Easy DIY Quote Wall Art

I’ve seen this idea for making your own typographic wall art  around for a few years and have been wanting to try it.

Easy DIY Typography Wall Art

I decided to choose a saying that would be good for Thanksgiving and all year round really.

diy typography art A Cultivated Nest


Letter stickers, paint (spray or craft) and an old painting from the thrift store or one you no longer want since you’re going to paint over it.

step 1 diy art


1. I used this really cheap (and not so attractive) painting  from the thrift store!

step 2

2. Layout your quote. I used stickers from Office Depot. Handmade art doesn’t have to be perfect so don’t feel like you have to have everything lined up. But if you like  you can draw out your horizontal lines so you have a straight line for the next step.

step 3

3. Stick your letters onto your piece of art.

step 4

4. Paint your piece – right over the letters you just stuck on. I used spray paint but you can also use craft paint.

step 5

5. Let your masterpiece dry and then carefully remove the stickers. The colors of the painting will show through where you placed your letter stickers.

Gratitude Equals Abundance - A Cultivated Nest

I wanted to do “Gratitude Is An Attitude” but I didn’t have enough T’s!

ceramic turkey - A Cultivated Nest

Just a little something I made for Thanksgiving but I did it in colors that would work for me all year long.

Some tips:

-You could also use a blank canvas and paint stripes of whatever color you want to show through or decoupage book pages or sheet music to a canvas.  Or paint the canvas one color before you stick your letters on  so that your letters are all one color for a less colorful look.

-You could use varying sizes of letters for a subway art look

-I tried this project at first with a print and some of the paper lifted off when I  removed the stickers. So be careful when removing your stickers if you’re not using a painting.

diy quote wall art - A Cultivated Nest

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  1. says

    I LOVE this! You are so amazing and creative. I happen to have JUST the picture that I can do this with. Thank you for giving me the idea! I was just going to give it away.

    I have two questions for you: 1) I have pinned some of your stuff on pinterest and can’t remember if I asked your permission or not, so I’m just asking if it’s o.k. to pin you?

    2) Did you get your couch from Ikea? I remember you had white slipcovers and wondered if you got them from Ikea? I was just wondering if it’s o.k. to bleach the white slipcovers. Thanks so much in advance for your help!

  2. says

    I love this idea! What a great way to repurpose an outdated painting. Gratitude Equals Abundance is a great quote for the season. Have a wonderful week. Tammy

  3. Debbie says

    OK, that is just fabulous, and I just HAVE to try it. I was so surprised as I saw the process. The stuff people dream up. I mean, really…

  4. says

    Cute idea and easy project. This would definitely be something my teenagers might like to do, creating something for their bedrooms. I like the choice of words as well.

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