possibilities…I think an old cooking wine bottle is the best I can do.

  8. Jenny D. says

    Awesome as always…I’m going to keep my eye out for some jugs like that in the grocery store. Love the bird print on your mantel, too. :)

  9. says

    It looks pretty and fresh, like spring! You arranged it so beautifully with the picture of the birds. It’s very practical,reusing the good glass jug! Great idea! Maybe pussywillows would work in a big jug like that too?
    Spring will be here before we know it! Be blessed! Linda

  10. says

    You had me at the first sunny photo. LOVE your yellow walls with the branch of yellow flowers and the bird print. Beautiful!
    How ridiculous to spend $99. Yours looks every bit as nice. I only wish I’d read this a few weeks ago when I was tossing the exact same cider jar. Will have to keep my eyes open for interesting possibilities.

  11. says

    Oh how beautiful your home is! I love your idea, I have several old bottles and glass around. I found an old wine bottle kind of like the ones from Pottery Barn but more of an aqua color at a thrift store for $5 ! I grabbed it and ran to check out before anyone could tell me it was a mistake and should be marked up! I love it! Crazy about the bird picture.

  12. says

    What a great idea! And the yellow bells look so pretty in the jug! It’s just as cute as what Pottery Barn sells. I love this and love how you reuse what you have in decorating.

  13. says

    You are so clever! I will be looking at glass bottles in a whole new way now. I saw a small green bottle like this at Kohls for $60! (I didn’t buy it, of course.)

  14. says

    Such a beautiful idea! I love your pretty spring vignette and that beautiful frame with the bird picture and the mirror… love it! Such a clever idea using juice bottles and the yellow forsythia looks absolutely gorgeous in the bottle! You have inspired me today! I love those raised beds in your other post, I like growing plants in raised beds… very informative post, has me wishing for summer like right now:)Thanks for sharing and for your sweet note on my book accents. Following you through LF. Good day to you!~Poppy

  15. says

    Your so smart. I am lucky enough to have some of those big glass jars. One was my great grandmother. She brought it with her from Portugal. It held olive oil. I have been wanting some more. Now I can copy you xx Clarice

  16. Susie says

    Your mantel with the big clear glass jug and forsythia looks as fresh as springtime. Love those yellow walls and bird picture. Everything just sparkles. Makes me want to do some spring cleaning and decorating. Your site is always such a source of inspiration. Thank you!

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