April 24, 2014

My Easter Decorations

Hi everyone! I thought I’d share my Easter decorations today. I recently took out the toile fabric panels that lined the back of my  living room china cabinet and painted the beadboard backing  a golden yellow. So instead of just putting everything back, I put everything back and added some of my Easter decorations. So it’s all in one spot instead of spread throughout the house (makes it easier for me to put it all away).

Easter China Cabinet | A Cultivated Nest

This might just be the last time I decorate for Easter (I only do it for my daughter) and she’ll most likely be out on her own this time next year (sob!). I don’t know…I’m always torn with wanting to live simpler and getting rid of everything and thinking it all looks really cute when I have everything decorated :)

Easter bottlebrush tree and blue plates

I basically use the same decorations every year but try to think of new ways to use them. I normally buy new decorations close to the holiday or after the holiday when everything is on clearance (unless it’s something I really love – because if you wait till the end the picking’s are slim).

I’m just going to post photos with no text because everything is pretty self-explanatory. Here are some close-ups.

Easter bottlebrush tree and pink  plates


Easter decorations


Easter decorations - bunny

Easter decorations - egg topiary | A Cultivated Nest

Easter decorations

Happy Easter!

Easter banner | A Cultivated Nest

“Welcome to the Farm” Pillow for the Kitchen Windowseat

I guess you could say I have a farmhouse style vibe going on in my kitchen. So when I went to TJMaxx and saw that they had a whole bunch of farmhouse themed pillows…well I just had to get one. It was hard choosing just one especially since they were so reasonably priced!

farmhouse style pillow - kitchen window seat

So I got “Welcome to the Farm”. They have a whole bin full of farm/rooster themed pillows at my TJMaxx!

farmhouse style kitchen | www.acultivatednest.com

I do have a couple of cow prints and other little touches without being too themey ( I hope!).

red rooster and gingham plate

Above the window seat  I have a plate holder that’s easy to change the plate out since it just slips in. Right now I have one of my favorite plates from the thrift store in it.

farmhouse wall decor

On the opposite side I have a window sign and a bulletin board that’s just decorative. I  pin different things on it depending on my mood. Right now I have a little sign made from a printable in my daughter’s etsy store.

welcome to the farm pillow

I think I may have to stop with the “farmhouse” theme now!


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Welcoming Spring In My Foyer

Happy Spring everyone!  I thought I’d share a little spring decorating that I did in my small foyer (which basically means doing something on my halltree). :)

Spring Easter egg wreath

I don’t plan on doing too much this year since we’re busy with house and garden projects. But as you know, I like to celebrate the seasons and most holidays by doing a little something!

Forsythia branches in a blue glass vase

I glued a few fake Easter eggs onto a grapevine wreath that I already had (it was on my cute little garden shed before and  I spray painted it blue at that time).  I also took some fake forsythia branches and placed them in a blue glass vase (see how I used them on my mantel a few years ago here).

red halltree decorated for spring

It’s simple yet says “spring”!

My forsythia is in bloom, all my spring bulbs are up, my Bradford Pear is covered in white blossoms and the sun feels soooo good!

forsythia in bloom
So glad spring is finally here! I hope it’s sunny where you are and that the snow is melting!

A Thrifty Find For The Screened In Porch

I hadn’t been to Hobby Lobby in a while (it’s in another town) but my husband had to go to Lowe’s  yesterday (same town) so I popped in to HL to see what’s new and walked out with a big fabulous sign for $4!

Thrifty Find - Farmer's Market Sign - screened in porch decor

The cashier thought the price was too good to be true and called the manager over (which was annoying ) but he confirmed that it was indeed on clearance and the right price.  I have to say that they really do have the best clearance prices on home decor stuff out of all the stores I shop.

Hobby Lobby sign price tag

So I took down the sign I made out of an old fence board (I’m going to repurpose it in the garden) and put the new Farmers’ Market one up in my screened in porch.

$4 Farmers' Market sign above porch doors | www.acultivatednest.com

I think it looks nice with the black of the curtains that you can usually see through the patio doors.

decorating a screened in porch | www.acultivatednest.com

It’s been a while since I’ve found such a good thrifty find!

