Christmas Decorations in My Dining Room

I shared with you the top shelf I decorated for Christmas in my black china cabinet that’s in my dining room  here and today I want to show you what I did with the rest of it. But first, my chandelier.
Chandelier with mercury glass ornaments
I hung a few little mercury glass ornaments from it and called it done.

Vintage Chandelier

On to my little dining room china cabinet

white pitchers with Christmas greenery

I have some white pitchers on top of the cabinet which I filled with a bit of greenery and a little pine tree from Home Depot. The apple painting is one I found thrifting long ago.

bottle brush Christmas wreath

On the front I have a vintage looking bottle brush wreath which I attached a Christmas ornament that says “Peace”. The wreath is from Target I don’t know what year. I didn’t really like their Christmas selection this year (which is just as well). I think their Christmas department is waaay smaller than it’s ever been.

The top shelf most of you saw last week so I’ll skip to the middle shelf.

Christmas Silhouette

The middle shelf has a sweet silhouette painted by Suzanne @ Pear Tree Primitives which I got from her many years ago so I don’t know if she currently has any available. I also put some of my favorite vintagey glittered ornaments in a little soup tureen.

Christmas silhouette plates

On the bottom are some black and white Christmas silhouette plates

Merry Christmas Ornament

and a little soup tureen filled with some ornaments.

black china cabinet

As you can see it really is a little china cabinet! Since I get asked all the time, the harlequin paper in the back of the cabinet is Christmas gift wrap. I got it from Hobby Lobby years ago so I have no idea if it’s something they still carry.

Christmas Silhouettes

I tend to use lots of whites, silvers and glittery things in my dining room at Christmas because there’s quite a bit of black in there and I like the contrast.

Christmas dining room decorating ideas

I just have a few more little Christmas touches to show you next week cause I am done! Done with my Christmas shopping and done with my Christmas decorating!!! Which is good because I’ve been painting my kitchen in all this madness! I want to have that done in another week or so.

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    • Manuela says

      Thanks Kathy! I’ve had those little mercury glass ornaments for years. I always enjoy ornaments in bowls. Like you say, it’s simple yet looks festive.

  1. says


    I’ll say it again … please come to my house to decorate. I’ll house & feed you each season. I have lots of stuff collected that I’m sure you can turn into beautiful decorations.

    Note: I re-inforced my homemade grape vine wreaths this afternoon, for creating that front door snowman. I will post pics Sunday night. I’m such a copycat.

    • Manuela says

      LOL! Well that would work for me. I don’t really like to cook and I’d rather decorate any day than cook.

      Can’t wait to see your wreath snowman!

  2. says

    Ooh, you have such a beautiful chandelier. Reminds me of one of the ones my grandmother used to have. I love your little black china cabinet and how you’ve decorated it for Christmas. Everything is just beautiful. I also like your idea of using gift wrap on the back walls of the china cabinet. I need to do that with mine (I have a small china cabinet, also). Now I’ll have to be on the lookout for paper that will go well in my kitchen!

  3. says

    I always love your Christmas decorations! The harlequin pattern is perfect as a backdrop in your cabinet. I have lots of mercury glass as well and have mostly been decorating with fresh greens mixed with my mercury glass. I love it too.

  4. Vee says

    Yes, the silver and black does look very nice together. I’m particularly loving what you did with your light. Very elegant.

  5. says

    Your dining room looks beautiful. I love that vintage looking wreath. Such a busy time of year but you are painting your kitchen and your ready for Christmas! Amazing. :)

    • Manuela says

      I did about 90% of my shopping online – so it was easy. We scaled back the Christmas decorating so that didn’t take too much time and my kitchen isn’t big and has very little wall space – it and the bathrooms are the easiest rooms to paint in this house!

  6. says

    Love what you have done with the place:) I have that same black and white paper from Hobby Lobby after Christmas! I have used it SO many times wrapping gifts ALL year long, adding some bright ribbons… gorgeous! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  7. Vanessa says

    Hi, Manuela

    I love all the details in your dining room. My fav is the china cabinet, lovely. I enjoyed catching up on your lovely blog. Have a great weekend.


  8. says

    Beautiful of course!@ I love all the black and white and silver. Sparkles make me jhappy:>)…which is why today, I am bustling around sparkling up my house for Christmas too!

  9. says

    Your tiny china cabinet is lovely with the vintage items and everything else! I adore the black and white silhouette Christmas dishes, they’re very unique.
    Everything looks wonderful, dear lady!
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Patti says

    Your dining room is beautiful, Manuela! I was especially drawn to the silhouette of the nativity. Is that vintage or something you made? I’m green with envy that you are done decorating/shopping. I’m only half done with each!

  11. says

    So pretty and lovely! I adore the mix of glittery ornaments with your decor. The silhouette plates are just beautiful! They really make your whole scene.