Fall Book Page Wreath & Some Pumpkin Ideas

Hi everyone! I did some fall decorating in my living room. I made a fall book page wreath and the tutorial is at the end of the post. I also have some pumpkin decorating ideas.

DIY fall book page wreath
Book page wreaths have been around for quite some time and I just gave mine a little fall spin.

fal lbook page wreath
I’ve been wanting to make one. So I made one last night to relax and just work on something for fun for a change.

altered pumpkins
I also made a little pumpkin display using mostly pumpkins that I did years ago. I added some silver pumpkins this year which I just painted with an inexpensive bottle of silver metallic craft paint. The crown is a stick on decal. The design on the large white pumpkin is from a rub-on. 
I bought two of these gingham fabric pumpkins at Target’s Dollar Spot (these are actually $2.50 each). I took off the raffia and changed the ribbon.
Again, some silver metallic craft paint (splattered these with a bit of black to make them look a bit more like aged mercury glass) another crown decal and more rub-ons.

black and white pumpkins decorated with decals
All the pumpkins.
fall decorating idea
The wreath too.

I didn’t take photos of all the steps for making a book page wreath since there are already lots of tutorials available on how to make one. But to get you started, this is what I did:

How to make a fall book page wreath:

I used a plate to draw a circle on some foam core (I got mine from my daughter who’s an art student but you can get it at Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s, Hobby Lobby etc). You could also use poster board or even a cereal box or cardboard. It’s going to be covered so it doesn’t really matter.
step 2
I then used a utility knife to cut it out. I tore out some pages from an old paperback that I had (that I never finished reading because I didn’t like it – but you can find one at a thriftstore or garage sale). I folded the pages in a sort of loose accordian fashion and stapled the ends.
As you can see I drew another circle inside my form and I hot glued the folded pages around that circle and then continued with another circle inside that one and then another one inside that. Staggering the folded pages until the form was covered with pages.

coffeefilter rosettes
In the center I hot glued a flat coffee filter and in the center of that I glued a pinecone (a pumpkin would be cute too) and surrounded it with coffee filter rosettes. I hot glued some faux falls leaves in various places and some ribbon on the back so I could hang it.

It’s really an easy project and cost me nothing since I had everything required already. It was a fun project for me.

coffee filter center in book page wreath

The center had me stumped and I tried various things until I decided on the pinecone with the coffee filter rosettes.

But like I said, a pumpkin, a bat, or some other fall or Halloween themed item would be cute as well.

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  1. Ally's Corner says

    Always love what you do. I haven't done anything for fall yet and not sure I will. So busy with other stuff.
    Have a great day!!

  2. Richella says

    So cute, Manuela! i just love all your black and white pumpkins, and they look great with your book page wreath. Well done. I love the fact that you made that wreath to relax. That goes to show that you're really good at crafting things!

    Hope the work on the house is going well. Thanks for letting us know what you're up to! :)

  3. Connie says

    That is quite adorable and I plan on making one, sugar. I have no idea where I'll put it in this house because we downsized 5 years ago from 5,000 s.f. to 1800 s.f. and I ran out of room just after moving in! Squeeeeal!!!

    Anyway, I read your "About me" page and know exactly what you're going through physically. I did a flip, accidentally, and damaged my ham string and adductors and abductors in the groin area. Why was an old lady doing a flip?! I didn't mean to but a cable got in my way and over I went. Hubby, of course, laughed just after I asked him if anyone saw it. "Only the guy in the car next to us" was his reply. I wanted to knee-cap him also.

    Anyway, love the wreath. I'm in physical therapy 3x a week for 4 weeks so I know your agony, chickee. Whining…..


  4. Marla @ Always Nesting says

    If I had half your decorating talent, I'd feel like a queen! You always have the best ideas, the best crafts, and real projects that look soooooo goood.

  5. Lee Laurie says

    I love your book wreath. But your pumpkins are my favorites. I really love the way that you decorate. I love all the warm colors. Happy fall!!!

