April 21, 2014

DIY Fabric Wrapped Spring Wreath

This easy project is a great way to use up scraps of fabric! I made this fabric wrapped wreath for a  spring display that I’m working on in my dining room.

DIY fabric covered spring wreath

This is so easy and cute!


  • straw or styrofoam wreath form
  • 1 inch wide strips of fabric
  • push pins
  • other embellishments you might want to add like lace, rick rack, flowers, brooches etc

materials needed to make a fabric covered wreath

I used a small  straw wreath – 8 inches I believe. The 10 inch straw wreaths are $2.99 and I think the one I used was $1.99?(can’t remember).  You can find them in any craft store as well as thrift stores.

I made 1 inch wide strips of fabric since my wreath was small. I would use 2 inch wide strips for a larger wreath. The strips varied in length but most were at least 15 inches long.  You want to wrap your strips around at least 3 times.

pin fabric to wreath

Wrap your strip of fabric around the wreath and pin it at the back. Continue until the entire wreath is covered with our fabric strips and then add any other embellishments if you wish.

That’s it!

easy to make wreath using fabric scraps

Actually I think it would be just as cute for summer too!

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Dining Room Decorating – Autumn Changes I Made

So a while ago I said I wanted to make a new chain cover for my dining room chandelier but I wasn’t sure what color/pattern of material to use. You wouldn’t think it would be hard to decide on such a little thing would you? But I find that it’s the little details that make a room. Sure the big elements make the biggest statement, but it’s often the little things that bring it all together and add personality!

burlap ribbon chandelier chain cover

Anyway, all of that is to say that I made a chain cover for my chandelier :)

burlap harvest banner

Well, first I made a Harvest banner for my cow chalkboard which is burlap and I also had used a burlap runner in my dining room Thanksgiving display plus my dining room typography rug is bamboo and has the same brownish tone. So I thought why not burlap?

burlap ribbon

I did try strips of burlap fabric but that didn’t work too well and burlap is so incredibly messy with those fibers and threads flying every where! But I had a few rolls of burlap ribbon which I got at Hobby Lobby a few months ago when ribbon was 50%. So for  $2.49 I have myself a new cord cover that I’ll keep up at least through Christmas! Plus I can just unwind it and use it for something else if  I get tired of it. 

diy chandelier chain cover

Basically I just started at the top with the 15 feet of ribbon and fluffed it, pinned strategically with some push pins to keep it up, wrapped the chain and fluffed some more, tucked the ends in the fluffing and was done in a few minutes!

dining room chandelier

Easiest no sew chain cover ever!!

burlap Thanksgiving bunting

I gotta say “Harvest” may have been an unfortunate word to choose to hang under the cow! By the way, the cow chalkboard is available as a printable in my daughter’s etsy shop along with some other animals (she did a series).

dining room chandelier with burlap chain cover

Hope you all have a great weekend!

DIY Saturday: DIY Twine Star

I was looking for easy to make DIY Christmas ornaments and found a great project that you can make that’s not only inexpensive but looks great as well! It’s a really easy DIY Twine Star from Lowe’s. It’s rated at a beginner skill level and should only cost about $10 to make if you have to buy all the supplies. But you may just have most of the supplies already!

DIY Saturday Featured Project @ A Cultivated Nest: DIY Twine Star from Lowe's Creative Ideas Not only is this a perfect project for Christmas (you could even spray paint it red when it’s done) but it’s really great for anytime of year.


  • Wood glue
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  • 8-in wood shims, pack of 14
  • 2 – 1/16-in natural twisted jute

Directions: for complete instructions on how to make this twine star go to Lowe’s Creative Ideas

DIY Saturday: Easy DIY Shower Curtain Ideas

A shower curtain really adds to the design of a bathroom and sometimes you just can’t find the perfect one.  Take a look at these pretty and easy DIY Shower curtain ideas.

easy & pretty diy shower curtain ideas that anyone could make

Change the look of your bathroom with these easy ideas!

