September 2, 2014

My Yellow Roses & Starting the Garden Spruce Up!

Believe it or not…my daffodils are almost all done for the season (I know, I know… some of you haven’t even seen your daffodils bloom yet)!  To make up for not having any daffodils, my yellow Lady Banks Rose is in full bloom (a few weeks early).  So I was motivated to  clean out the bed that it’s in, cutting back stuff, pulling weeds and little trees that seeded themselves, moving things around and planting a pot with some oh so fragrant phlox. Take a look!

Yellow Lady Banks Rose & tin flower mirror

I would say my backyard is planted in a cottage garden style. The front yard isn’t quite as wild :)

I moved my birdbath over next to a hydrangea and that yellow frame used to have a mirror that said “Welcome”  in it that fell out over the winter (didn’t break just fell out so I donated it).

Yellow birdbath and yellow Lady Banks Rose

What you don’t see is that behind the fence is a Crepe Myrtle which hasn’t leafed out yet. The Lady Banks Rose is all intertwined with the branches and right now it looks like that tree is covered with little yellow blossoms. By the time it leafs out – the roses will be gone.

Here are a few more photos of that bed.

Lady Banks Rose - yellow blossoms

Small buttery yellow blooms of the Lady Banks Rose.

Pretty blue phlox growing in a container - cottage garden


A Cottage Garden - phlox in a container

Phlox planted in a container on an old iron chair I keep in that bed for the purpose of holding containers of flowers.

Bleeding heart by the angel statue

Bleeding heart by the angel statue (hydrangeas are just leafing out).

floral plates on the fence and yellow roses

These plates have been on the fence for probably about 9 years now!

This bed also has a Knockout Rose ( which is budding), clematis,  a grapevine, tons of asiatic lilies and day lilies,  and my little gnome garden!

Hope you enjoyed seeing photos of one of my favorite garden beds. More to come as I work my way around my yard!

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  1. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says:

    Manuela, your cottage garden is so pretty. It looks like it should be in Country Gardens magazine!

  2. So beautiful! I love the sprays of yellow roses! This just makes me all the more anxious to see signs of life in my own garden. I know it will be soon. You are right though, my garden has daffodils just coming up but no flowers yet. I love seeing the gardens already in bloom:>) Have a great weekend Manuela!

  3. Oh those roses! What a spot of cheer! Will you be putting the mirror back? It was such a cozy part of the garden. My garden mirror is awaiting further repair, too. (I wouldn’t have a garden mirror without your fine example.)

  4. My daffodils near the house bloomed today! :)

    I LOVE your garden.

  5. Such a lovely garden. I love a wild look. I can’t believe those plates have been there so many years. Around here, dust seeps into the house and things get grimy and dirty and disgusting, so you can imagine what would happen to them if they were outside. It’s a very harsh environment here, that’s for sure. Have a great day. Tammy

  6. How beautiful Manuela! I love cottage style gardens with a little wild to them the best. Your Lady Banks is wonderful. My dad has a really big one too. My roses have their very first blooms today. We planned to work outside today but the wind will practically knock you down.

  7. Just Cats says:

    Oh Manuela, your back yard is just gorgeous. I love, love, love the yellow bird-bath. How cheery and welcoming for any bird. And the plates and mirror really add a pretty touch to the area. I would spend lots of time out there. Lovely. Deb

  8. What a lovely treat to see your wonderful garden. I love it and especially your Lady Banks. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

    Happy Easter week ~ FlowerLady

  9. Your garden is just my style! Love it!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  10. Martha Ellen says:

    Manuela, your Lady Banks rose is stunning! I’m looking forward to more photos of your beautiful garden. ♥

  11. Your garden is just so gorgeous!
    had beautiful flowering plants and bushes when we moved here 18 years ago– then, I was young and didn’t know a thing about gardening. I killed so many of them or The Honey did… over zealous to work in the gardens, inexperienced pruning. We also had some storms that killed some things too. But shamefully, I killed several with my lack of knowledge!
    I see so many of your plants and the color and reminds me of what we have missed!

    Word to anyone planning to move. Wait for 1 full year before gardening. Take notes of what is blooming and when and where–KEEP A NOTEBOOK EXTENSIVELY. Just wait– you’ll be surprised by what has already been established. ;)

    Love your gardens, Manuela!

  12. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers! Love those yellow roses.
    Those plates are beautiful hanging in the middle of them.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  13. What a gorgeous spot! I couldn’t pick my favorite element if I tried–love each and every single flower, plant, plate, etc! It’s all yummy and I’d happily add any of it to my own cottage garden! Okay, maybe I should end before I use yet another exclamation mark! Whoops!

  14. Your flowers are gorgeous! I love the yellow roses. Can’t believe the plates have been on your fence for 9 years. I’m surprised they haven’t broken!

  15. Oh so many pretties:) Enjoy this gorgeous day dear Manuela, HUGS!

  16. Those roses look beautiful, Manuela! That is a really pretty area in your garden. Too bad about the mirror falling out. I remember that “Welcome” you had on it. The frame looks just as nice there though.

  17. Manuela – those yellow roses are just gorgeous. That’s my favorite flower – I had yellow roses for my wedding, Your gardens are just beautiful.


  18. Everything looks so beautiful! Love all the bright colors!!! we’re just starting here…

  19. Oh, yellow roses are my favorites, so I really enjoyed your post. Your garden is lovely and so much thought has obviously gone into decorating it.

  20. Be still my heart. I can’t believe everything that you have going on already! :) So beautiful! :)

    Daffodils / anything going on here that is already in bloom will be dead in the next 24-48 hours…forecast is for temps in the 20′s in a day or so, ugh! From mid 80′s down to that!

  21. I’m in love with your garden! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays this week! Happy Easter!