November 24, 2014

Easy DIY New Year’s Eve Garland

To help celebrate the New Year, I made a really REALLY easy garland for my fireplace. I found the original craft idea on Martha Stewart’s site under Decorations for New Year’s Eve and changed it up a little.

Easy to make DIY New Year's Eve Garland


All you need is some card stock (or any kind of paper that’s a bit heavier than printer paper – cardboard, cereal boxes anything like that), tinsel garland, ribbon, hot glue and scissors. DIY New Year's Eve Garland

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I made my ¬†tinsel garland which is easy to do for any year!

Step 1. print numbers

Step 1. Print out the numbers of the year.

1. has some numbers you can print out here or 2. you can use the numbers from the Martha Stewart site but those are for 2011 so you’ll have to find a 3 somewhere else or 3. use your favorite word processing program and change the size to fit a whole sheet of paper for each number. Step 2 DIY Garland

Step 2. Cut out the numbers Step 3 DIY Garland

Step 3. Glue the tinsel garland to numbers. It doesn’t have be silver – that’s just what I had. This is where I differ from the Martha Stewart instructions. Her’s have you wrap the tinsel garland around the numbers. I only had that big fluffy garland and wrapping made it too bulky. So I glued it to the front and then I trimmed it with some scissor to get rid of some of the fluff and to accentuate the shape of the numbers.

DIY New Year's Eve Garland

Step 4. Make holes at the top of each number (I made two) and thread your ribbon (I used silver curling ribbon) through the numbers and hang.


Isn’t that a super easy and inexpensive project!

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  1. now that is so cute, and it looks expensive even though it was not.
    you add just the best touches to make things so pretty.

  2. Adorable! Looks better than anything I’ve seen in the stores.

  3. This is really cute Manuela. It looks perfect over your pretty house display. Happy New Year to you!

  4. Love this Manuela. I’d like to make a set to display across the living room mirror for the month of January … thanks for sharing! Happy 2013!

  5. Judy Clark says:

    Manuela, what a cute idea! Am going to have to make one of those for this new year.

    Happy New Year!


  6. So easy and pretty! Thanks for the idea. I love you little village too:)

  7. Perfect! You always come up with such cute projects, that are easy, and inexpensive, but look like something really special. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!!!

  8. This is so cute Manuela! I hope you’ll join me for a guest post or two in 2013! I know my readers will love your clever crafts and homemaking tips! Happy New Year!

  9. I love your garland – and your winter-y village. I didn’t set up my village on my mantel this year but – oh, how I wish I had! Seeing yours reminds me how much I love having mine up. Your New Year’s garland is perfect. I’m going to remember this for next year when my winter village will still be up. You’re always such an inspiration to me!

  10. Your garland turned out great! It looks just right hanging above your fireplace.

  11. What a fun idea! Love it.
    Wishing you a Wonderful Happy New Year!

  12. Love it and it looks easy enough for me:) Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  13. How festive and fun! I love an easy project and this looks right up my alley. Have a very happy New Year Manuela!

  14. I love this! So easy to do and very cute!

  15. Yes it is and it looks great too! : )

  16. This is such a wonderful idea! I’m thinking you could do words too. I’ll keep this in my idea file for sure! I have an IKEA kitchen and I love it. We installed it ourselves and it wasn’t too hard. I LOVE my big kitchen drawers for pots and pans and want to change all the cupboards I have into drawers. Mimi

  17. Happy New Year Manuela!

  18. Hi Manuela,
    I love your New Years banner. How nice of you to share how you made it. It looks marvelous over your mantel scape.
    Thank you for your kind comments throughout this past year. I value each one and am very thankful for your friendship.
    Blessings and Happy New Year!
    Carolynn xxx

  19. Oh goodness I wish I had seen this earlier! I love the happy, shiny look of that. I’m pinning for next year!