My Cheerful Yellow Spring Decorating

Yellow is such a happy color! I decorate with yellow all year long (almost all of my walls are yellow) but I particularly love using yellow for spring decorating.

decorating with yellow for spring Here are a few ways I’ve used yellow in my home.

Spring decor - faux yellow tulips in a white pitcher

I wasn’t sure what to do with my fireplace mantel (until I decorate for Easter) so I  kept it simple and popped some faux yellow tulips in a pitcher for the time being.

china cabinet with vintage yellow scale

I have my vintage yellow scale in my living room china cabinet.

decorating with yellow - yellow accessories

My favorite yellow lamp from Target gets moved around the living all the time.

yellow gingham kitchen curtains with red trim

I have yellow curtains in my kitchen.

yellow & red toile fabric in kitchen cabinets behind chicken wire

I also have yellow and red toile in the cabinet above my microwave.

yellow accents in a bookcase

There’s a few little yellow accent pieces in the the living room boockcases.

yellow home decor accents

and of course can’t forget my news yellow addition….

A Cultivated Nest Yellow Accent Chair

…my yellow accent chair from Target

Yellow is always cheerful!


My Cozy TV Room

We just finished up a project in our TV room and that in turn snowballed into me updating the room with some new curtains and pillows. So I thought I’d give you all a look at our cozy TV room (it’s also husband’s office but I won’t show you that part :) )

Cozy TV room in blue and brown


To give you some background below is a photo of our old TV room downstairs.


Media room with red sectional & movie posters

the old media room downstairs

This house is a split-foyer plan. 4 years ago we renovated the downstairs so that our daughter could have her own space while living at home while going to college. So basically we live on the top half of our house.

Louvered bi-fold closet doors

This is the project we finished.

I still need to paint some of the trim. We replaced the sliding doors to this closet with white louvered bi-fold doors. Besides looking nicer, it makes accessing all of the space of this  small closet so much easier!

Ikea Ektrop sofa with brown slipcover

I had to stand IN THE ClOSET to take this photo to give you an  idea of how small this rooms is!

Home Cinema Sign

We still need to do a little more work in there.

black tv stand

Our TV room used to be my daughter’s bedroom. So it still has her light blue walls and blue carpeting. We’re  debating on whether to change out the carpeting before we sell this house or give a carpeting allowance to the new buyers or do nothing and hope they don’t mention it :) .

Ikea ektorp sofa with chaise

Part of making the most of what you have is using rooms in such a way that benefit you and your family. Like my office/craft /husband’s dressing area room, this room is our TV room and my husband’s office (he offices out of the house one day a week so he doesn’t need much space).

Hope you enjoyed at look at something besides my living room or dining room!   :)



Bring Spring Indoors

Here’s a  little easy to care for indoor spring garden to cheer the soul that I recently made! I went to Home Depot and got some primroses and a pot of daffodils to plant.  A container of forget-me-nots would be pretty too!

Bring spring indoors by potting up some spring blooming flowers

I placed some little rocks on the bottom of this fabulous punch bowl (that I found at Goodwill last summer) for drainage.

rocks for drainage in the bottom of bowl

I didn’t add any extra dirt. I just took the plants out of their pots (but you can leave them in their pots depending on the container you use), placed them where I wanted them and used moss to cover any exposed areas.

Indoor spring garden planted in a thrifted container

I’m so glad I made this little garden since were supposed to get another snow storm in Atlanta. Ugh! Which means we’ll be house bound  (again) for a few days if it really happens!


Plus it was soooo good  to get my hands in some soil.  Can’t wait for spring!

Indoor spring garden of daffodils and primroses

In the mean time we’ll be staying warm and cozy at home!


Thrifty Find & Gift From a Friend

Happy weekend everyone!  First I want to share with you a little item that I found at Goodwill last week. I’ve been looking for a little ceramic bust of a woman for a while now and haven’t been able to find one in the size that I want.

yellow bust of woman bookend

But I did find one bookend that has a bust of woman on it and it was the right size (so I get what I wanted and have a cool new bookend)! I spray painted her yellow and now it looks like a little statue.

books covered in plaid scrapbook paper

I looked through my scrapbook paper and found some plaids. So  I used that paper to recover some books.  I’m quite happy with my little thrift store purchase!

