More Living Room Decorating

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

A couple of people have asked for more photos of the living room. I  have a few today but I’m not “done” with this room. I’m usually very slow when making over a room anyway, add to that having to unpack boxes to get to my decorating stuff….well it’s going to be an even slower process. Apparently I’m not the kind of person that can have everything unpacked and in its place in a week or two!  I did just hang curtains in the living room and I’ve been working on the bookcases on the other side of the fireplace…. [Read More]

Great Storage Piece For A Narrow Space!

Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet used as buffet

The breakfast room (which we use as the dining room) in this house that we’re renting is pretty small. Plus you need room to walk into the kitchen, living room and backyard. So I really don’t have much space to work with after you take into account the dining table and chairs that are in that space too! But I needed a small narrow cabinet to store things in. I looked everywhere and finally found what I needed at Ikea (of course).  We bought the Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet about a month ago and it’s working so well in this… [Read More]

My Thrifted Kitchen Curtains

Black buffalo check kitchen curtains made from thrift store drapes - budget decorating idea!

NOW is the time to get yourself to the thrift store people! This and next month are probably the best months for thrifting since people are in the downsizing, decluttering, organizing set of mind with it being a New Year and all (I know I am).  I’ve been looking for curtains for my kitchen window since we moved into this house in October and just couldn’t find what I liked (and left my old curtains at the house we sold).   Happily I found some really cute curtains at Goodwill that I made-over to fit my kitchen windows and they were… [Read More]

Our Sunny Yellow Hall Bathroom

Small bathroom decorated with yellow decor items & shower curtains

I wanted to show you our upstairs hall bathroom since it’s pretty much done as far as decorating goes. There’s lots of  organizing stuff left to do in there, but I don’t think I’m going to do too much else in there decor wise. 99% of everything in this bathroom was re-used from our hall bathroom at our old house (we sold our house, downsized and are renting for those of you that are new). The light in this room room is just gorgeous! It’s at the back of the house which gets all of the sun.  It’s so sunny… [Read More]

I Have Finished Painting The Living Room!

Ikea Ektorp Chair

Oh. My. Gosh. 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint with primer and I am done painting the living room! I have finally covered up that strange army green/gray/brown  paint. Thank goodness our landlord seems like a flexible guy and gave me permission to paint because I would not have been able to live with that original color! I don’t have anything else done in the living room but I wanted to show you how nice the walls look This is going to be my cozy reading area!  Love my squishy Ikea Ektorp Chair! I still have to… [Read More]

A Pretty Kitchen Shelf With Hooks or A Place To Hang My Aprons

Cute kitchen shelf with hooks and cubbies provides needed storage and display space in a small kitchen

I am having such a hard time getting used to this kitchen! We’ve been in this house for 3 weeks and I just can’t seem to figure out how where the best place would be for stuff or a work flow. I did realize that I couldn’t dedicate a whole drawer to pot holders/oven mitts like at my old house. So I had to find another way to store them and decided that hanging them would be the best storage solution. I also hung up my two favorite aprons! I  had a cute wire basket with hooks that I got… [Read More]

The Dining Room – Ikea Liatorp Table

Pretty red and white dining room! Red buffalo check curtains, Ikea dining table, red slipcovered chairs

Hi everyone! I had to sell my dining room table from my other house ( it was too big for this small breakfast room). So we have been eating on TV trays since we moved! Not very comfortable – especially for my 6’2″ husband. But we finally got a round white pedestal dining room table at Ikea. So this is the confusing part – it’s either the Liatorp or the Ingatorp table. My Ikea is kinda of a mess (don’t get me started on the disgusting breakfasts they have). The display said it was Ingatorp (in black or white) $349…. [Read More]

Some Different Things That I Collect

Decorating with collections

I  wanted to share some photos of different things that I collect that are part of my decor before I pack them up. I have 4 bookcases in the living room from Ikea that have extenders on the top where I house some of my collectibles. Fortunately I’ll be able to take the bookcases with me. I’m just not sure I’m actually going to be putting some of these collections back though (not sure I’ll use the extenders). Quite a bit will be sold in the garage sale we’ll be having before we move. This is my collection of roosters…. [Read More]

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