Creative Seed Starting Ideas

Are you ready to start some gardening despite whatever weather you’re experiencing? It’s seed starting time believe it or not! You don’t have to buy those little plastic  pots or peat pots to start your seeds if you don’t want to. Save some money and use these ideas for great alternative seed starting containers. 

It's time to start seeds! Here are some great ideas for containers to use that will save you money.

I had to go to Home Depot today and they are putting out the spring bushes and trees here in Atlanta. I can’t wait to spend some time outside in the sun and warmth.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to start any seeds inside this year or just buy seedlings since I have a lot of home reno projects that will start next month in preparation for listing our house.

Creative Seed Starting Containers

re-using K-cups for seed starting by Fresh Eggs Daily

Fresh Eggs Daily®  explains how to re-use  your old K-cups to start seeds.

starting seeds in milk cartons

You could use milk or juice cartons to start your seeds. Basil & Amaranth has a great explanation of how to start your seeds in these types of containers.

DIY newspaper seed pots

Learn how to make these newspaper seed pots at HGTV.  I used these last year and they worked very well.

Self-watering seed starting containers

Desperate Gardener show you how to repurpose old plastic bottles into these self-watering seed starting containers

make seed starter pots from toilet paper rolls

Gardening Clan shows you how to repurpose toilet paper rolls into seed starting pots

how to plant seeds in eggshells

Apartment Therapy explains how to plant seeds in eggshells.

DIY paper pulp seed cups

365 Days of DIY shows you how to make these paper pulp seed cups.

coffee filter seed trays

Here’s a coffee filter seed tray from Instructables that you could try for starting seeds.

start seeds in an egg carton

You could use an egg carton to start your seeds. See how at Spoonful

make seed starting tray from an ice cube tray

Mr. Brown Thumb shows you how to repurpose an ice cub tray for starting seeds.

You can basically use any container as long as it has some drainage.  Yogurt containers, Styrofoam cups, cans, margarine tubs, dixie cups, muffin tins, avocado shells just to name a few. Whatever you use be sure it has been sanitized and use sterile potting soil. You can make your own sterile potting soil if you don’t want to buy any.

Beat those winter blahs by starting some seeds!

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  1. says

    I really do mean it this year that I want to start my own seeds. I have yet to do it. I do, however, at least claim a small victory to plant my little garden with seeds someone else has started.

    I’m going to read the K cup one first. My daughter should have plenty of those to spare.

  2. says

    I started some seeds last weekend and can’t wait for them to come up. I use an old seed tray that was thrown out by the university greenhouses.

  3. says

    I’ve got 3 dozen egg shells with seeds planted in them right now. That k cup idea is great. I think I will start saving those for next time.
    We compost, but would you believe I forgot that tea and coffee grounds should be added to it. Thanks for the reminder. My memory is just not what is used to be.

  4. Donna Shegonee says

    I have used news paper pots for several years, they work great for me. Though I now have a Metal Halide grow light, so have to up pot them shortly after germination as they dry out to quickly with the hot light & I even cool the light. I start them under florscent lighting till their tru leaves & then move them

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