August 23, 2014

Bring Spring Indoors

Here’s a  little easy to care for indoor spring garden to cheer the soul that I recently made! I went to Home Depot and got some primroses and a pot of daffodils to plant.  A container of forget-me-nots would be pretty too!

Bring spring indoors by potting up some spring blooming flowers

I placed some little rocks on the bottom of this fabulous punch bowl (that I found at Goodwill last summer) for drainage.

rocks for drainage in the bottom of bowl

I didn’t add any extra dirt. I just took the plants out of their pots (but you can leave them in their pots depending on the container you use), placed them where I wanted them and used moss to cover any exposed areas.

Indoor spring garden planted in a thrifted container

I’m so glad I made this little garden since were supposed to get another snow storm in Atlanta. Ugh! Which means we’ll be house bound  (again) for a few days if it really happens!


Plus it was soooo good  to get my hands in some soil.  Can’t wait for spring!

Indoor spring garden of daffodils and primroses

In the mean time we’ll be staying warm and cozy at home!


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  1. How pretty! We have about 2 inches of snow on the ground right now and it is still snowing. I am so ready for spring too!

  2. PERFECT !! I love it! :)

  3. Sooo pretty! Thank goodness for spring flowers that we can bring inside. It really helps keep our minds off the cold and snow!

  4. Your flowers have found the perfect home! I love love love the container! We are so snow covered here in Pa and expecting 6-12 inches more on Thursday. I have never been more ready for spring. Thanks for bringing it to my computer!

  5. What a very pretty arrangement!! Thanks for sharing your pretty flowers.
    The Kroger I go to usually has pots of primroses this time of the year, but did not see any when in there the last time.
    Sorry about the weather. :( Stay warm.

  6. Very pretty! And in our favorite red and yellow too. I went out on the back porch yesterday, freezing or not, and repotted a house plant. Felt good. We’re supposed to get more snow tonight too. The last one is still on the ground.

  7. I sure hope you don’t get any snow, and it looks like you may not. But the forecast I saw predicts possible freezing rain on Wednesday. That is more awful than snow, in my book, because you can’t even WALK on the sidewalks when it’s freezing rain. I was longing the other day for the little florist shop that I used to walk past right on the way to the office from the bus stop, but she moved away about 4 years ago. I would buy bunches of unopened daffodils from her and it was such a joy to watch — and literally hear them — pop open! I live in SE WI and I’m used to cold and snowy winters with a blizzard or two thrown in, but this winter it’s been horrid. The coldest in 30 years and we’re breaking records left and right. Today we broke the record for having continuous snow cover in SE WI – over 60 days now. Geez. The forecast is for temps in the 20′s by Wednesday and possibly as high as 30 by Thursday. We’ll see. We’ve also come close to breaking the record for consecutive days below zero – another one today, and another one tomorrow. Not a record to be proud of. We’re not living in Antarctica, after all. Your flowers or sooooo pretty. My supermarket doesn’t have daffodils yet, but if it is as warm as they say it’s going to be on Saturday (in the 30′s), I’ll walk down and buy some cut flowers. Need something like that. For now, I’ll satisfy myself looking at your beautiful arrangement :)

  8. That’s so pretty! Looks very similar to a pot of flowers in the latest Southern Living. I just bought a little pot of daffodils at Trader Joe’s last weekend. $2.49 well spent. I plopped them in a little vintage flower pot; they add so much cheer to our table!

    We are supposed to get snow again too. We’ll have to see what actually happens but they are calling for a good bit of it this time!

  9. It’s a pinner! I was just looking at something similar in a magazine. I believe I like yours better.

    (And I’m so bummed about the coming storm. My husband is having to cancel a big meeting with Atlanta folks for the THIRD time. UGH. )

  10. That is about the most gorgeous flower arrangement I’ve seen in months! Amazing. Plan ahead for your event and you will remain perfectly content!

  11. What a beautiful little indoor touch of Spring:) Love it! Have a blessed week! I am gonna be stuck inside just like you! I will try to do something productive while stuck indoors:) HUGS!

  12. What a gorgeous pop of Spring! Thanks – I really needed that!


  13. So gorgeous! I love the colors and how they add a touch of spring to your decor.

  14. Pretty punch bowl, Manuela! I love this idea and the flowers look great. I am just about ready to cave and buy some daffodils or tulips next time I am in Kroger.

    I read this morning about your new snow forecast. We have more coming Friday and Saturday; not much accumulation wise, but the mounds of snow around here are getting ridiculous {and difficult to see around corners sometimes}. Stay safe!

  15. This is a beautiful display. I just discovered your blog and love it! You and I seem to think the same way and I will enjoy following along with you :)

  16. beautiful! and a fabulous idea too!

  17. What a sight for snow fried eyes!

    Delightful burst of Spring!

    Thanks, Manuela!

  18. Thank you for this post Manuela. I needed this. I REALLY needed this.

    That’s a lovely container and it looks so lovely in that perfect spot you found for it.

  19. Hi Manuela
    That pot of flowers is the perfect antidote to this snow we are having in North Carolina. I actually have some daffodils in the garden that have buds on them. This weather must be a shock for them. Hope you are keeping safe and warm in this winter storm. Hugs, Rhondi