September 2, 2014

DIY Fabric Wrapped Spring Wreath

This easy project is a great way to use up scraps of fabric! I made this fabric wrapped wreath for a  spring display that I’m working on in my dining room.

DIY fabric covered spring wreath

This is so easy and cute!


  • straw or styrofoam wreath form
  • 1 inch wide strips of fabric
  • push pins
  • other embellishments you might want to add like lace, rick rack, flowers, brooches etc

materials needed to make a fabric covered wreath

I used a small  straw wreath – 8 inches I believe. The 10 inch straw wreaths are $2.99 and I think the one I used was $1.99?(can’t remember).  You can find them in any craft store as well as thrift stores.

I made 1 inch wide strips of fabric since my wreath was small. I would use 2 inch wide strips for a larger wreath. The strips varied in length but most were at least 15 inches long.  You want to wrap your strips around at least 3 times.

pin fabric to wreath

Wrap your strip of fabric around the wreath and pin it at the back. Continue until the entire wreath is covered with our fabric strips and then add any other embellishments if you wish.

That’s it!

easy to make wreath using fabric scraps

Actually I think it would be just as cute for summer too!


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  1. Very cute, Manuela! I like the idea of using up strips of leftover fabrics for this. Plus, the pinning of the fabric to the wreath. It will make it easy to take apart if you want to do something different.

  2. Precious!!! Enjoy this beautiful Spring day:) HUGS

  3. It’s beautiful, bright and cheery! :)

  4. I love your wreath! How adorable.

  5. Any season depending on the fabrics! Super cool idea and a very charming result!

  6. ADORABLE! You picked out such great fabric! I’ll have to give this a try.

    • Thank you Yvonne! I just rummaged around in my fabric bin (I don’t really sew much so I don’t have a ton of fabric) and I did use a tea towel that I no longer use.

  7. How cute and Springy!!!! Darling. Love all of the pastel fabrics.


    • Thank you Judy! I turned the red and white striped fabric over so it would look more faded and blend in with the lighter colors.

  8. Love this and then the wreath is ready to re-use again and again for other seasons!!!


    The patchwork reminds me of some scrapbook paper that I have!

    • Yes! I like re-using wreath forms. I’m not really one to keep the same one forever so this one is great because all you have to do is remove the pins and unwind the fabric strips (which you could reuse as well).

  9. Your wreath is adorable! I love the colors and patterns you chose. Perfect for spring and yes for summer too.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    • Hi Susan! Thank you – glad you like it! Sometimes when I make a wreath I like it when I make it and then a week later I’m saying to myself what was I thinking :) But so far I’m still really loving this one.

  10. That is so cute and easy. I have to find me a wreath to make.

  11. Really cute, Manuela! I need to find some fabric scraps at a yard sale of something since I don’t sew anymore. Blessings, Cindy

    • I don’t really sew much either so it was a good way to use up some fabric. I did also use an old tea towel. So maybe look around at what sheets, clothes etc you’re not using anymore and repurpose those into fabric scraps.

  12. This is so cute! Perfect for spring:)

    • Hi Ginnie – Thanks so much! I don’t do too much sewing so it was a fun way to use up some material I had.

  13. This wreath is so cute and I love the fabrics you chose!!


  14. Just the kind of project I love..cute and easy!

  15. This is gorgeous Manuela. I dropped by via Show & Tell Friday.

  16. So cute! Looks easy to do. If you have not shared yet at the Bacon Time linky, please do. Happy Spring to you :)

  17. Beautiful wreath, and simple to boot! Thanks for sharing.