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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Quesadillas

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Quesadillas

  • Author: A Cultivated Nest


Just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean you have to have an unhealthy breakfast. Instead, make these quick and healthy breakfast quesadillas!


  • Small flour tortillas
  • Peanut butter (or almond butter, or nut-free alternative)
  • Fresh mixed berries, washed and sliced
  • Chocolate chips


  1. Lightly grease a sauté pan with butter or oil and turn your burner to medium heat. Or pre-heat your quesadilla maker.
  2. Spread a Tablespoon or two of peanut butter on two tortillas.
  3. Arrange a handful of berries onto one peanut butter tortilla.
  4. Top with about 10 chocolate chips.
  5. Place the second peanut butter tortilla peanut butter side down onto the fruit filled tortilla.
  6. Cook both sides until lightly browned, slice, and enjoy your healthy breakfast quesadilla!