Decorating with Vintage Toy Trucks

Toy trucks are so much fun to use in decorating! The open backs just lend themselves to filling with fun stuff.

Ideas for decorating with vintage toy trucks

I use mine all the time. I fill it with pine cones, pumpkins, rag balls,  books, Christmas balls all sorts of things. Here it is as part of my Valentines Day Mantel.

decorating with toy trucks

Here are some more pretty ideas for decorating your home with vintage (or not) toy trucks.

toy truck with flowers

Isn’t this one filled with fresh flowers beautiful. It would make a great centerpiece.  source: My Life In Design

toy truck with books

Toy trucks are so functional – this one holds some vintage books.  source: petits detail

toy truck with salt & pepper shakers

This vintage aqua truck holds a pretty salt & pepper shakers.  source: Farmgirl Paints

truck pincushion

A truck made into a pinchushion!  source: SC Johnson Family Economics Blog

truck with succulents

How about using an old vintage truck as a planter for some succulents! source: Plascon Trends

vintage toy truck with flowers

I love the chippy aqua of the truck with the red of the tray via Farmgirl Paints



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  1. Vee says

    Aren’t they darling? My son had so many of those trucks. Did I see a future for them? No, I did not. Let that be a lesson to young mothers today!

  2. says

    Like them all, but will say the first one is my favorite. :)
    Thanks for stopping by. Right now I am blaming it on the weather also.
    Have a great week.

  3. says

    Those are all very fun, I have a fairly new, made to look old truck, perhaps I can put salt and pepper shakers on it for my hubby’s birthday tomorrow.
    Thanks for the great inspiration!

  4. says

    TOO cute. I have a long,vintage green metal car that belonged to hubby’s dad on display in a side table in the family room, but NO trucks. shoot. They make a unique and cheerful display…nostalgic. just have to keep my eyes open!!! Thanks for the inspiration. Creative people out there!!! {{hugs}} to you Manuela!

  5. says

    I love this idea! your trucks are so cute.
    I have 2 old trucks, a yellow pickup that belonged to my husband and a big Tonka dump truck that belonged to my boys. I’ve tried to decorate with them but it really bothers my grandson- he thinks all trucks are for playing and not for decorating.

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