DIY Chevron Shower Curtain

You could take this idea of chevron’s and use it to do other patterns like stripes or dots. Tutorial @  The Good, The Bad, The Truth

DIY Stenciled Shower Curtain

This shower curtain is made using a stencil and they’re drop cloths! Super thrifty! Stencil the whole thing or stencil just the top or middle. Tutorial @  SAS Interiors

diy stenciled drop cloth shower curtain

This elegant shower curtain is another great example of using a paint and a stencil. Once again being able to to use whatever color of paint and stencil is a great way to get a custom look for pennies!  Tutorial @ Refresh Restyle

DIY ruffled shower curtain

So cute! This would be a great way to use up a bunch of leftover material! Tutorial @ Spoonful of Imagination

diy flower petal shower curtain

This pretty one requires some super easy sewing. Tutorial @ Mama Says Sew

diy gold spray painted shower curtain

Dress up a clear shower curtain with some spray paint! Change the design to suit your decor. Tutorial @ Run Way Chef

All materials and directions can be found at the linked blogs.

Some Changes I’ve Made That Didn’t Cost Me a Dime!

You know those red and white toile curtains with yellow pom pom fringe that used to hang in my living room?  Well I moved them into my office/craftroom because I’m either making or buying new curtains for my living room (I’m testing some ideas) and I love those curtains. I’ve had them forever and I wasn’t quite ready to say good-bye just yet! I have the chair that I painted and recovered in there too and they look so cute together.

red buffalocheck chair and toile curtains

Red buffalo check and red toile is such a good combination! Plus I love how the red looks with the Annie Sloan Provence color I used on the chair and the blue in the print.

red toile curtains

It’s hard taking a photo of a window! The plate holder over the window has been there for years (I think I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond). The chair makeover can be found here. The drop leaf table I’ve had for years and used to be in my living room. It’s now used for my husband’s suitcase (he travels a lot for business).  His closet is in this room too. So the chair gives him someplace to sit to put on his shoes and some place for people in general to sit to visit with me in the office. Like with most not so big old homes – this room is multi-purpose!

One day I’ll show you the whole room at one time but I’m still working on organizing all my craft stuff!

free printable

I wanted some new art for the sliver of wall in-between the closet and window so I looked in my printables board on Pinterest and found this fun print! This is a free printable which you can find here (it comes in several colors).

doily wall art

I needed another piece of art to put above the printable and made this. The frame used to be green and had a piece of black and white toile wallpaper in it. I spray painted it red and covered the insert with burlap and glued a Michael’s doily on it. Instant Granny Chic wall art!

DIY wall art

The white crochet pillow is from Ikea a few years ago and looks like a big white doily!

our greatest glory sign

My husband just put up the shelf that the sign is sitting on. I still have to decide how I want to organize my craft stuff and I have several pictures I want to hang on the wall.

There’s so much still left to do in this room!

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DIY Saturday: Rooting Rose Cuttings

Did you know you could propagate roses? I found this technique for rooting cuttings that seems so easy I want to give it a try.  What a frugal way to have a beautiful garden! Growing roses from cuttings.

DIY Saturday: Rooting rose cuttings

Try to take your cuttings in the mornings and from what I’ve read, florist roses are not good candidates for this process (but who knows,  you might get lucky).  You can root roses over the winter or anytime during the growing season depending on your climate.

F.Y.I.  If a plant is patented or trademark (such as Knockout Roses) then you can’t legally reproduce them via cuttings.

DIY Rose Propagation


  1. A plastic half-gallon jug
  2. A 2-liter soda bottle
  3. A sharp knife
  4. Rooting hormone
  5. Pruners


Directions with photos can be found at Hartwood Roses


DIY Fall Spray Painted Burlap Pillow

I’ve had quite a few people ask how I made the fall leaf burlap pillow out on my screened porch, so here’s a little tutorial. It’s really quick and really easy to make. All you need is burlap, spray paint, stick on letters and a leaf (or other shape) from Michael’s or the dollar store. Burlap is soooo inexpensive that it makes sense to always have a few yards of it because you can use it in all kinds of home decor projects.

