August 30, 2014

Cute Things You Can Make From Placemats

Cute things you can make with placemats

Not only are placemats inexpensive but often they are made from beautiful materials. They are really a great resource … [read the full article...]

Happy Yellow Living Room Decor

Cheerful cottage style living room

Most of you know that I love decorating with yellow ! So I wanted to share with you some yellow pillows that I've been … [read the full article...]

A Delicious Summer Fruit Dessert – Rustic Plum Tart

How to make a delicious rustic plum tart from scratch!

Isn't it wonderful that we have so many fresh fruits available in the summer! I love making fruit crisps but this rustic … [read the full article...]

How to Get Started With Couponing & Coupon Sites

Here's a basic guide for how to get started using coupons and a list of resources for printable coupons

I'm not a huge couponer but I do use coupons and they do help me save money! Every little bit of savings adds up in the … [read the full article...]

Maximizing Space Under My Kitchen Sink

maximizing space under a kitchen sink

We have been on a decluttering and organizing mission and today I'm going to share with you how I organized the area … [read the full article...]

Delicious & Easy Chilled Breakfast Idea

make ahead oatmeal and strawberry breakfast

We love hot oatmeal for breakfast but it doesn't really appeal to us in the summer. With our days being super busy … [read the full article...]

Vegetable Garden Tour 2014

A Cultivated Nest Vegetable Garden Tour

Hi everyone! I have a pictured filled vegetable garden tour for you today. I took tons of photos since this will … [read the full article...]

Mini Pumpkin Bread S’more Trifle

Delicious Mini Pumpkin Bread S'more Trifles

We love pumpkin treats all year long not just in the fall. As a matter of fact I just made pumpkin pie last week! It's … [read the full article...]

10 Household Organizational Tips You Need To Know

10 need to know organizational tips

When you take a little time to organize each and every day, you will eventually have an organized home. Check out the … [read the full article...]

My Chalkboard Kitchen Wall & Some Kitchen Organization

Kitchen measurements chalkboard wall

I wanted to show you guys my new chalkboard kitchen wall and a few little changes in the kitchen! My kitchen has been in … [read the full article...]

9 Scrumptuous Crockpot Slow Cooker Desserts

9 Scrumptious desserts that you can make in a crockpot/slow cooker!

I don't know about you, but I don't want to heat up my kitchen in the summer! Yet I don't want to stop making our own … [read the full article...]

New Seating Area In The Veggie Garden

A pretty seating in a vegetable garden

Hi everyone! We're still plugging away at projects here. But I wanted to share with you a new seating area in my … [read the full article...]

13 Unique Ways To Save Money

13 Unique Ways to Save Money

Written by Jess Weaver for A Cultivated Nest. Are you tired of being in debt? Maybe you just want to save some money … [read the full article...]