Apple Trees That I Grow In Pots

Columnar apple trees are great for balconies, patios or urban gardens where you don't have room to plant a tree in the ground.

Love apples but don’t have room for an apple tree in your yard? Grow a Columnar Apple tree in a pot!  I do have a mini orchard in my backyard but I was fascinated by the idea of these fruit trees a few years ago and ordered two from Stark (there are lots of other places that sell these trees). These trees are created to mostly grow up (like columns) not out so they’re perfect for a patio, balcony, urban garden or any space where you don’t have room to grow even a dwarf variety of fruit tree. They… [Read More]

Two-Tone DIY Wooden Spoon Plant Markers

DIY Wooden Spoon Plant Markers - so easy to make and inexpensive!

I was looking for a cute new idea for some plant markers (last year I did paint stick plant markers) and came across several ideas using wooden spoons as plant markers. Which I thought was a good idea as wooden spoons are very inexpensive. You can find a bag of them just about anywhere. I found a bag of 8 at TJMaxx for $3.99 but I know the dollar stores have them as well as the big box stores. Here’s how I made my DIY Plant Markers! Last year I didn’t seal the paint stick plant markers I made and… [Read More]

DIY Outdoor Projects: Back Door Seating Area Makeover

Back door makeover, fun outdoor pillows and doormat complete the look for this back door makeover

Well I’m finally starting to see the light with some of our  DIY outdoor projects! Just in time too. It’s already hot early in the morning so soon working outside at any time is not going to be happening. Let me show you what we did with the area outside our back door. I finished painting the gingerbread screen door we installed and the door behind it.  I’m excited that I  can cross that off my many painting projects list! This is just an in stock wood screen door from Home Depot. It already has all the gingerbread trim on… [Read More]

How To Grow Bell Peppers & 10 Delicious Bell Pepper Recipes

how to grow bell peppers & 10 bell pepper recipes

Bell peppers are usually so expensive in the grocery store that it’s one of those plants that you should try to grow yourself if you can.  I’ve grown them in containers and in raised beds and both methods have worked for me.  Tips for Growing Bell Peppers Bell peppers are a long season plant, so they require patience from gardeners before anything is ready to harvest in late summer, especially if you want red, yellow or orange peppers since green bell peppers are actually immature fruit. Thankfully though, if you love peppers and want to be able to harvest a… [Read More]

10 Amazing Flower Tower/Tipsy Pot Planter Ideas!

tiered flower pots from The Kim Six Fix (flower tower roundup)

I think flower towers or tipsy pots are such a stunning way to add vertical interest to your garden, porch, or front entry. But not only that, they also are a great way to add a bit of whimsy! Here are 10 awesome ideas for making flower towers or tipsy pot planters. 10 Flower Tower or Tipsy Pot Planter Ideas I love this flower tower from The Kim Six Fix because she made the whole thing for under $10 and so cute! This insanely amazing galvanized tipsy pot is from  Annie Steen at Flea Market Gardening House by Hoff used terracotta… [Read More]

My Tips For Growing Bigger Better Tomatoes

Tips for growing bigger healthier tomatoes

A perfectly ripe home grown tomato warmed by the sun is NOTHING like the ones you get in the grocery store (as most of you know that grow tomatoes)!  I planted some tomatoes recently and wanted to share with you a few tips that I hope will improve your chances for growing bigger & healthier tomatoes. I think most gardeners have their own tricks and tips for growing certain things and you’re welcome to share yours in the comments.  Being a gardener means always learning something new! Tips for growing bigger & better tomatoes 1. I remove the peat pot unless… [Read More]

Saturday In The Garden & Some Projects We’re Working On

Endless Summer Hydrangeas

Hi everyone!  I have lots of  lovely blooms in my garden right now and we’re working on a few different projects. So I have a few photos to share with you this weekend.  I’ll start with a a couple of things that are in bloom. A lot of my hydrangeas are in bloom! These are Endless Summer. All the roses are in bloom These crazy orange asiatic lilies are huge! Some projects were working on: We put in this gingerbread screen door last weekend. Isn’t it pretty! I’m painting it this weekend and the door behind it if the weather… [Read More]

DIY Saturday: How To Make A Garden In A Bag Of Soil

How to set up a new garden bed using bags of dirt

This is an amazing and simple way to set up a new garden bed or even to have a little garden if you don’t have much space.  Gardening in a bag of soil is not a new idea (I’ve seen people plant vegetables in a bag of dirt) but I’ve never seen it used in such large scale.  Gardening in a bag of topsoil makes setting up a new garden bed so quick and easy! I would definitely give this a try if I was setting up a new annual bed (at the very least the grass under the bags… [Read More]

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