Charming Cottage Gardens

 There’s just something so charming about a cottage garden.

My neighbor's cottage style mailbox planting

Old fashioned romance is at the heart of a cottage garden don’t ya think?

source: pinterest

I think they never look planned even if they are.

Delphiniums in a cottage garden

source: photo by Mark Turner Country Almanac Magazine

There’s usually a  mix of old fashioned flowers like Delphiniums, Foxgloves, Hollyhocks and roses. I think it’s too hot in Georgia for Delphiniums but I do have Hollyhocks and Foxgloves in my garden.

source: English Cottage Gardening by Margaret Hensel

There’s always lots and lots of flowers! Cottage gardeners love flowers. They’re always trying to make room for “just one more”.

source: flickr va Susie’s photostream

Do you have a small yard or patio and think you can’t have a lush cottage garden?  You can still achieve the look by using a variety of container plantings.

source: emilalua tumblr

The other thing I love about cottage gardens is that they usually have bit of whimsy and an arbor or two or three!

I’m fond of all gardens but cottage style ones are my favorite! I just love the jumble of flowers and how informal they are.

How about you? Are you a formal or informal garden lover?


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  1. says

    I am a cottage garden girl, too. In Southern California we have to adapt abit to the dryness but we have natives that substitute well for the more delicate blooms. I am still in clean up mode here but am looking forward to assessing what I have and what I want to squeeze in. Have a wonderful week, Patty

    • Manuela says

      Me too. I was out yesterday spreading mulch and cleaning up my borders. I have so many plans for my garden I think I need to hire someone to help me!!


  2. says

    Yes, I adore cottage gardens! I’m hoping to somehow design a bit of a cottage garden feel into my future potager. This project seems to be growing each day as I’m more and more inspired by everything! Now I’m actually considering removing a few evergreens, which are in a very sunny area, to make room for more beds.

  3. says

    I’m too undisciplined for a formal garden. I’d love to give my entire front lawn to a cottage garden, except that it would be destroyed on a yearly basis by the plow. You’ve selected some very pretty gardens to share. I like your neighbor’s garden a lot!

  4. says

    I can’t wait to start spiffing things up around my yard! I planted some wildflowers last year, they gave me SO much joy even after the first freeze there were some still blooming! Thanks for this breath of Spring! Have a blessed weekend, HUGS!

    • Manuela says

      We have a little wildflower meadow that we planted a few years ago. I tilled it last fall and re-seeded it so I’m excited to see what comes up this year!


  5. says

    I am a cottage garden gal all the way!

    I love hollyhocks, peonies, black eye susans, daisies, purple cone flower. I used to grow delphiniums, I’ll have to add some back into my garden. I also add things like lavender and feverfew to the garden and roses of course!

    I love to be able to cut the flowers and use them in my cottage as well!

  6. says

    I love a cottage garden look, Manuela! I found that my husband likes a more formal look. I like a more casual, en masse planting like you get with a cottage garden. My husband is more into things looking neat and orderly in a garden. Since I was the gardener at our house, you can guess what we had. ; )

    • Manuela says

      LOL! My husband likes a more formal look as well. I try to keep the front yard more contained and formal looking and do what I want int the backyard. :)


  7. says

    Hi Manuela,
    I like cottage gardens …but…I do most of my gardening in pots due to space restrictions. On advantage of this style of gardening is that I can (get Hubby) re-arrange the look of the garden any time I want and put ‘a garden’ on the patio pavers or under the clothes line..change plants from the front to the back …..the flexability is endless. I LOVE gardening this way!!!
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  8. says

    I definitely love cottage gardens! We have full borders and beds with rock edging most of them. The thing I like best about the cottage look, besides the flowers, is all the decorative stuff, arbors, pots, fences. Fun! Can’t wait to get started again.

  9. Jan Davis says

    Those beautiful pictures provided sunshine on this cool, rainy day here in Alabama. Thank you for making my day a little brighter. I, too, hope to have a beautiful garden when the weather permits.

  10. Candye says

    Oh yes, informal cottage gardens all the way!!!….. that you can work on for years and keep adding and adding! I have a whole list of ideas for this year ! So exciting ! I, too, have to hire some help once in awhile.
    Loved the pictures, Manuela ! Thanks for posting.

  11. says

    INFORMAL!!!! with a little order here and there…but just love to plant and see a riot of color in spots all around the yard…Cottage look all the way…That may mean the lawn is NOT perfect and the borders and rocks are not symmetrical and placed just so…but it all has a lovely natural look like Mother Nature made it happen…with a lot of little birds and squirrels and chipmunks scattered about… :-)

    • Manuela says

      Not fond of the chipmunks! They make those blasted holes and tunnels everywhere! Love the birds and the squirrels seem to know how to behave better than the chipmunks!


  12. says

    Cottage gardens all the way!!! I am planning a lower maintenance yard this year. Started working in it yesterday while it was almost 70 degrees! Not so today…. cold returning for a couple of days.

    • Manuela says

      Lucky you with those temps! It’s been in the 60’s but it’s rained all weekend.

      I got a book on low-maintenance gardening for Christmas. I’ll be interested to see what you do!


  13. says

    I’m sort of a formal cottage type. I don’t like things looking too jungle-ish but do love flowers (all sorts of flowers and in all sorts of seasons. I think I only dislike one or two flowers (that’s my short list, lol). I dream of wide lawns with controlled borders of flowers. But I do love the really old fashioned things like sultanas and sweet shrub, flowering almond, banana bush, tea olive, lamb’s ears and mullein and holly hocks and rose campion. Which I have by the way so if you want some of those seed let me know…

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