September 3, 2014

Using Color to Unify A Garden – My Blue Garden Gate

A design concept that I use inside my home is to repeat colors to unify spaces.  I’m one of those gardeners that plants a lot of  “I’ll take one of those & gotta a have one of that” plants as something catches my eye at the garden center, instead of planning ahead and planting bunches of the same colored flowers/shrubs so my borders have a more cohesive look.  I decided to apply that same concept to unify my backyard . I do like a more cottage look but at times it can get a little out of control looking! I think that color used with repetition can unify my garden. Since one of my outdoor projects this spring  is to paint the picket fence that goes around my vegetable garden, I started  implementing this idea with one of the gates and a grape arbor.

using color to unify a garden - blue garden gate and garden hose wreath

The fence is still going to be white but I’m going to paint the gates blue and distribute this color (various shades of this color) throughout my backyard. I still need to paint the back of this gate, but I put my garden hose wreath on it to see how it looks and I love it. That’s not it’s permanent spot  - I think it needs to move down a bit and I may add a ribbon to it. But I think it’s perfect for my newly blue (Cool Water Lake by Behr) garden gate!

blue garden gate to the vegetable garden

I’ve got  a lot of weed pulling and rose trimming to do as well. I have to get on  a ladder to cut back that red Knockout Rose – it’s huge!

blue arbor & Knockout Rose

I just picked out some details to paint on this arbor. It has a grapevine growing on it and I might plant some morning glories at the base as well.

blue trellis behind a pink Knockout Rose

I painted this trellis behind the pink Knockout rose last year (it has a white clematis growing on it).

Spiderworth & Lady Banks rose

I do have a nice swath of blue here because of this self-seeded Spiderwort.

blue gate to the vegetable garden

I think that blue is a pretty color in a garden – it brings the blue of the sky down and is a nice cool contrast with some of the “hot” colors of the flowers I have planted.

Now I just have to spread it around! :)





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  1. Oh Manuela – Love the touches of that beautiful blue around your yard. It really makes any of those plants that are blue pop, doesn’t it? Pretty, pretty color.


  2. I love that color of blue, especially the way it looks in the garden.

    I need to get out in my herb garden with what remains of today, working just a little at a time to do away with last year’s growth. Hopefully the cool weather plants can be planted Saturday. That’s late even for us for cool weather planting but it has been a COLD spring. Hoping it doesn’t get hot overnight as it has been known to do in the past.

    I love seeing pictures of your garden for ideas to steal (I mean borrow). ;)

  3. That is the perfect color for your garden. It looks great!

  4. I love the color in the garden! I have that same blue plant, didn’t remember that it was spiderwort! I love the color of it.

    Gardening is a lot of fun and offers real creativity!

  5. You are so creative in your garden! I love your blue gate. That shade of blue is one of my favorite colors.

  6. I love the pretty blue you painted the garden gate and trellis. Your garden looks beautiful already. I have used a golden yellow as a common colour (the shed door) for things in the garden but I sure like the aqua you have used. Maybe I’ll change things this year. Enjoy your garden!

  7. Just Cats says:

    I like the blue in your garden. The garden hose wreath is very clever and pretty.

  8. Love your garden – so pretty. The hose wreath on the blue is perfect. I did not know knock out roses grew that tall – I need to tell daughter as she just planted some.

  9. It is a pretty blue, Manuela! I think it will be a nice color to have throughout your gardens.

  10. Magazine worthy! LOVE IT! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  11. I love the blue, I have a tuteur in the garden that needs painting and I need to paint and I have been toying with the idea of painting it blue. I have seen that color used in other gardens and always love it! I am just like you, I want one of every flower I see. :>)