Bring Spring Indoors

Bring spring indoors by potting up some spring blooming flowers

Here’s a  little easy to care for indoor spring garden to cheer the soul that I recently made! I went to Home Depot and got some primroses and a pot of daffodils to plant.  A container of forget-me-nots would be pretty too! I placed some little rocks on the bottom of this fabulous punch bowl (that I found at Goodwill last summer) for drainage. I didn’t add any extra dirt. I just took the plants out of their pots (but you can leave them in their pots depending on the container you use), placed them where I wanted them and used… [Read More]

A Simple Pleasure – Fresh Cut Camellias From The Garden

a simple pleasure fresh cut camellias on a tray

Life is full of little pleasures and joys if only we take the time to pay attention to them.  As I was walking my backyard in the freezing cold, thinking about all the leaves I’ve got pick up & shred with the mower and plants that need cutting back, I noticed that one of my camellias still had lots of blooms and even some buds. Fresh cut flowers on  a gloomy cold day would brighten any interior. Free fresh cut flowers from my own garden (in November) on a tray that I made only makes it better!   Objects are… [Read More]

$2.30 of Prettiness!


I bet you didn’t know that I have the largest Kroger Supermarket  (Fred Meyer, Ralphs)  in the US in my town!  Well I do. They tore down the old one  over a year ago and built a HUGE one. So huge that it takes me an average of  2 hours to go grocery shopping! I’m not a fan of the new size – it has a horrible layout! At the old Kroger I used to know the flower lady and  would buy some marked down flowers every other week. But when they built the new Kroger, there were suddenly new… [Read More]

The Pleasure of a Good Book


Books have always been an important part of my life. When I was little the first thing I did on the first day of summer break was head to the library and check out a stack of books. Having all summer to read what you want to read instead of what you have to read was pure bliss.   Reading a good book is one of my favorite things to do next to gardening.  Re-reading a book that I know well is like having a cozy chat with an old friend. So today, with the icy winds howling around the… [Read More]

Happiness is…..pleasure in simple things

Happiness is the little things in life…. …the morning sunlight shining through my favorite drapes … or a pretty vintage tea towel …what’s better than slipping into some fresh sheets at night …or how about blooming bulbs in the dead of winter! Did you force any bulbs? I did two pots of Narcissus. I know some people don’t care for the smell of paperwhites but I love it! Every Christmas Target sells various containers of the bulbs and I always buy some at the after season sale (they’re pre-chilled and most of them have already started sprouting by then). Makes… [Read More]

A Snowy Cozy Christmas Weekend

We had a really lovely Christmas and I hope you all did too! The thing that made this Christmas super special is that we got snow!! It rarely snows in Atlanta in December and it’s even more rare to get snow on Christmas Day. It was a lovely surprise and made the day even more special for everyone. I think the children in the neighborhood enjoyed the snow more than any presents they received under their trees! Here are a few wintery scenes from my garden….I’m sure the  snow will be gone by tomorrow. Maxie is enjoying the snow and… [Read More]

The Morning Light

Morning Light on a bookcase. One of the things I love about this house is the wonderful morning light we get in the living room. My bookcases are stuffed full of all kinds of books. Comments are off. Enjoy your day and I’ll be back tomorrow.  

A Simple Pleasure

crock pot apple butter recipe

I love being able to use apples that I grew to make homemade apple butter! Having homemade apple butter on homemade bread is definitely something I consider A Simple Pleasure! I’ve been enjoying trying out different bread recipes too. That’s been my breakfast of choice the past few mornings. Which I’ve been having outside on the screened porch. It’s really the only time we can go out there these days since the heat index makes it feel like 105! This is my basic recipe for Crock Pot Apple Butter. Ingredients 5/6 lbs of apples cored and sliced 4 Cups of… [Read More]

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