I got the most marvelous surprise in the mail the other day!

heart garland

Carol from Art & Sand sent me the cutest heart garland!

Valentine's Day Mantel

She made it for me in the colors that I use most yellow, red and black. Isn’t it cute!  Thank you Carol!

You have to go visit Carol if you’ve never been to her blog before.   She’s always up to something new and  has the cutest  home ever!

I just wanted to share this story with you.  My husband and I walked into Kroger and they had a huge table filled with Valentine’s Day cookies and cakes by the door. I went over to take a look and said to my husband how I was surprised they hadn’t marked down the Valentine’s Day stuff yet.  He just looked at me quizzically.

So as we’re leaving Kroger I said “I wonder when they’re going to finally mark down those Valentine’s things”.  He turned to me and said “Just because you posted your Valentine’s Day Mantel doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day is over!”

LOL! You know,  people are already pinning Spring and Easter stuff on Pinterest. I guess I’ve already moved on in my mind :)


My French Yellow Tufted Chair

Last fall I had a garage sale and sold quite a number of things – one of them being that chair that I slipcovered a few years ago. It really took up too much space and all the flaws of the slipcover (it was my first and only attempt) had been bothering me for a while. So I sold the old chair last year and bought a new French yellow tufted chair last week!

cottage style decor - French yellow tufted accent chair

 I almost bought another white slipcovered chair from Ikea but I decided I wanted a fun accent chair instead.

DIY slipcovered chair made from a drop cloth

This is the one I sold.  I slipcovered it with drop cloths and toile fabric.

yelow tufted accent chair from Target

I had chairs in the dining room and my office that I used in my living room during the holidays as needed and we were happy to have more room since the Christmas tree always makes the living room feel so much smaller.  So I was in no hurry to replace the chair I sold.

yellow accent chair from Target and yellow lamp from Target

This chair is comfortable, love, love, love the color AND the legs! I found this at Target on-line. $132 on sale. Plus I had it in my cart and didn’t check out right away and the next day they sent me a $5 off coupon! The lamp is from Target too, but I’ve had that for over a year.

shelves styled with yellow accessories

I added some yellow accessories to the bookcases behind the chair.

side view of yellow tufted accent chair

 I’m very happy I took my time and found this chair! Yellow is my second favorite color! It’s such a cheery color and looks great with red  (which is my #1 favorite color)….as I’m sure you know :)

A Cultivated Nest Yellow Accent Chair

Red Toile & Checkered Dining Room Chairs

Hi everyone!  I’ve spent the last few days decluttering and fluffing! I finally put away the last of the Christmas decorations that were in the dining room and decided to start there with a bit of nest fluffing.  I got out some red toile & checkered dining room chair slipcovers that I bought on clearance last year at Pier 1 (actually I think it may have been the year before last)…all the days and years are running together for me lately. :)

red toile and checks dining room chair slipcover

 I bought these slipcovers because I was going to use them on the  new parsons chairs that I was planning on buying for the dining room  (I’ve always hated my dining room chairs) but as usual something came up and I didn’t buy new chairs. Anyway, I decided to give those slips a try on my old chairs and they fit fairly well – not perfect – but good enough.

slipcovered dining room chairs & burlap accents

Love the way they look and they work so well with the red buffalo check curtains I have in the living room. I’m also loving how all the burlap works with the color of the rug!

red wicker chair in the dining room

They look really nice with the red wicker chair that used to be in the living room.

burlap runner and flowers in a red pitcher

I also treated myself to some inexpensive flowers from Kroger.  The first fresh flowers of this year!

black urn with faux topiary

The other thing that I’ve done so far is I took a fake topiary that was in a little white urn and placed it in my big black urn (I put some plastic bags underneath it to lift it up a bit).  Love how that turned out too!

red toile and checks slipcovered dining room chairs

I have a few more things that I want to change around in that room but I’m very happy with the way it’s turning out!

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A Sweater Covered Pot – Fun Winter Project!

