DIY String Gardens “Kokedama”

I stumbled upon a really cool indoor gardening concept the other day – string gardens. “Kokedama” is basically the Japanese art of enclosing a plants roots in a moss ball and suspending that plant – sort of a hanging bonsai concept.

DIY String Garden Inspiration

This would be a great idea if you’re limited in outdoor space or even if you just want to try something a bit different than growing plant in pots.  It seems very easy to do and looks cool!

String Garden "Kokedama"

There’s a wonderful tutorial at Design Sponge if you want to know how to make a string garden. 

Here are a few more examples to give you an idea of all the wonderful ways you can use this technique.

spring string garden "Kokedama"

Spring String Garden by Terrain

string garden "Kokedama"

Indoor String Garden by String

Outdoor string garden "Kokedama"

Outside String Garden from Dennis’ 7 Dees

Citrus string garden by Feder van der Falk

Citrus string garden by Feder van der Falk

suspended string garden

Suspended String Garden via Apartment Therapy

Aren’t these just amazing and sort of surreal! To water you either spray or soak the balls.

Hope the sun is shining where ever you are!


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