November 23, 2014

How Many Garden Cherubs are Too Many?

Yesterday the skies were clear and the sun was out! So I took a stroll through the garden to see what’s poppin.

concrete garden statue

I made an interesting discovery. I have quite a few cherubs in my garden!

concrete garden cherub

For some reason I wasn’t aware.  I guess because normally most of them are partially hidden by rose bushes, tree branches or flowers.

recycled windows into a little greenhouse

Some of you may remember when Chippy came to live in my garden. He seems pretty happy hanging out in his garden conservatory.

cherub statue in garden

I think I need to start buying some other kinds of garden statue….

concrete garden bunny

Like bunnies! Although…if you look closely…he looks kind of mad. Must still be miffed about that ear thing….

angel statue in garden

But seriously,

Garden statues are a good way to add character to your garden.

They are another way for you to express your personality when decorating your outdoor space! There’s a huge assortment to choose from.  You can go from formal to whimsical and everything in between.  Greek statues, gargoyles, dragons, faeries, ducks, bears, turtles, dogs, religious statues, there’s  truly something for everyone.

cherub statue in birdbath

I just seem to be drawn to cherubs!

Do you have any decorative garden statues?


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  1. I like cherubs too:) You have some beautiful garden art. Since I have eclectic taste, the side of my yard is decorated differently than the front. Since you can’t see one from the other it all works. Thanks for sharing. Your yard looks beautiful even in the Winter…mine not so much. lol
    ~Debra xxx

    • Thank you Debra. Well we haven’t had much of a winter and it’s been so warm things are starting to bud and the grass is greening up!


  2. I did, in our old house, Manuela! I wound up leaving them behind, especially since I don’t really have a garden here at the new place. I loved placing some of mine just so you could see a peek of them when you looked.

  3. Your garden is another extension of you….another space to decorate. Cheers to your cherubs.

  4. I like your cherubs – I have several in my courtyard. I have seen some beautiful very large statues I would love to have, but walk off when I see the price.
    Thanks for stopping by. Glad the jar did not land on its side. I have a feeling the mess would have been a lot worse.
    Enjoy your evening.

  5. Your cherubs are very nice. I have one cherub on a birdbath, one rabbit, a turtle, and one little girl reading on a bench. Obviously, not enough statuary. Enjoy that warm weather.

  6. You have some charming statuary. I have always wanted a cherub, but have not gotten one yet. I have two bunnies and a rooster.

  7. Oh, dear…I only have one St. Christopher. I do need to ck Craig’s List and see if I might pick up a few. I prefer the chipped, olden ones over the shiny new….:))
    ox bj

  8. I have some cement bird and rabbits that I like to tuck in unexpected places. I think as long as you have spaces in your garden, it’s not too many of anything. Your cherubs are heavenly;>)

  9. Well, I think garden statuary are da bomb! I don’t have cherubs, per se, but I have a goodly number of bunnies and fairies, as well as a gnome or two, and an assortment of amusing (to me) garden signs, like “Mad Gardener” and “Better Gnomes and Gardens”. I noticed one of my bunnies is missing an ear also.

    • Oh no! Another bunny with a missing ear. Do you think it might be the gnomes? I have those too :)


  10. I love garden art and you have a great collection!

  11. Oh yes!…but actually when I left Charlotte – I left quite a few pieces in the yard for the new nester gal. EVEN MY GARDEN CONSERVATORY!!!!!!! It was just too big and tall for them to try to move it and they were talking of crating it…I said never mind…She was tickled pink. I will find some more windows and build another one day. but I do love cherubs and angels…inside and out. Can one have TOO many Manuela?? nah! xoxo

  12. I love cherubs also! I have only two garden statues currently and they are both women. :)

  13. Garden cherubs are so fun! They definitely give a garden personality. I have a Georgia Bulldog that adorns my rose garden, but I would love something a bit more elegant. Aren’t you just so ready for spring?

  14. Love the cherubs!
    I think the bunny is the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland Manuela, at his age he would be partially deaf by now anyway!
    Roll on Spring :o)
    Rose H

  15. I have lots of garden statues but not one cherub:( Gotta add one this Spring! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  16. I like them, yes, I do! I think the rabbit looks happy –the green around his face almost looks like a smile. I love gnomes and quirky things–but cherubs are delightful too.

  17. We used to have a sitting Buddha statue. But he fell over backwards and his head popped off!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  18. It looks like yours are just right! You really can’t have too many of something you love.

  19. I think cherubs are quite at home in a garden. I wish I had more- I only have one and a big angel.

  20. Hi Manuela! Thanks for visiting and check back for the updates! LOL! I love your statuary and they’re big ones! I don’t have anything real big but I usually grab anything I see that is cheap! I did find a cement statue place in a town not too far from here and I purchased a new St. Francis statue (I’m not catholic but I love animals and so did he). I have a blue knome and a mushroom. I used to have a little farm and so much of my garden decorations are old farm tools and implements. But I love yours….they are beautiful! I especially love the rabbit! He looks like he stepped right out of Alice in Wonderland! Have a nice evening.