15 Kitchen Cleaning Tips You Need To Know!

15 Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in a house. As a result, it can easily become one of the dirtiest. But a kitchen needs to be kept clean to keep from contaminating your food and spreading nasty bacteria like salmonella. To help you do this, I’ve found 15 handy and helpful kitchen cleaning tips to help you clean even the most difficult areas of your kitchen!   15 Handy Kitchen Cleaning Tips 1. How to Clean Your Kitchen Cupboards Cupboards are one of those kitchen areas you can often forget to clean. After all, how would… [Read More]

How to Save Money on Clothing

Tips On How To Save Money On Clothing

Unless your thing is to run around in your birthday suit, clothing is one of those pesky must-have items in life. Unfortunately, clothes can be very expensive…especially if you have kids who keep outgrowing their old outfits. Luckily, there are quite a few things you can do to help yourself save money on clothing! Clothes get worn out after a while or maybe you’ve lost or gained weight. Dress yourself for less with these great tips! How to Save on Clothing 1. Host a Clothing Swap Gather up all the clothes your family has out-grown or no longer likes. Then get together… [Read More]

Summer Craft – Easy Fruit Banner

Easy fruit banner summer craft

Summer is a time of delicious fruit and veggies! Whether you’ve got a garden growing, or are visiting the plentiful farmers markets and grocery stores, you’re probably enjoying the variety of delicious foods that are in season! Celebrate this delicious season by making a cute and easy fruit banner! This simple craft would be fun to do alone while watching a movie, or it would be lots of fun to do with kids! Either way, the finished fruit banner is sure to look adorable in your home!   Easy Fruit Banner Summer Craft Materials: Scrapbook Paper Felt Sharp Scissors Hot Glue Ruler… [Read More]

Can You Coupon On Amazon? Sure You Can!

Can you coupon on Amazon? Sure you can!

If you are a couponer, you know the huge savings that you can get by using coupons. But sometimes you simply want the convenience of shopping online at places like Amazon. You may feel that you’re missing out on savings by not going to a store with your coupons, but that’s not true! Did you know that you can coupon on Amazon too? You can! Nowadays you can shop from the comfort of your home, and still use coupons! Can You Coupon On Amazon? Sure You Can! So you may be asking, how do you coupon on Amazon? Well it… [Read More]

Quick and Easy Black Bean Salsa


Summer is a busy, hot time, making it the perfect season for no-cook recipes! They don’t require you to heat up your kitchen with your oven or stove, and they often take very little time to make. A great example of such a recipe is black bean salsa! It’s very easy to make, and is very healthy! If you’re looking for a quick topping for a dish, or want an easy to make salsa recipe, then you should check out this recipe for Quick and Easy Black Bean Salsa! This recipe is a great to take to a bbq, picnic, or other summer… [Read More]

DIY Coconut & Lime Salt Scrub


There is still lots of summer left to enjoy- bbq’s, beach days, etc.. You will want to have healthy, glowing skin for all those pictures being uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, and in the family album! You don’t have to head to a fancy spa to get beautiful skin either- just whip up a batch of a skin sloughing and hydrating salt scrub like this one. My DIY  Coconut Lime Salt Scrub leaves your skin fresh, dewey, and ultra soft with very little effort and money. Just reach into your pantry and pull out a few items you likely already have on hand…. [Read More]

8 Things Frugal People Reuse To Save Money

8 Things Frugal People Reuse To Save Money

There are literally hundreds of ways to save money and reusing household items is not only thrifty but it’s also good for the earth. Many people are surprised that you can literally save hundreds per year just by incorporating simple changes into your daily routine. I have a great list of things that frugal people reuse to save money and I hope some of these will help save you  more money and give you a little more cushion in your budget! 8 Things Frugal People Reuse to Save Money 1. Glass Jars: Glass jars that come with a lid are… [Read More]

10 Inspiring Thrift Store Makeover Ideas


The saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” couldn’t be more true, especially when it comes to thrift store finds! You can find a lot of great furniture and decor items that are ready for use as soon as you get them home! Others may need some work to update them to fit into your decor. But for the amount you save by doing a simple DIY, it’s worth it! Check out these 10 Inspiring Thrift Store Makeover Ideas to help you figure out what to do with your great thrift store finds! 10 Inspiring Thrift Store Makeover Ideas… [Read More]

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