My China Cabinet Makeover

I painted my china cabinet!  I totally forgot to take a picture of it before but here’s one from Easter 2009.

white painted china cabinet

Out of all the china cabinet inspiration photos I shared with you the other day, the ones I like the best were the two toned ones.

vintage hinge on cabinet

The paint I used is Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green. It’s a strange color. It totally looks green in the can but when you put it on it’s a grayed down robin’s egg blue (which is exactly what I wanted). I didn’t want a bright robin’s egg blue – I wanted a dirty robin’s egg blue.

Painted china cabinet - Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green

For this makeover I bought a quart of the paint (Halcyon Green)  in an eggshell finish ( and still have plenty left). No priming or sanding was needed since it was painted with a flat white paint to begin with. I just got all the dirt and dust off. Then  I applied the paint with a foam roller and good brush. I don’t think I’m going to put a top coat of glaze or distress it anymore than it already is. I like it the way it is – it looks very Swedish Country to me.

cabinet with back lined in red toile

I really l-0-v-e  how the red toile looks with this color! This may just be my new favorite color combination.

 removable toile panels

The back is cardboard wrapped in toile fabric for easy removal. Behind the toile is the original beadboard. Just makes it easier to change out the look without damage to the cabinet.

architectural piece on cabinet

I think keeping some areas white highlights the architectural pieces on this cabinet. Although, there’s usually a chair or a couch in front of it so you don’t normally see the bottom (that’s where I store my china I’m not using).

I just really love it this color! As you can see, I haven’t gotten around to painting that new wall. Like I said earlier, I’d much rather paint  furniture than walls :)!

top of painted china cabinet

The power of paint! Give it a try if you haven’t already. You’ll be hooked on how easy and inexpensive it is to transform a piece you’re tired of !


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  1. says

    I love this color! I have really grown to love the light blue, bright red, and white combo. A change always perks things up nicely:>)

  2. says

    That is the sweetest piece of furniture. I love china cabinets..they stop me in my tracks. The colours together are beautiful and the toile just tops it off.

  3. says

    I realy like the color. I like how you used the toile and the white. It really looks nice. Yes, it looks
    Swedish………or kinda French Country. I am writing down your paint choices as I have several pieces I have wanted to paint. I wanted to use the chalk paint but just can’t fork over that amount of money. Thanks for sharing.

    • Manuela says

      I had thought about using the AS chalk paint but I have some white from her line that I used for another project and was not impressed. Maybe the other colors are better? Anyway, I’ve used latex paint for years on furniture and it works just fine – is easy to get and doesn’t cost a ton of money.


  4. says

    Loving… dreaming… pinning…
    I love the two tone look, and my favorite part is the hinge.
    I’ll remember that about the cardboard wrapped in toile when I finally get the guts to paint my kitchen cabinets and remove some doors. It’s on my “to do” or 2012, but I’m not always so good at finishing lists.

  5. says

    Now that is a wonderful cottage look’n piece!! That blue is just right with the red toile! Wonderful! Waiting on some nice weather have a couple projects to paint as well. Yes painting walls are not fun but seeing it done by someone else is!!;-)

  6. says

    That is such a beautiful cabinet, Manuela! It has such great bones to start with. For a piece that size it has lots of nice detailing, too. I love the blue with the white. I’ve got some painting to get on with this week myself. Hopefully today!

  7. says

    So darling Manuela! I love the dirty robins egg blue and white WITH THE RED .. great color combination! I’m off to buy paint for my pantry project today! I love your fabric wrapped cardboard idea too. I don’t want to paint the inside of my pantry but I do want something fun and colorful on the inside that is interchangeable! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Happy Day!

  8. Anonymous says

    LOVE it…woot! awesome job Manuela…(like always!) It’s beautiful. And I do love the blue and red too. The shade of blue is perfect. (Thanks for sharing the color and brand.) I too, am sticking to my old faithfuls from Lowe’s and Home Depot …{**instead of using the chalk paint…way too expensive for me!!!!..}.just want to change the color and the look in a room without spending a wad of money. Your cabinet is evidence that the regular paints do JUST as good a job. rah! I also appreciate the idea of wrapping cardboard with a background paper or fabric, so that it’s EASY to change out. fantastic tip! yay. I love your cabinet. Love the toile of course. It is gorgeous..I know you are loving it. Hugs to you and thanks for sharing all your projects and knowledge. xoxo

  9. says

    Oh…those were the ones that I liked too! It turned out beautiful Manuela! We recently painted our dark brown bookcases a nice bright white and I have more projects still to do!
    Have a lovely day!


  10. says

    I love it! I had to look back and forth several times to see if you added some trim to the cabinet. But no, the paint just makes it have so much more dimension. Great job.

  11. says

    Gorgeous, Manuela! I really like the idea of wrapping fabric around cardboard so you can change out the look – very clever. I have a question for you: was this china cabinet originally a regular wood stain, such as oak? If so, were you the one who first painted it white? I have a small china cabinet sort of like yours in my kitchen, but it is the original oak.

  12. says

    So pretty, Manuela. I love the color and that you painted the inside of the door too. I just recently started using foam rollers when painting things (instead of a brush) and it makes such a difference.

  13. says

    Your china cabinet looks fabulous! I love it, and the gorgeous new color does look wonderful with the red toile in the back and yes, it does look Swedish.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. says

    Fabulous makeover. I have an old cupboard my husband had made for our kitchen. It used to have glass doors but one fell off so I had the other removed. Now it is just open shelving with doors on the bottom. I would like to paint it but painting anything is not my forte. Lots of stuff I would like to do it’s just the getting going on it all. Absolutely crazy how much Pottery Barn charges for anything. Your apple juice jar certainly does the job much better than anything that would cost $99. Crazy! Have a great weekend. Tammy

  15. says

    What a pretty transformation. I love that you left a few sections white and slightly distressed. I have a couple of pieces on the front porch in need of a little paint transformation. Thanks for the nudge. Patty

  16. says

    I absolutely love the makeover! I loved the cabinet in white but this new look is gorgeous! Love the two-tone look. What a great idea with the removeable toile! You’re a genius!


  17. says

    I love the way your china cabinet turned out. The colors are wonderful! You’ve inspired me to get going on a long-overdue project!

  18. says

    I love your idea for wrapping the cardboard! I am always wanting to change things up… so this would work perfectly! Your cabinet looks lovely in that shade now.

  19. says

    I love your cabinet………colors are great. I think Robin’s egg blue is my all time favorite color. I’m blog hoppin again this afternoon and landed here. Enjoying my visit so that I’ve just become your newest follower. Please come visit me at and hopefully you’ll follow back.

  20. says

    LOve the toile!
    Thanks for coming by to link up…I would love to have you back this week!
    See you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

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