French Grain Sack Planter

Here’s a really easy Christmas decoration project that I made. I think it looks great with my pretty poinsettia but it would work for any time of year and with basically any graphic and any plant!

Easy project for Christmas or any time! DIY French Grain Sack Planter

This French Grain Sack Planter is a very quick project. I think it took me about 20 minutes! It’s simple but adds a little wow factor to an inexpensive planter.

ikea planter

Easy Christmas Decorating Idea

I used the freezer paper method to transfer an image from the Graphics Fairy onto this plain white planter that I got from Ikea this summer.  It would have been much easier if I had chosen something with a smoother surface!! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that!

Gotta love the Graphics Fairy! She even reversed the image already so all you have to do is transfer it it to your item. You can find the French Grain Sack Printable Here

freezer paper image transfer

The Graphics Fairy has a such a good step by step tutorial on how to transfer images using the Freezer paper method that I don’t think I need to repeat it. There are other ways but the method I used is #4 on the Graphics Fairy list of transfer method tutorials  here.

planter with poinsettia A Cultivated Nest

The only thing I did that wasn’t mentioned in the tutorial was I sprayed  it with a coat of sealer because the ink wouldn’t dry (might be what the planter was painted with).


Just like mums say “fall”, poinsettias say “Christmas” to me! I wish I could plant these outside like I do my mums.

French grain sack planter and poinsettias

I love how it looks next to my faux fireplace.

Hope you enjoyed this sweet and simple project! Give it a try!

DIY Christmas Decoration idea - French Grain Sack Freezer Paper Transfer Method

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  1. says

    Love your planter, Manuela! The red of the poinsettia just pops against the white, too. I’m decorating today, too. I DO have to cook today since my daughter hosted Thanksgiving, but I’m going to keep it simple so I can get back to decorating. I’d love to have it all done by the end of the weekend so I can enjoy it longer!

  2. says

    that turned out great! I love these quick projects that look expensive. I even have a big old cream painted metal container this would be good on too.
    No projects going on here yet, still have company.
    and I looking forward to the turkey dinner leftovers we will have tonight for supper- I will just set all the leftovers out, and everyone can dip up and microwave their own plate.

  3. says

    Simply Beautiful! Thank you for giving us the
    site for the printable.. Graphic Fairy always has
    the best things…
    Your Poinsettia is so perfect by the fireplace and
    I’m happy to say “I can plant mine out back each
    year”.. Florida is perfect for those as I have several
    that are the size of tall bushes.
    Lovely photos also
    Happy Holidays

    • Manuela says

      Oh you lucky thing! Well, you know it was 72 here on Thanksgiving. Our weather is becoming warmer and staying warmer longer. Now if we just didn’t get the freezes that we do, I might chance it! Poinsettias as big as tall bushes sounds just wonderful! Do they die down or do you have them all year?

  4. Vee says

    No shopping for me as I was preparing Thanksgiving II; however, my daughter-in-law was out all night until 10 this morning. Brave soul.

    I didn’t eat pumpkin pie for dessert…in fact, I just tossed the pumpkin pie. I tried a new recipe and we all hated it. It was just taking up valuable real estate in the fridge. This should be a lesson to me…make only the tried and true.

    Poinsettias are wonderful and I like the good old-fashioned red ones, too. Your white planter is terrific and looks so elegant there by the mantel.

  5. says

    What a pretty poinsettia! Great job on the planter! I agree – poinsettias say Christmas. I also stayed in today and did a bit of decorating and I do mean a bit. Needed to work on some gifts. :/
    Yep – I had lemon cake for breakfast. 😀
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. says

    Manuela, yes the poinsettias are actual bushes and
    the flowers do die down after January but the bush
    looks a bit droopy for the rest of the year without
    them… then by some surprise early October we
    see the tips of the leaves starting to turn yellow
    and then red.. really amazing.
    Thanks for your reply and have a great shopping
    week, or two, or

  7. says

    Hi Manuela,
    Oh, you’ve done it again! Your post is simply wonderful and so full of helpful information. I have yet to try this method and am just itching to do so. My cousin who owned an antiques shop for several years just gave me three old vintage sap buckets from Vermont. I think they are just begging for a pretty new face, don’t you?
    thanks so much for the inspiration!
    Carolynn xo

  8. says

    I don’t do the shopping thing after Thanksgiving either. Or after Christmas for that matter. Hate the crowds. Love your little project! Judy brought me a poinsettia today. They were 99 cents at Home Depot.

  9. says

    Hi Manuela!
    Love to stay home and chill out after a day of ‘stuffing’!
    I shopped once on Black Friday years ago…when my kids were little. I learned my lesson… I stay home now.
    I just love your fireplace–the candles and poinsettia are so pretty…reflecting in that mirror. Cute project.

    -Take care. Pat

  10. says

    Sooo cute Manuela…you are so clever…I’d never have thought to do a transfer directly onto the planter! It looks so professional. You’ve inspired me to think outside the box now…regarding the transfer onto three dimensional items! Like you, I never do black Friday. I’m not a crowds girl and, because I shop all year round for Christmas, we’re almost done with all our holiday shopping. I do need to do a bit of wrapping though…and I’ll wait until closer to Christmas (when the prices often drop significantly) to round out my shopping and/or add a need or want under the tree as a surprise (such as robes and slippers, wallets and purses and the like).
    Hope you enjoyed your no cooking day and thank you…as always…for the inspiration!

  11. says

    Love this project, and your flowers are gorgeous! I only went to one store on Black Friday (World Market), and then came right back home, which was so nice. I have been decorating like crazy, and yes, I just had pie for lunch :) Looking forward to your holiday decorations!

  12. says

    Love your beautiful planter and the contrast between the white and poinsettias. Pumpkin pie sounds really good for breakfast; I’ve done that myself a few times.

  13. says

    Even your “quick fixes” are always so beautiful. :-)

    No shopping for me this weekend, except sending my hubby out for a few needed everyday things at Home Depot and Wal-Mart.

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