My Christmas China Cabinet

Christmas china cabinet decorating idea. Bottle brush trees, glitter houses, red and aqua color scheme

How are you doing with your Christmas decorating? I’m late in decorating for Christmas! We don’t have room to totally unpack everything so trying to find the box you need with the stuff you need is like playing a game of Tetris in the garage! We did put up our tree and a few other little things that I’ll share with you soon. But today I wanted to show you guys my china cabinet that I decorated for Christmas. I really love it! Like I said it was a challenge and I honestly wanted to just run to Hobby Lobby (which is… [Read More]

10 Amazing DIY Dollar Store Holiday Decorations

10 DIY Dollar Store Holiday Decorations

You don’t have to spend a lot to have a pretty home! You just have to be creative and think about how you can use items in different ways. Here’s some inspiration to help you create beautiful Christmas decor on a budget – DIY Dollar Store Holiday Decorations! Here are some frugal ways to decorate for Christmas! 10 Amazing DIY Dollar Store Holiday Decorations  Wine Glass Dollar-Store Holiday Dioramas from Pop Sugar. Aren’t these just so pretty and all made with items found at the dollar store! DIY Dollar Store Berry Wreath from That’s What {Che} Said – this wreath looks… [Read More]

Sweet & Simple Projects: Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornament

Easy to make pipe cleaner Christmas tree ornament

Are you in the mood for some easy holiday crafting? If so, give this cute and inexpensive to make pipe cleaner Christmas tree ornament a try. This is #2 of my Sweet & Simple DIY Projects series. You can make your own pipe cleaner tree ornament using a just a few simple materials, and the end result is a sweet little tree ready to hang on your real Christmas tree. This is a great craft to do with kids! Here is how you can get started crafting your own ornament! Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornament Supplies needed: Stick (about 6 inches in… [Read More]

My First Garden Project At The New House

How to make a transitional fall & Halloween Planter

One of my neighbors said that I can expect about 100 kids on Halloween! In our last neighborhood no one went trick or treating so this will be a (hopefully) fun experience. Anyway, I was going to change out one of the planters in the front of the house to fall flowers but I thought I’d do a little something special for the trick or treaters! So I made a Halloween planter but it’ll be easy to transition it to just a fall planter by removing a few things and I can even dress it up for Christmas. Here’s how… [Read More]

Sweet & Simple Projects: DIY Burlap Gingham & Wheat Napkin Ring

DIY burlap gingham & wheat napkin ring. Perfect for your Thanksgiving table!

I’m going to be doing a new series for the rest of the year featuring projects/crafts that are really easy to do called Sweet & Simple Projects. The first project is a DIY napkin ring that’s perfect for fall! It’ll add a beautiful touch to your table for the simplest of dinners or an elaborate Thanksgiving meal! You can make one napkin ring in under 4 minutes so this is a pretty fast craft as well! DIY Burlap, Gingham & Wheat Napkin Ring Supplies Needed: burlap wired gingham ribbon (I used red cause that’s my favorite but black or any… [Read More]

Scrapbook Paper Fall Wreath & Moving Update

Fall scrapbook paper wreath

Hi everyone! I wanted to show you a scrapbook paper wreath I made for a little neighbor get together before I pack it up! Michael’s had scrapbook paper on sale for 7 for $1.00! I always stock up when the price is low! Buying at the lowest possible price for future use works with not just food! We had a few neighbors over to say goodbye before my house got piled high with boxes. So I broke out a bin of fall stuff since it’s easy to put back. This wreath cost me less than $2 to make since the… [Read More]

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