    Hugs,Lee Laurie

  6. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Love the wreath, Manuela! I think I have everything on hand to make one, too, and maybe I'll give that a try. Love your pumpkins. I did a few white ones last year with some stencils and crown stickers, too. Such an easy and quick project. Nice idea with the silver ~ I wouldn't have thought to do that color, but it does work with that mercury glass look that is so popular {and still will be this holiday season according to the sneak peeks Pottery Barn sent me}.

    It's hard work getting your house ready to go on the market! It's amazing some of the maintenance items you have to take care of.

  7. Kay says

    I LOVE that wreath and being a book-freak, I need to make it! And that rosette…. I thought it would be difficult. Coffee filters?! Be still my Muse! We can do this! (I have pinecones out in yard.) I have silk leave… corn husks… ohmy…
    thanks dear for the awesome post/idea/muse-fodder!

  8. Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio says

    Love that wreath…I have wanted to try one. As usual, you have inspired me.

  9. Donna says

    Love the wreath! You are so creative!
    I purchased the coffee filters to make the wreath you made in another post. I hope eventually I will make one!

  10. Julie Harward says

    That is the cutest wreath and I love the pumpkins too…I can see that you have had a busy week…Happy Fall to you! 😀

  11. Debbie says

    I love that wreath!!! I am so interested in copying that. I also love the look of the black, white, and silver pumpkinn display. I tell ya… your stuff is just a treat for me to see. Fantastic!

  12. Lallee says

    I love this wreath more than any I've seen. I especially like how you folded the pages instead of making the cone shape. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  13. Kristi says

    Oh I just LOVE this wreath and thanks for showing us how you made it!!!
    And I know EXACTLY how you feel with getting things ready!!! I'm making a list of rooms that need touching up so I can get it done one by one without overwhelming myself!!!!

  14. Theresa says

    Oh Manuela, that wreath is GORGEOUS and looks like something even "little ole me" can do:)

    Gotta try making a wreath and I love your pumpkin display!

    Enjoy your day with the wallpaper… NOT, been there and it isn't fun!


  15. Lisa@Pickles and Cheese says

    I love this wreath and thanks so much for showing us how you did it. I was wondering if that center flower was made out of coffee filters. Love this!

  16. Shilo says

    So pretty, I'm dying to give this a try! :) I finally posted pics of my house this weekend, if you have time to sneak a peak! :)
    Have a great rest of your week and great job on all you are accomplishing behind the scenes! :)

  17. Yvonne @ StoneGable says

    Manuela, This is a project I will certainly do! Beautiful!
    I just made some pumpkins with decals… they are so much fun aren't they?

  18. Kathy says

    I love the whole vingette-So glad you posted and let us know what you were up to-Your dtg must have got her creative talent from her mama:-)

  19. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Love those pumpkins. I thought about doing some more this year, but like everything else, I have not got around it yet.

  20. Wendy Kidd says

    I love this entire display, and will be bookmarking your site.

    I definitely want to make this wreath, and the pumpkins too. Where did you find the crown decal?

  21. Bella says

    I have never seen that type of wreath, but I absolutely love it! What a wonderful idea. I am going to try to make one for fall. Thanks for sharing. And good luck with everything on the house. :)

  22. Leann says

    Hello My Sweet Friend

    That's what I love about you, even in your busiest of times, you are thinking about us – you friends. I love the silver with the splatter to look like mercury glass – awesome!!!

    Gotta run, I'm on lunch break!

  23. Anonymous says

    I have bookmarked many projects that I want to do someday, but this one has enraptured me enough to want to do it THIS weekend. Thank you!
    ::Nicole W.

  24. Cindy (Applestone Cottage) says

    Oh I just love this Manuela!
    Your wreath is so pretty and so is your pumpkin display!
    Love your creativity!

