Sharing Some Recent Thrifty Finds!

I haven’t done a thrifty finds post in a long time! I’ve been mostly taking things to Goodwill and trying not to go in!  But sometimes the drop off line is long so I let my husband wait while I pop in.

zinnias in a milkglass vase from the thrift store

So this is what I’ve found in the past month or so – not everything though. We’ve found some really great cooking gadgety things that I’ll post about when we try them out!

thrift store milkglass vase

I found a pretty milkglass vase (filled with flowers and apple tree suckers from my garden). I  need more milkglass like I need a hole in my head but most of the vases that I have are the bud vases (which I think I’m going to go through and donate half of them).

organizing bins from the thriftstore

I have found some amazing items to use in organizing! I never thought about getting bins and such at the thriftstore. I’ve always been more interested in furniture and decorative items. But I have scored some really amazing organizing containers lately. Some of which I’ve already put to use. The spice rack pictured had two in the package and I used one on the inside of my kitchen sink door here.

thriftstore wall art

This print is a bit scuffed on the sides but doesn’t look bad. It’s originally from  Big Lots.  My thriftstore gets lots of TJX, Ikea, Target and Big Lots stuff! I probably won’t hang it until we move.

candlesticks found at Goodwill

Lastly, I LOVE these candlesticks I found at Goodwill. They’re not brass – they’re very light weight.  I think they’ll look great painted!

So those are some of my recent thriftstore finds. Definitely check out your local thriftstore for things you can use in organizing your home!

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  1. says

    These are gorgeous candlesticks! I now avoid Goodwill like a plague :) We are desperately trying to downsize and clean the house before our babies arrive.

  2. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says

    Great finds. I totally stay away from thrift and antique stores, when my house is on the market. Just thinking about having to pack one more item….yikes!

  3. says

    Love your new treasures! I have that same pretty vase (of course). I found a new GW today not that far from Ross and Marshall’s, heaven help me :) I got two more wine glasses that match my blue-rimmed glassware from Mexico and the craziest patchwork suede skirt – so 70s, but it’s Isaac Mizrahi for Target! I’ll take the GW $6.99 price over the original $119 any day. We seriously should start a What Did You Get at Goodwill blog so everyone can boast about their finds, lol! Hope you’re getting lots of buyers coming through on the house!
    xoxo, Andrea

  4. says

    The flowers are so pretty – thanks for sharing. I am another one trying to stay away from the thrift stores, etc.. I already have lots to get rid of. :/

  5. says

    The candlesticks are my favorite score of all. I love them and like you can imagine how pretty they are going to look painted.

    I am trying hard NOT to add more thrift here right now until I actually do something with what I have. Unfortunately, there are a few stores here in town which ought to be renamed “The Sirens” for their luring properties. I drive by, and in I go.

  6. says

    I love the candlesticks, what color do you think you’ll paint them? I have a couple of the milk glass vases just like yours. I usually get them for about $1 at garage sales and I have the start of a good collection. When I needed more for the wedding I found out they go for a LOT more at the antique stores! Luckily I found a friend with a box load who lent me the rest of what I needed. I actually use my milk glass all the time for bouquets from the garden so I feel justified picking up more. I HAVE been cleaning out the basement and upstairs and taking loads to the thrift store, I just have a hard time not bringing something back. Still, I’m bringing home much less than I take so I am gaining ground!

    • Manuela Williams says

      You know I’m not sure what color to paint them. Normally I’d do red but I have tall brass ones I painted red a few years ago. Maybe aqua? I don’t have any aqua colored ones. I went through my milkglass bud vases and donated most of them – kept 5. I don’t really use them often and I’d rather have larger vases. So I figure packing up the one I just bought is way less work than packing the 12 I donated! I really should have a garage sale but I just can’t add one more thing to my to do list. Besides I think the reason I find good stuff at thriftstores is because I donate a lot – keeps the flow going :)

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