November 23, 2014

Christmas Chalkboard Printables

Don’t you just love chalkboards! I do too.  But it’s time consuming to try to write on them in different fonts and add other embellishments so I was so happy to find some free Christmas Chalkboard printables.

Christmas Chalkboard Printables

I found 5 free beautiful Christmas Chalkboard printable at Nest of Posies.  She makes it very easy to either just print them off her site or you can download them.

Christmas Chalkboard Printable

These are sized to print 8×10 and I printed mine on some cardstock but regular printer paper is fine too.

Christmas Chalkboard Printable

This is such an inexpensive Christmas decorating idea!

Christmas Chalkboard Printable

I’m so grateful to all the ladies who take the time to make all the different printables that are available. I think there’s a free printable available for any holiday or occasion. Be sure to visit  Nest of Posies to see the other Chalkboard Printables she had. It was hard to choose just one – they’re all fantastic!

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  1. How lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  2. That’s really lovely! What an easy way to make some nice inexpensive gifts for someone or decor for the house.

  3. Those are super…so you just downloaded hers and printed it off and framed it?

    • No, I printed mine off her site. She gives you the option to either download it or click on a link that just prints it. I guess the download is if you wanted to manipulate it to make it bigger or smaller. I rarely download these types of things. Most people give you the option to just print it.

  4. Looks great! A very pretty vignette – perfect for the red table. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
    Wet and cool here today and gonna get colder in another day or two.

  5. This is great! I think this would make a great gift too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I downloaded those myself, Manuela! I love the look of that chalkboard art but can’t execute it. I actually tried for a bigger size and sent it to CVS to print to an 11 x 14, so hopefully it came out okay. I’ll know tomorrow when I pick it up.

  7. Great idea Manuela… I am loving your color themes . I haven’t done a thing yet, barring the two wreaths on our kitchen window. I did pull the lights out last week to access the situation…but I don’t think that counts. ;)


  8. So pretty! I can’t do the writing on my own (looks like a first grader did it) so the graphics are wonderful!

  9. Hi Manuela!
    Forgive me if this is a duplicate as I wrote another post and it disappeared somehow! I’m on the iPad and not quite used to it. Just wanted to say how pretty your decorations are!
    Tracey xox

    • Thank you Tracey! Your other comment came through. I think it was waiting for moderation. Maybe you used an email addy you don’t normally use? Normally you only have to be approved by me once and then all your comments go through.

  10. oh goodness! everything looks fabulous! and if i do say so myself, that chalkboard print looks pretty fab as well! ;)

    thanks for the shout out!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing, Manuela…I’ve already printed one out!

  12. Thanks girlie! I love this idea! Going to search them out:) Have a blessed Sunday, HUGS!

  13. I made one and used double sided tape to adhere it to a mirror. It looks GORGEOUS, even my husband stopped to admire it (that is a big deal).

    I’ll put a picture of mine in the next MY Home This Week.

    • That’s become one of my favorite posts! Maybe after the new year I’ll join you if I can get it together enough to actually to remember to take photos throughout the week (that aren’t part of blog posts).

      Can’t wait to see Chalkboard printable!

  14. question–is all the black part black ink or what? Do you print it on white paper?

  15. Love it in the yellow frame!

  16. What a time saving idea!! And so perfect for gift-giving. Thanks for sharing with us.


  17. I really love this because it’s also neater than anything I could do.

  18. Thanks for the tip Manuela! I like to use chalk pens that I got at Michaels. Much brighter colors. Mimi

  19. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I just printed one for myself and thanked her also, mentioning you.