September 2, 2014

12 Fun DIY Craft Letter Decoration Ideas

Plain letters in all sizes are so easy to find and so inexpensive that I have quite a few in my crafting stash. Sometimes I like to spell out words and other times I just like to do  initials or symbols like an ampersand (&). The only thing is… I think  those big chipboard/wood/paper mache letters look a whole lot better if you dress them up ( even if you just spray paint them).  Today I’m sharing with you a few fun ways to embellish those craft letters including a couple that I’ve already done!

12 fun DIY craft letter decoration ideas

Decorative letters are so easy to craft with and fit into any style decor!

faux metal craft letters

Make paper mache letters look like metal. Faux Metal Letter Tutorial at Living With Punks

craft letter covered with pom poms

I covered a letter with pom poms for my craft area here

corkboard covered craft letter

Cover a letter with corkboard  via Tattooed Martha

fabric covered letter

Fabric covered letter by One Good Thing by Jilliee

faux brushed nickel letters

These faux brushed nickel letters would fit right into any modern decor via Make and Takes

washi tape covered craft letters

These letters are covered in washi tape via Polka Dot Chair

Anaglypta covered craft letters from Mod Podge Rocks

The tutorial for these anaglypta (its a type of wallpaper) covered craft letters can be found at Mod Podge Rocks

M&M covered craft letters

I thought these were beads at first but they’re M&M’s! via Girl in the Garage

scrapbook paper covered letters

Cover them with scrapbook paper like these from Jenni Bowlin Studio Inspiration

yarn wrapped wooden letters

You can wrap the whole letter in yarn  or give them a dip dyed effect by wrapping just the bottoms like these  by Hello Lidy

sea shell covered letters

Cover them with sea shells for a beachy look like these from Debi’s Design Diary (she has a video tutorial)

DIY faux barnwood craft letters

These are faux barnwood covered letters that I made –  tutorial here for diy faux barnwood covered craft letters

I could go on and on! You can use moss, buttons, corks, sequins, glitter, mosaic, beads, photos or just simply paint them. They are so versatile!

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  1. Cute ideas! I love to decorate with words.

  2. Adorable! We have an area upstairs that will be a library some day. I hope to do the whole ABCs like the ones from Jenni Bowlin Studio. That’s just wonderful.

  3. Love these ideas! I just painted some letters for the bridal shower I am hosting:) Bride and Grooms initials! Enjoy your day dear Manuela, HUGS!

  4. Love the anaglypta and faux metal letters!