How to make this is a super easy to make spray painted fall burlap pillow #burlap

This is basically the same technique I used in this DIY Gratitude Wall Art I made last year.  Even though this pillow is for fall you could apply this method to any other season or holiday.

About Burlap

Some people wash their burlap and some don’t.  I think burlap smells so I washed mine but it does make it kind of fuzzy when you wash it, but it also get’s softer. So it’s up to you. If the pillow is purely decorative you may want to skip washing. If you are really going to use the pillow (like I do) you may want to wash it first.  Burlap is cheap try it both ways and see which you prefer. If you wash and put it in dryer you’ll have to steam iron it cause it’ll be wrinkly!

materials used to make a spray painted burlap fall pillow

To cut a straight edge on burlap you pick a spot where you want to cut it and pull on one of the threads until you  get one that goes all the way across. You pull that out and it leaves a visible line. That will give you a perfectly straight line to cut. That pile to the left is all the string I had to pull to get 8 straight edges.

diy fall burlap leaf pillow

Lay out your leaf and your letters however you want and spray with several coats of spray paint. I used a satin.

spray painted burlap

When you remove the letters and leaf you will have the shapes of  whatever you put down.

Then all you have to do is sew up your pillow. I used a summer outdoor pillow in mine.

how to make an easy fall burlap pillow #burlap

Super easy!

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DIY Saturday: How To Make A Sweater Pumpkin

Happy Weekend everyone! Is it starting to feel like fall where you are? Have you started decorating for fall? I can’t think of decorating for fall without adding a pumpkin or two. Sweater pumpkins are so cute and very easy to make. You can recycle an old sweater you’re no longer using or go to the thrift store and get one there. Here are 4 fabulous tutorials that show you how to make a sweater pumpkin.

Here's a roundup of 4 fabulous sweater pumpkin tutorials

Happy pumpkin making!

sweater pumpkin tutorial

How To Make Darling Sweater Pumpkins @ Facts From A Fact Woman

sweater pumpkin tutorial

This easy sweater pumpkin tutorial uses a dollar store pumpkin as the base @ Confessions of a Plate Addict

sweater pumpkin tutorial

These cute sweater pumpkins with the fabric stems are from Alderberry Hill.

white sweater pumpkin tutorial

This white sweater pumpkin uses plastic bags for stuffing @ Craftaholics Anonymous

Be sure to visit the blog  linked for the complete material list and tutorial.

Cornstalks & How To Make an Outdoor Banner

I want to show you how I make my outdoor banners.  Actually,  it’s not really so much how I make them that’s important, it’s more what I use to make them. I use vinyl tablecloths to make my outdoor bunting!

how to make an outdoor banner from a vinyl tablecloth from the dollar store

I grew these cornstalks. It’s fun to grow your fall decor if you have space to do so. I always grow some pumpkins and frequently corn. These are the stalks from the popcorn that I grew this summer.

Dollar store tablecloth outdoor banner

I made this fall banner for my screened porch since I’m doing a little fall decorating in there. It’s really been feeling like fall in the mornings.

DIY summer outdoor banner

You may remember that I made this  one for my summer porch. That one was made from a vinyl tablecloth too. It’s been out there all summer through the heat, rain and storms.

