I Painted Stripes In My Hallway!

I’ve been wanting to paint a  focal wall in  my bedroom with stripes but I thought I’d better try it on a smaller wall first and I’m glad I did. Painting stripes is hard and I only painted 3 wide stripes! But I love how it turned out!

A Cultivated Nest How to paint  horizontal stripes on a wall

I used what I had as far as paint is concerned. The base coat is the yellow of living room/hallway and then I used the white from my kitchen for the other stripes.

mirror painted in Rust-Oleum Lagoon

The mirror looks sort of navy in these photos  but it’s really more turquoise. I painted it with Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover (paint & primer) in satin. The color is Lagoon.

The end of this hallway used to be a deep brown with a big mirror at the end and sign over the mirror. I totally forgot to take a before photo so this is from a post about my cross gallery wall.

hallway before I painted stripes at the end

Here’s the after. I LOVE it! It looks so fresh and the stripes actually make the space feel wider.

A Cultivated Nest How to Paint Horizontal Stripes On A Wall

How To Paint Horizontal Stripes On A Wall:

Step 1: To paint stripes on a wall, you’re going to first paint the wall a solid color that you want one of the sets of stripes to be or use your existing wall color like I did.

Step 2:  Next is the hard part! The measuring and taping! To decide the width of your stripes, measure the total height of the wall from the ceiling to the base molding and divide by however many stripes you want in total. I like the way odd numbers look, but that’s up to you. You will probably have to fudge a bit and make the bottom stripe a little larger than the rest of your stripes (which is what I did and you can’t tell) to get it to all work out.
taping off horizontal stripes on a wall
Step 3.   Use a level to make sure your stripes are nice and straight and level and mark off your stripes with a pencil or chalk. Then use a good painters  tape to tape  off your stripes. Press the painters tape down with a credit card to make sure it’s adhered well to the wall. All this prepping to paint is the hardest most time consuming part of this project!
painting stripes on a wall

Step 4. Dry brush using very little paint and LIGHTLY coat the edges of your stripe where the painter’s tape is with the base color. Let this dry and then use a roller to paint the rest of your stripe. I didn’t have any bleed through doing it this way and got nice straight lines.

yellow and white stripes painted on a wall

Step 5. When you’re finished painting peel the painters tape off the wall before it’s totally dry and peel it at an angle.

A Cultivated Nest: How to Paint Horizontal Stripes On A Wall

I really love the way it looks but I’m going to have to give it some time before I try doing a larger wall!

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  1. says

    It’s gorgeous! I’d love to try it, but not sure I have your nerve. Did you go back and link up again at Tweak It? Inlinkz has changed up their dashboards and it is really confusing. I about had ten kinds of a fit!

  2. says

    You did good! Sure like the color on the mirror frame. I am not brave enough to attempt stripes, as I don’t do well on a one color wall – don’t like to paint. 😀
    Enjoy your evening.

  3. Vee says

    What a Great Wall to practice on because it sure adds punch to the hall! Looks terrific!

  4. says

    I love how crisp these look Manuela! I can see how they would have been a lot of work, but it certainly paid off since this is the wall that stands out at the end of the hall. I love this!

  5. says

    I love the change the stripes made in your hallway. If I didn’t have a floor to ceiling linen closet at the end of mine, I would do the same.

  6. says

    Love the stripes! I can see how much work it was though. You’re brave – and ambitious! You have the exact hallway we do…long and narrow with the bedrooms (and bathroom?) off to the sides.

  7. says

    Ohhhh Manuela! I love the strips! What difference they make to your hallway! And the mirror is just perfect in the space as well.

    They are a lot of work, but the result is wonderful!

  8. says

    LOVE the stripes! I love the yellow and white. I was thinking of doing my powder room but I might reconsider and just do an accent wall. I am inspired!!

  9. says

    This turned out really nice.
    I like the tutorial you gave… I learned something from it.
    I’ve never EVER heard that you need to dry brush the painters tape with the base coat before painting the stripes of the other color.
    It makes total sense and I be it made it so much nicer.
    the mirror is a pretty color too.
    great project. ~Pat