August 21, 2014

Let It Snow Chalkboard Art

I’m sure quite a few (maybe many)  of  you are probably sick of snow! We haven’t seen any yet. Well we did see a few light flurries but it didn’t stick. So that doesn’t count. We had a gloomy rainy day yesterday so I played with my chalkboard in my dining room and created some snowflake chalkboard art!

let it snow chalkboard art

Making a big chalkboard has proven to be one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done. It’s so easy to change around – since it’s chalk!

Let It Snow! - Chalkboard Art

To recap how I made the chalkboard itself – I  already had the frame – just took out the print and then my husband told me that Home Depot sells MDF chalkboard for under $10.00. I made two big chalkboards with that one piece of  MDF!  I’ve also made them by painting over the existing print with chalkboard paint. Either way is good – the MDF is less messy and quicker.

burlap chandelier cord cover

I’ll probably move the “Winter” burlap banner to the fireplace soon (unless I think of something else to put there). In the mean time I thought it would work nicely with the burlap I have wrapped around my chandelier cord. 

Next week I’ll have a post on my meal planning binder.  I’m saying it so I’ll really do it.  I’ve been working on that post for about 2 months now!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. love the chalkboard . . . love the art . . . love the burlap cord cover – it makes me wish I had a cord to cover.

  2. That makes a very nice display!

  3. You are a great snowflake artist! That is difficult and minute work to do. Great job! I love your winter banner and the chain cover too.

  4. It looks great, Manuela! I haven’t tried the chalkboard MDF yet, but hope to this year. I love the picture with your chandelier in the foreground.

  5. Wow – Very pretty! You really did a great job!! Really like the chandelier. Have not had to deal with snow (this Winter) yet, have had the brutal cold temps and some ice and that is more than enough for me.
    Heat wave today – mid 50′s and sunshine and suppose to be mid 60′s tomorrow.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Love your snowflake chalkboard and your winter banner! I’m really tired of the cold and snow tho. It made a really darling vignette. Great job!


  7. Oh so pretty! Love that snowy chalkboard! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. Your chalkboard looks adorable although I took down my “Let it snow” banner after we got 16 inches last week. No sense inviting more after that! You’re probably safe to leave that saying up in Georgia though! Lol. I love the winter banner too. So cute:>)

  9. The chalkboard is beautiful! After this last week’s weather, I’d probably write… bring on May!

  10. Did not know about Home Depot and the MDF. The next time my husband is near one, I am going to ask him to pick some up. I really love the whole look, of course, right on down to the burlap on the fixture.

    • Yep, makes DIYing a chalkboard so much easier – especially now when it’s too cold to paint with chalkboard paint anyway.!

  11. I love it, Manuela! I had no idea that Home Depot sold the MDF chalkboard material. I’ll have to venture through that section of the store next time I’m in there.