How To Make An Outdoor Banner

1. You need a vinyl tablecloth. I get mine from Big Lots or the dollar store.

vinyl fall tablecloth used to make a fall banner

2. Cut out the banner shape that you want to use. I used a different shape for each of my banners. Here’s the template I used to make the fall banner – bunting template (courtesy of Kidspot.co.nz)

step 2 in making an outdoor banner from a vinyl tablecloth

3. Glue your cut out pieces to a piece of twine. I used hot glue on the low setting but you may want to use E6000 or some other glue. Hot glue worked fine for me on my porch.

step 3 in making an outdoor banner

That’s all to it. Is’t that easy! There are so many cute vinyl tablecloths out there that you could use. Or maybe you already have one that’s seen better days? This is a great way to upcycle them.

make an outdoor banner from a vinyl tablecloth

Then hang your banner on your fence, an arbor, your front porch, over your door, anywhere you want a touch of happiness.

how to make an outdoor banner from a dollar store vinyl tablecloth - template included in tutorial

Don’t banners just make you smile!

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DIY Saturday: 4 Easy To Make Tea Towel Tutorials

Happy Weekend everyone! I love a pretty tea towel! They’re a easy way to pretty up a kitchen.  I also think that cute tea towels are great gifts for many occasions or holidays (think Christmas).  Making them yourself gives you a chance to personalize them plus, they are  inexpensive when you make them yourself. Here are 4 easy to make Tea Towel Tutorials. 

4 easy to make tea towels

These are all tutorials where you use a ready made dish towel and embellish it in some way.

dish towel with ribbon sewn on it

This cute tea towel is made by simply sewing ribbon on it. See the tutorial at Aesthetic Nest

stenciled tea towels

Use stencils to embelish an ordinary dish towel like these from Number 2 Pencil. No sewing involved!

DIY ruffled tea towel

I love ruffles! Everything is cuter with ruffles. Find out how to make a ruffled towel at Craftaholics Anonymous

French graphic transfer tea towel

Now this tea towel doesn’t use all the usual graphic transfer methods.  So you don’t need a printer with special toner or anything other than a marker! See the tutorial at  Setting For Four.  Anyone can do this one!

Be sure to check out the links for the full tutorials.

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The Lazy Way To DIY A Cute Pillow

I hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day Weekend! I want to share a super easy and inexpensive way to make a decorative pillow.  You can use this method to make pillows for any special season or just for every day and the best part is that you don’t have to sew it if you don’t want to!

really easy way to make a cute pillow with no sewing involved

It’s super easy because I used a cute tea towel (all the edges are finished) and hot glue. It’s inexpensive because…it’s just basically a tea towel and hot glue!  I actually bought the tea towel last year at the end of summer (maybe fall) clearance at TJMaxx. Which is my method for getting things at a good price (I know you all do that too).

Materials Needed For Hot Glue Pillow

1. tea towel/kitchen towel

2. pillow insert (I used an old Christmas pillow)

3. straight pins

4. hot glue gun (or you can sew it – it is just straight line sewing or use fabric glue)

I am not a seamstress – I wish I was – so this is how I figured out how to make this pillow since the decorative part was on the end of the tea towel.

step 1 in making a no sew tea towel pillow

1.  Lay your tea towel down right side facing you and use your pillow as a guide so you can map out where you want the decorative part to land.

making a no sew tea towel pillow

2.  Fold the bottom end up and the top down and pin the sides

pin the sides of the towel together

3.  I pinned right inside the towel seam so that I could apply the hot glue to the seam edge. Do a little at a time – like maybe  1 inch – because you’re going to squeeze your two hems together to seal them and this way you have more control to make sure everything is straight.  (Be careful you don’t burn your fingers – the glue is hot and depending on your fabric you can really feel it!)

envelope closure tea towel pillow

4. Flip your pillow cover right side out when you’re done gluing your seams and your pillow is ready to stuff. If your design is not on the end of your tea towel like mine, you could use what is the front of my pillow as the back envelope closure of your pillow. 

no sew tea towel pillow

I know tea towel pillows are not a new idea and I’ve made one before but that one I sewed. You can see it here - it’s made from a French grain sack tea towel.

