November 27, 2014

Collecting Small Things – A Favorite Thing

I’ve been working on a small china cabinet I have in my dining room. The shelves are small – not very wide, deep or tall. I usually display a few small soup for-one  tureens in it since that’s all that will fit. It’s one of those pieces of furniture that I loved when I got it but it’s been bugging me for a few years now because it’s so small.   I keep looking for a larger china cabinet that’ll fit in that spot but haven’t had any luck.

salt & pepper shakers


I was playing around with this little cabinet, decorating it for Christmas when I decided to  display my  collection of mostly vintage salt and pepper shakers on the top shelf….and I  LOVED  it.  Making that one little change gave me a whole new appreciation for my little cabinet and my little collection of shakers!

salt & pepper shaker collection

I filled one shaker with faux snow and put a green bottle brush tree in it. Topped off with a vintage brooch as a tree topper.


A couple of shakers were given to me a few years ago by a reader (thanks again Viola).

soup tureen

I’ve suddenly realized that this little cabinet is a perfect place to display all my “littles”.  I have more kitschy salt and pepper shakers, a few egg cups, demitasse cups,  lots of tea cups and a few vintage clocks ( I’m sure there’s more :) ) that I could display in this cabinet.

I’m linking to Claudia’s A Favorite Thing  which was going to be my salt & pepper shaker collection but now I’ll have to include my little cabinet too ( I’ll show all of it next week  after I finish adding a few Christmas touches).


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  1. Love it!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  2. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says:

    It looks great with your vintage shakers. Love the vintage tree topper…:-)

  3. Love the little cabinet, and your collection. I really like small-scale pieces, as they are so nice for displaying littles that would be lost in a bigger area. Very pretty!

  4. Love your new display! Sometimes little changes = big results:) Have a blessed weekend, HUGS!

  5. I like little things but sometimes they get lost in a big area this is just right for them.

  6. It’s perfect for this, Manuela! I love your salt and pepper collection, too. So pretty and with the fake snow and little tree it is looking all ready for Christmas.

  7. And so you fall in love with your little cabinet all over again! The rest of us get rid of our little cabinet and wish it were back. This is a good thing to remember…don’t send things along too soon. I really enjoy seeing how you create a vignette.

  8. Perfect place for your pretty collection. I have seen a lot of the pretty cut glass and pressed glass shakers, but I don’t need another collection. I will admire others’ . :D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Oh my goodness…I LOVE this idea Manuela! What a great way to enjoy (and deal with) all those little beauties in our lives! Like you, I collect one and lonely salt/pepper shakers and they seem to be all over the place at times, this is such a pretty way to cluster them (and be able to find them easily…what a concept ;) ) !

  10. So pretty Manuela and clever.. I love your ‘ little’s crystal collection’… I have the same tall salt and pepper shakers too… your cabinet is darling… and I love the paper in the background too!
    Hmmm? Now, what can I do this fun???

  11. This is really cute. I love your salt and pepper collection.

  12. What a nice way to display — I really like how you have the shakers grouped on a tray.

  13. What sweet petites! I like your display and find your collection simply wonderful. I have been finding s and ps while thrifting and have been snatching them up. I’ve been seeing some pretty little Christmas displays that have incorporated them into the design.
    Thank you for sharing, Manuela and thank you for your blog friendship.
    Carolynn xxx

  14. Your collection of shakers is amazing! I’m always on the look out for glass ones without much luck so I am a wee bit green with envy over yours. LOL

  15. So very pretty.

  16. Very nice place to display a collection of smalls. The salt and peppers look so good together since they are similar, yet different sizes, etc. I like the addition of the tree and snow too.

  17. Mary @ Ms Redo says:

    A delightful little cabinet, and I’m loving your salt and pepper collection, they look fabulous the way you’ve settled them on the shelf. Mary

  18. Love the vintage salt and pepper shakers and how you have everything displayed. Totally charming!

  19. Love your collection of shakers. And that little pinecone bird is precious. Sometimes just changing things around gives new life to something old. I did that with a shelf in my bathroom. Just changing the direction it faced and what I placed on the shelves and I had a whole new look. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  20. Good Morning Manuela, What a lovely collection of salt cellars and pepper pots. I have a few which belonged to Ivy, my Grandmother which I cherish. I also love old brooches, again I have some which were Ivy’s and also I buy them when I visit Charity shops, either for the Heart Foundation or Cancer Charity Shops. I love the way you positioned one of your brooches on the top of your Christmas tree. It has made me think maybe I could tie red ribbon on my brooches and hang them from my Christmas tree as when the Christmas lights were switched on, the brooches would twinkle. I am visiting you from Claudia’s My Favourite Things and have become your newest follower. Sending you Best Wishes from England. Daphne

  21. What gorgeous salt and pepper shakers…I’ve never seen any like these ! : ) Love them!

  22. That is sweet! I love the way you brought that all together!

  23. Adorable! Great photos too!

  24. I really like your collection, Manuela. As someone who loves small things, I vote a hearty YES! for this look – love your cabinet, too.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  25. Clever girl. Love what you did with the bitty bottle brush tree. A wonderful collection and a perfect fit for the cabinet.

  26. Oh Manuela, this is so very charming. Love the simplicity and elegance. Can you come over to my house to play? I have lots of stuff you can work your magic on.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  27. So very darling, I just love your collection and how you’ve displayed it. So charming!

    Happy weekend!

  28. What a gorgeous collection, and they sit so well in your sweet cabinet :o)
    Rose H

  29. Love the black – white – and silver. Looks awesome!!!!! I have a pair just like your tallest in the back (GW) and a few others too. They do look so much better and interesting when they are grouped together in a collectable look. I agree! SO pretty, as always. :-) Love your cabinet!!! xo

  30. What a darling little spot for your “littles”

  31. This is an adorable cabinet, and just perfect for your fabulous salt shakers! I love how you’ve painted the interior. It really shows the shakers off!

  32. I love ‘little things’ and this cabinet is perfect to display them. Your collection of salt shakers looks so great on this shelf!

    hugs, Linda

  33. I haven’t decided yet wether I like the little cabinet or the salt and pepper shaker more. :-) It’s the perfect display anyway. Have a nice week. Regula

  34. What a great way to display your small things. I’ve never thought about collecting salt shakers, but your vintage pieces are a delight.

  35. This is why I love you Manulea, you always give me something to do in my own home!! I will have to pull out my salt shakers now xox Clarice