Dining Room China Cabinet Makeover

I tweaked a lot of rooms in my home for an agent’s open house so I thought I’d share what I did with my dining room china cabinet.

Dining room hutch makeover - soup tureen collection on top of hutch

I have a collection of soup tureens which I keep on the top of my kitchen cabinets. I took a few and placed them on top of this china cabinet. The little soup tureens used to be in my little black china cabient in the dining room (which I sold). So they’ve found a new home for the time being.

Colorful gingham straws in a blue canning jar {china hutch makeover}

Aren’t these colorful gingham paper straws fun!

Mainstays home rooster cups {china cabinet makeover}

The dishes are an old Mainstays  Home pattern which I found at a thrift store many years ago.

aqua vintage look drinking glasses

These vintage looking  aqua glasses and pitcher came from Hobby Lobby (sort of looks like depression glass). I got them on clearance back in April I think. Each glass was originally $7.99 (which I think is a crazy price). I got them for 80% off, the pitcher too. They are food safe so we’ve used them a few times this summer. I really would have liked 6 glasses but they only had 4 blue ones left (the others were clear).

vintage cow print

This vintage cow print used to be in my kitchen.

Colorful cottage style china cabinet

This china cabinet was a present from my husband and it’s one of my favorite pieces!

Dining room hutch makeover - soup tureen collection on top of hutch

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  1. says

    I love the individual components of this, and then I love the whole big look at the thing. I think the mason jars with the straws is my favorite part, but I’m prone to changing my mind. It all looks just so Manuela, and I love it.

    • Manuela Williams says

      Hi Kathy,

      Overall it was good. I’m really too tired to change too much more around here, but I’ll continue getting rid of things since we want to downsize anyway (watch us find the perfect house that’s just as big or bigger). Because this is always what happens to me, I get rid of stuff and 3 months later I need/want that same stuff :)

  2. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says

    So pretty! Everything looks so good together. What a great collection of tureens. What a great buy on the aqua drink set. Lucky you found 4. I am always on the lookout for cow print. They are so expensive when I do find them. Great little corner!

    • Manuela Williams says

      Thanks so much Lisa! Yes, those cow prints have gotten expensive. I blame Miss Mustard Seed :) Although, I’ve seen a few cute ones at TJMaxx now that they’re so popular.

    • Manuela Williams says

      Hi Penny!

      It went pretty well! Everyone loved the yard, veggie garden, porch and master bedroom (which I re-did). Some said we’re over priced for the neighborhood (which we are). But we’re hoping people compare our house to the houses that are in the surrounding neighborhoods. We’ll see how that works – that was our realtor’s idea. She sold us the house originally so she knows how much it and the grounds have changed. So we’ll see if her strategy works. They can go 1 mile out for comps for the appraisal.

      Some Realtor’s said we needed to declutter even more and some said the charm of our home is in the decor. So we’ll see what feedback we get from actual buyers before we make anymore changes. I’m exhausted anyway! We haven’t even started to look for places to move yet. So that’s next. :)

  3. says

    It looks wonderful! I have so many blogging friends who have recently sold their homes or who are in the process of selling right now. Sometimes I get confused about who I’m visiting…just now I thought I was at Comforts of Home with Penny. I’m losing it.

  4. says

    Your tureen collection is wonderful atop the cabinet, Manuela. I hope it feels good to have most of your decluttering done (although it’s never completely finished) so you can catch your breath and await results. You’ve such wonderful taste that I’ll bet you’ve the perfect balance of charm and neutrals!

  5. says

    I love how you have this styles Manuela. The beautiful shapes of the tureens , the simple red and white gingham of the dishes and all the other little touches. I read your reply to Penny, I think your strategy is a good one. I have looked at homes online just for fun, and I think your home’s charm is unique and beautiful. You have done so much work through the years and the house and garden is gorgeous. Anyone who purchases will be buying a gem with a ton of personality and beauty.

  6. says

    Love your changes Manuela. The gingham straws are fun and the plates are so pretty. Love your collection of tureens too. Hope things are going well with viewings for the sale of your home.


  7. says

    Those gingham plates are beyond adorable! You have a knack for displaying things that brings put the best in them as well.

    Open houses are always a little nerve wracking. Some people tell you to depersonalize, while others say leave things as is. I can’t relate to those would be buyers that can’t see past personal items, but that’s just me!

    Good luck Manuela!

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