  25. Sandy J says

    Awesome! Absolutely Awesome! I remember my mom had a wreath made out of old computer punch cards or something. Not sure what they were but they were punched with a bunch of tiny holes. This project brings back that memory to me and I love the idea of the coffee filter – brilliant.

    I have to run home and do this.

  26. Linda says

    I love the wreath, also the pumpkins. I think I'm going to wait a while to put out my pumpkins. The groc. store has the pumpkins now so it really feels like fall.

  27. Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry says

    Book page wreaths are AWESOME…. THIS one however is the BEST, most BEAUTIFUL… ooops I just drooled on my keyboard!

  28. Annie's Online Store says

    i think you have done a fabulous job by decorating your home this way, wreath is wonderful and so are the pumpkins, lovely ideas and great results – buying these accesories is such fun but making them yourself does you proud

  29. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Very cute! I love your whole display. Those wreaths are really pretty, yours turned out great. I'm finally getting a little Fall up next week. I'm SO slow this time of year!

  30. Brenda Kula says

    Oh, you're good at this stuff! I've been thinking about you the past week, wondering how the preparing-for-moving is going. I've got to head to Target. Love gingham anything!

  31. Recycled Rita says

    That book wreath looks like a big bookie chrysanthimum! It is really pretty! And I love all your pumpkins! karen….

  32. Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ says

    You outdo yourself every time Manuela!!! The wreath AND the pumpkins are soooo cute!!! (Actually…everything is so pretty and charmingly autumn…uniquely Manuela.) You make them look surprisingly easy too!

  33. Miss Janice says

    I love the wreath. I saw those gingham pumpkins at Target and started to buy them. Only you could take them and make them so ultra chic! All your pumpkins are the best ever!

  34. This Old Country House says

    I love your style! Just found your blog & am overwhelmed with craftiness, you are so talented. Keep up the great work & I look forward to seeing more:)

  35. Marla @ Always Nesting says

    Manuela, I linked back to you in my latest post, fall mantel,and wanted to thank you for the wonderful inspiration.

  36. Gumbo Lily says

    I really like the paper wreath. I think I'll fiddle with that tonight. Thank you for more homey inspiration!


  37. bj says

    Everything looks amazing. I love your black and white, stacked pumpkins. I don't think our Target has these or at least, I haven't seen them. So cute.

  38. Jenni says

    Hi Manuela~

    I wanted to stop by and say hello! I didn't know you were selling your home! I hope getting it ready to sell is going well! :)

    I love the fall touches you added to the book wreath! And all of your pumpkins are amazing! I didn't see those adorable gingham pumpkins last time I was there…must check on that again! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

    {Beautiful Nest}

  39. Mona Kay at Home says

    Oh my gosh, I don't know which I love more, the pumpkins or the wreath!!! I have been looking for a wreath for weeks, & they're all the same, boring thing…I'm so excited to make yours!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  40. Melanie says

    Those pumpkins are great – I would've never thought to use rub-ons on white pumpkins. So creative and eye-catching!

  41. Kim says

    I don't know how you do it, Manuela, you can do something that's been done numerous times and make it so unique and yours that it's like seeing it new all over again. It's a gift, my friend.

  42. Rhondi says

    Hi Manuela
    You are amazing! In the midst of all the work you have to get your home ready to sell, you still find time to do new projects!
    I love the wreath and the pumpkins!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  43. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    how pretty! i am going to have to mosey over to target!

    thank you for sharing how to make the wreath. i sure could use a fun project! where do you learn how to make the coffee filter rosettes?

    i am having a giveaway that you may like…. a burlap runner!


  44. Gmama says

    Fun, Fabulous Finding your Blog!!! Some people just have natural crafting & decorating talent and you got it girlfriend!!! I'm new to Bloggy land and have decided to "Follow" you in all your crafting endeavors. Home is where my heart is and at age 57 & retired from 30+ yrs of teaching, I finally get to stay home!!
    Gmama Jane

    Visit me at http://www.grandmamasstories.blogspot.com

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