Hey all – I really love how this project turned out!  I also love how  quick and easy it is! I made a little pot cozy for one of my indoor plants from an old sweater.  It a great way to upcycle part of a sweater and add some personality to your decor. PLUS it’s not permanent!

sweater covered pot

I guess I’m really into knit projects this winter (too bad I don’t actually knit)! If you don’t have an old sweater you can always get one at the thrift store.

cut sweater for the size of your pot

All I did (1) was measure the height of my pot and added a few inches to that measurement (better too much than too little since you can always trim away any excess).  (2) Then I used that measurement to cut off part of a sleeve on the old sweater.  This sweater has bands of black so I wanted to be sure to get a band into what I cut off so that it would be part of the design.  So if your sweater has a pattern be sure to take that into consideration.

pull sweater over the pot

(3)  Then pull your sweater piece over your pot and if your outside pot is larger than the inside pot you can just tuck the excess sweater fabric inbetween the pots.

sweater pot with rocks inside

(4) If like me you have no space to tuck – just fold the top over and then cover with some little rocks or marbles to hold the raw edge in.  You may want to use rocks (or something) to cover the dirt either way because that gives you  a nice finished look.

The bottom just tucks under and stays put but you could use a couple of dots of  hot glue to hold it  down if you want.

sweater covered pot

Doesn’t it look cozy! This plant doesn’t need a lot of watering so I think the sweater cover will be just fine for the few months it will be around the pot.  You can see how I covered the books with fabric here.

Pretty Books & Catching Up

Hello everyone!  I want to share one of my Christmas presents from my husband today. It’s no secret that I love books. I’ve always loved reading! I was one of those kids that looked forward to summer vacation just so that I could read what ever I wanted for as long as I wanted! A day spent gardening and reading would be a perfect day for me (especially if someone else cooked dinner)! My husband added to my pretty book collection with Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park.

Penguin & Puffin Classic Books

I showed you the Puffin Classics edition of  The Secret Garden before here in this dining room vignette. The others are Penguin Classic editions which you can find on Amazon.

stag head bookend

Aren’t they pretty!!  Is it wrong to want a book just because of it’s cover :) Actually I’m a huge Austen fan – I just finished Austenland: A Novel  (anxiously waiting for the movie to come out on DVD next month).  Now I’m inspired to re-read all my Austen (for the millionth time) except Northranger Abbey.

Little House On The Prairie Set of books

But first I have to do my annual re-reading of the Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder on Monday when it’s supposed to be 11° in Atlanta!!! I always try to read it on the coldest day and I don’t think it’s going to get much colder than that! At least I hope not.

vintage books and scrabble letters

Another fun thing that my daughter and I got for Christmas was latch hook kits. She just loves it!  I was surprised since it’s such an old fashioned kind of craft.

We’ve been working on our kits every afternoon but that will change soon. School starts back for her next week and although I’ve enjoyed my blog break (and really really needed it), I feel renewed and am looking forward to getting back to regular blogging again. :)

I’ll have an easy to do winter wreath to show you next week that I’m excited about!


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The Last Little Bits of Christmas Decor

I have just the last little bits of Christmas decorating to share with you guys. Even though I didn’t do a lot this year, I’m so ready to take it down already (except the tree – love that).

Christmas Decorations
So here are a few more photos!

Home is where your heart is print and bottle brush tree

My globe collection with a little red plaid reindeer and bottle brush tree.

Here are some photos of my ” holiday shelf” which I think I’m going to rename to “seasonal shelf”.  These are just little bits that I wanted to put out but didn’t have one particular place to put them so I just grouped them all on one shelf.

ginger bread house and mushroom tree

This is my favorite part! So cute!

two toned bottle brush tree


red truck with Christmas tree

Can’t forget my red truck!

mini toile Christmas stocking

This mini toile Christmas stocking is from my good bloggy friend Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions. Isn’t it cute!

Well that is it for Christmas decorating!

I will be taking a break until after Christmas since my daughter is on Christmas break now. I do have a few posts scheduled and I’ll be by to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

See my red and white Christmas Mantel here

Christmas mantel decorations


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