Changes To My Foyer = Typography Wall

There are a few little things that bug me about my house and when I decided that this was the “Year of the Home Makeover”,  I also decided to tackle  a few of those things. The not too involved- not too expensive things!

etsy art

One thing that always bugged me was this knee wall we built (photo below) when we first moved in. It originally had your typical 1960’s split-foyer railing when we bought the house  (plus faded orange wool carpeting in the living room that we were told was easy to dye :) ). We  replaced it with a half wall. Of course we didn’t really know what we were doing back then and it turned out alright but….

  1. it was crooked
  2. we built the wall on top of  the floor edging so the new wall wasn’t flush with the wall below it
  3. did I mention it was crooked?

knee wall before


Every time I went down the stairs I saw the crooked wall and that rounded piece of molding sticking out and it bothered me.  Maybe other people didn’t see it but I did.

Do you have a little something like that in your house too?

collage of how to build a wall

So since we’re much better with home improvement stuff now, we rebuilt the wall and we built it a bit taller too…and straight!

Katie Daisy Art

I showed you this Katie Daisy piece last month. It was destined for the foyer.

katie daisy typography art

I loved it so much I bought another one of her prints. I just love typography and her prints are so colorful. You know I love that!

etsy typography art print

This one is from Fay Street Studio on etsy.

 Now I have a typography art wall! I have room for one more :)

I think when you come into my foyer you’ll know that we like color!  …not that it was ever a secret!

I wanted white frames but couldn’t find any in the sizes I need.  Not sure about them.  I might paint them.  Only…….

painted stairs

 …I have plans for my stairs. So the frames might just work out as they are. (This is the new yellow on the wall  btw and it’s photographing a pinky beige. They are a lighter yellow than the old color)

                      We’ll talk stairs next week :)


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  1. says

    Yes, I DO have a spot like that. It’s a pitiful poor job we did of molding in our foyer too.

    I’m so glad for you that you fixed yours, and I love the prints there. They say, “This is a happy house!”

    My foyer walls say absolutely nothing. Ha!

  2. says

    Manuela, Isn’t it amazing what we tolerate for so long until we finally get fed up and fix things? I’m sure you’re much happier with this version of your wall. I like how you use such fun colors- they obviously reflect a fun personality. Gee… what do all those browns that are all over my house say about me? Am I really dull I wonder? LOL
    ~ Sue

  3. says

    Nice job on the wall! You can’t tell there was ever a seam there. Know exactly what you mean about a few things that bug you about the house, only I have a LOT of things about mine that bugs me. 😀
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. says

    It is a good thing to take care of those things that just bug us. That’s why we have the new kitchen window. It didn’t need to be done, but since it was a constant annoyance. Annoyances can’t be good. Your prints are so cheerful and bright. They must make you grin just to see them. Thank you for loving color!

  5. says

    The wall art looks fantastic. Sweet sentiments and pretty too, what more could you want? Do we have things in the house that bother us? Oh gosh yes! We remodeled many times over the years, not always really knowing what we were doing but giving it all a try. This house was built inthe 40’s and came with plenty to redo! We live with it and dowhat we can as we can afford to.

  6. says

    I love those prints — they look so happy! I think my problem with annoying things in the house or yard is that after a while I “quit” seeing them — especially things that just seem too overwhelming to deal with. It’s only been the past few years (out of 14!) that we’ve started making headway on painting, replacing carpet, dealing with water stains on the ceiling. When we moved here 14 years ago, the house had been rental for 10 years and we bought it as is, so we got a very good price, but we had little time and less money to fix it up. Can’t wait to see what you do with your stairs.

  7. says

    You are always tackling some sort of project. I have ideas but haven’t moved forward with them yet. Maybe next weekend when we ha e 4 days off because of National/Liberation Days (which just happen to coincide with my birthday so it is always a holiday :) Love those prints! I’m sure you have fabulous plans for the stairs. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. says


    I do have a few things that bug me too!

    I love your prints! So cute and colorful – we are alike in our love of color!

    Have a happy weekend!

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