New pillows can give you an easy instant makeover! The main point I want to make is that I think people tend to forget that you can use towels, placemats, tablerunners, napkins, tablecloths,  sheets, shirts, sweaters etc to make  cute pillows instead of buying expensive pre-made pillows or even buying fabric. Make it easy to make something new for your home!

My DIY Salvaged Wood Potting Bench

I’ve been wanting to show you the fabulous potting bench that my husband made for me. But I really had to wait for a time when I wasn’t using it so I could have it cleaned up for photos.

salvaged wood potting bench

He made it almost entirely from fence boards we had left over from when we built the fence along the back of our property, old windows we’ve been keeping for various projects, a couple of pallets we picked up, and odds and ends of scrap lumber from other projects.

pallet and fencing slat potting bench

It’s huge and heavy! I love it because it gives me so much space for planting and I also use it for a lot of painting projects.

potting bench with sink

It has a sink so I can wash the veggies from garden or rinse off flowers before I bring them inside.

potting bench

It’s got outdoor electrical access for when I need to plug in a tool for a project or for when we plug in the blender to chop up stuff for the compost (it’s in the blue bin on the bottom shelf).

hose and rain barrel near potting bench

It’s by the hose and one of our rain barrels for when I need water.

reclaiming water under sink with a bucket

There’s a bucket under the sink that catches all the water I use (also when it rains) so I can re-use it in the garden.

potting bench by the back door

It’s located right outside my backdoor.  So I have easy access to all my seeds, small planting tools, paints and brushes.

poinsettia in August

Does anyone else still have their Christmas poinsettia?

A Cultivated Nest pallet and salvaged wood potting bench

This potting bench is so much better than the little one I used to have which you can see here.  It didn’t last long! This one will last forever!

mod podge transfer method on galvanized bucket

Because I know people will ask, I put the transfer on the old galvanized bucket using the mod podge transfer technique. You can purchase the graphic (and lots of others) from my Daughter’s etsy shop Digital Download Shop.


DIY Red Toile Skirted China Cabinet

A few months ago I moved the furniture around in my living room which left the bottom of my china cabinet (where I store some china) exposed. I’d always had the furniture arranged so that something like a chair was in front of that cabinet to hide the mess at the bottom since it doesn’t have doors. So,  in order to hide my messy cabinet bottom, I made a little red toile skirt to cover that area of my china cabinet.  Love it!

Easy DIY skirted china cabinet

Most of you know that red toile is my very favorite pattern and color so I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I used it for the skirt! The fabric is actually an old toile tablecloth that I got somewhere (TJMaxx probably) that was way too big for our dining room table. I had always planned to cut it to make it fit but never got around to it. So I figured why not cut it up and use it to skirt my china cabinet!

skirt on bottom of china cabinet

Here’s how I did it. This is a no sew project!

  • It’s hung from a little skinny  rod that you can get at Target/Home Depot etc.
  • The curtain rod is attached to the cabinet.  A tension rod wouldn’t work with the way my cabinet is built but that’s another way to do it .
  • The material is hung from the rod with small curtain rod clips.
  • I didn’t even hem the bottom. I just cut it with my pinking shears (which is the only cutting I did). One day when the mood strikes me, I may hem it and add a little trim.

I had the little curtain rod and clip rings from when I had skirted a bookcase about 5 years ago. So the whole project didn’t cost me anything and solves my problem!
chevron candle

Not only was this project no sew, but it was thrifty and really quick!

china storage behind curtain Here’s a peak behind the skirt!

blue floral china

I’m still loving my pretty blue and floral  Homer Laughlin china I put in the top of the cabinet at the beginning of the summer.

homer laughlin china

You can see a bit of red toile in the back of the china cabinet. In another month it’ll be time to bring out the brown transferware for fall!

living room china cabinet

Now you can’t see the messy bottom of that cabinet plus it ties in with all the red I have in my living room. I’m happy I found a thrifty way to solve my problem!


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