Easy To Make Homemade Fajita Seasoning Mix

Homemade Fajita Seasoning Mix

One recipe we make a lot in this house is chicken fajitas (because it’s so quick and tasty).  Of course what makes it so delicious is the fajita seasoning. Why buy fajita seasoning mix when it’s so simple to make your own? I bet everything you need is already in your pantry! I like to make up 3 or 4 batches at a time and have it on hand ready to go anytime I need it, for long term use I recommend a glass container rather than a plastic bag. Homemade Fajita Seasoning Mix is part of the Nesting Skills Series… [Read More]

Awesome Tips for Organizing Your Pots & Pans

Tips for Organizing Pots and Pans

Well…we are house hunting again and the house we’re most interested in has a very small old galley style kitchen. So I’m trying to think of ways to make it work (the whole house is much smaller than anything we’ve ever lived in before). I’ve been looking at kitchen organizing ideas on Pinterest and thought I’d share a few ideas with you. Today I have tips for organizing pots and pans! Does your pots and pans cabinet drive you crazy? Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to organize it! Tips For Organizing Pots and Pans Organizing Home Life took an… [Read More]

When Your Budget Just Isn’t Working

When Your Budget Isn't Working

There are two things that everyone should know about budgets. First, they’re extremely personal. Just because one system works for your friends or family, doesn’t mean that it will work for you as well. Second, your budget is almost always changing. If we forget those two things, we can easily find ourselves in a situation where we’re over budget, spending more than we should and then our budgets seem like they just aren’t working.  Whatever you do, don’t give on budgeting!  When your budget just isn’t working, there are 3 options for re-grouping that you may not know about! Which… [Read More]

Easy to Make Bird Bath Succulent Garden


I love succulents because not only are they beautiful and unique plants but they hold up well under neglect – sometimes I forget to water as often as I should…Succulents do very well as indoor plants but I have found them to thrive even in the heat of Florida in the shade. They do love sun but mine grow beautifully in filtered sun as well. They also like very well drained soil so plant accordingly. Sometimes I pot them and scatter them on tables on the porch and other times they go right into the ground but this time I… [Read More]

Delicious Homemade Chipotle Mayo

Homemade Chipotle Mayo Recipe

Flavored mayos are a great way to spice up a sandwich or to use as a dipping sauce! Smooth and creamy with a delicious kick,  homemade chipotle mayonnaise is perfect drizzled over nachos, slathered on a turkey breast sandwiches or burgers, or put some on fish taco’s ( or regular taco’s for that matter). It’s also really (really) good used as a dip for fries, veggies, taquitos, or other finger foods. This mayo is so good on so many things and very easy to make! Homemade Chipotle Mayo Ingredients: ¼ cup mayonnaise ¼ cup sour cream 2 Chipotle chilies in… [Read More]

15 Time Saving & Delicious Freezer Meal Recipes

15 Time Saving Freezer Meal Recipes

It can be hard to make a fresh cooked meal for every single breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you’re busy because of a new baby, a long day running errands, or other life events, it can be hard to find the time to cook. One alternative is eating out but that’s a budget buster! Or you could eat frozen convenience food from the grocery store, but too much of that isn’t healthy. If you want to save your budget and  don’t want to resort to commercial freezer food, then you should consider homemade freezer cooking! Here are 15 delicious and… [Read More]

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