Using Old Windows

I mentioned a while ago that my husband had brought home a few old windows that a neighbor had put in the garbage when they got new ones.  So I’ve been looking around the web trying to find some new ideas on how to upcycle  or repurpose old windows and found a few that I really like. First I’ll share a few ways I’ve already used windows in my home and then I’ll share some ways to use old windows that I found on Pinterest.

Inspired ways to use old windows

But first I thought I’d show you how I’ve already used them in my home and garden.

Ways to use old windows | a vintage window backed with toile from A Cultivated Nest

This one is in the guest bedroom and I attached some pretty yellow and white toile fabric to the back.

Ways to use old windows - upcycled  window with map

Then there’s this one that I painted yellow and I taped a map to the back of  as part of a Pretty and Frugal Mantel Makeover.

ways to use old windows - a garden conservatory made from old windows

This is the garden conservatory that my husband made for me out of windows.

ways to use old windows - old window frame with a planter box attached

And this is the window box that he made for me with just the frame of a window.

So as you can see – I’ve used old windows in many ways!

Here are some other ideas that I like for repurposing windows.

ways to use old windows -  make a headboard with 4 old windows

How about making a headboard with some old windows like these from Liz Marie Blog

ways to use old windows - repurposed window as wall art from House of Smiths

This window has been repurposed into a wall art with the addition of a peel and stick decal by House of Smiths

ways to use old windows - window upcycled into a chalkboard/memo board

This old window is now both a chalkboard and memo board! What a great idea! via  Wonderfully Made

ways to use old windows - an old window frame upcycled into a jewelry organizer

I need something like this for my earrings! Jewelry display from The Borrowed Abode. She has a great tutorial on how to make one.

greenhouse made of windows

I would LOVE it if my husband made me this greenhouse. I need to collect a few more windows to make this project happen!

ways to use old windows - upcycled window into shelf

I also really love this idea from Post Road Vintage. It seems easy to do and I might make both bottom squares into chalkboards or bulletin boards.

There are tons of ideas out there for upcycling old windows so be sure to hang onto yours if your getting new ones or pick them up when you see them for free!

For more repurposing ideas be sure to check out my  Upcycle/Repupose Pinterest Board

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You and your husband came up with some great ideas for those windows. We had lots of windows after my hubby replaced our old wooden ones with new ones, but then he burned them! Now we could kick ourselves for not holding on to them (:

This makes me want to hoard old windows. Something that I’ve never done before. How many have you saved toward that greenhouse? That would be amazing!

Love what you’ve done with the windows, Manuela. The first one (cabinet door) is so pretty with it’s decorative carving and the toile fabric.


People will be looking at YOUR ideas, I really love the first one. I love the detail on it. So many great things to do with an old window. I would love to have something in my garden!

Love your first one pictured, Manuela! Such an interesting detail at the top. I did an old window over once, many years ago. I had mine mirrored and then added some wood embellishments to the front. It was something that went the first time we listed our house and did a clear out.

Lots of great ideas. I have seen several of the jewelry displays before and have thought about trying one myself, but don’t have a good place to hang one.
High only suppose to be about 80 today! 🙂
Enjoy your weekend.

Love all the good window re-uses! I have a cold frame made from some old windows (but they are not charming windows by any means, lol).

We are having a little cool down here in Memphis — lows in the 60’s and high of only 80 — good working in the garden weather, which I desperately need to do, and good festival-going weather, which our suburban town is having today.

I love the ways you’ve used all the old windows. And the inspiration photos are great, too. Especially the jewelry hanger. I need a few of those. 🙂 Hope your day is a good one. Tammy

Wonderful ideas, both from what you have made and others.

I particularly like that last window, perhaps because of my passion for blue Ball jars?

I need to keep my eye open for old windows!

We finally have had enough good rains to put a dent in the drought. Not enough for this year’s garden (except some of the flowers) but it will be good going into winter with the flora and fauna having a good water base. The creeks and rivers are still low but much higher than they were.

I love what you did with these windows. I especially love the first one with the toile. They are simply beautiful.

This why I save some cabinet doors from kitchen when we had them redone. To repurpose. I just posted one that I did with a graphic and chalk paint.


All so wonderful 🙂 I have been using some old windows for cold frames in the garden. Not nearly as pretty as yours! But I’ve been able to harvest my lettuce past the frost.

Good evening, great projects. I really like your yellow toile one as well as the one with the HOME letters on top.
Would you believe I already had some the weathered wood look scrapbook paper in my stash? I found it last week when I was making a banner for the grands toy room.

How fortunate you are to have a husband that helps you with your projects. My husband usually is too.

I am pretty sure I will be starting a new blog, will let you know.

I love to see other bloggers family pictures and I used to think not posting pictures was just a little too protective but I do not think that anymore at all! You have been smart all along.

I have some old windows too. I’ve been able to use most of them by now, but I’m still always looking for great ideas. I don’t think any on the net are any prettier than the way you use yours. I love that yellow toile backed one the best.

I love old windows. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. I have enough windows to do a small greenhouse, just have to finish my one thousand other projects first 🙂

You certainly have some good ideas and great projects with your own windows.
I like the last project you chose for inspiration… that shelf attached and chalkboard is a wonderful idea.
I don’t have any windows for a green house…right now I’m working on getting some doors for a small tool shed/potting area off the side of my back porch… we love our old architectural pieces don’t we?


Beautiful! I love the cabinet door! I have a few old windows around the house. But, I never thought about backing them with fabric. I think a trip to the fabric store is in order!

Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper

I LOVE old windows. When I wanted one for a tassel display at a craft show, I looked EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t find one to save my life. 🙂 So, I had my husband build one. I liked it so much I had him put it in my living room. I love it! I love all of yours, especially the one that was a cabinet door.

I love old windows…I’ve had one for years that I haven’t done a thing with yet! In fact, it’s still sitting in my garage. It weighs a ton, because it still has the glass in it. So if I were to hang it, it’d better be a permanent place because it’s going to need anchors in the wall! And with the way I change things around, well…

You can see why I haven’t done anything with it yet. 🙂 I suppose I could do something with it and lean it on a wall. Hmm, you have my creative wheels spinning.

I absolutely love that window with the yellow & white toilet print in your guest room. How did you attach the fabric? Also, it looks like that guest room wall is gorgeous…I see some pretty blue things sticking out in the picture. 🙂 Could you share a picture of that wall with us sometime?

Manuela, you’ve made all your old windows look so cute. I love the map idea! The window box planter looks great on the barn, btw. You always have such fun decorating ideas. 🙂

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