DIY Pretty Magazine Storage Boxes

There are some magazines that I want to keep intact because they have so much good info that my usual filing system wouldn’t work. In an effort to be more organized, I decided to group all the gardening type magazines I’m keeping in one place with my gardening books. So I made  some pretty magazine storage boxes from some inexpensive cardboard magazine holders from my favorite store….. IKEA, so they would look nice on my bookcase in the living room.

DIY magazine storage containers  using mod podge

I have issues  of Hobby Farm/Urban Farm, Mother Earth News, Countryside, Country Garden and other various gardening magazines that I keep for reference (I don’t keep every issue just ones that I know I’ll want to look at in the future).

farmhouse scrabble tiles

There’s no reason why practical can’t be pretty!

How To Make Pretty Magazine Holders


These are only $1.99 for a package of  5 but there are plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to make them out of cereal boxes and shipping cartons.

scrapbook paper

You know I like color, so I played with some scrapbook paper until I got a combination that made me happy. Although keeping them plain white is always nice too.

cutting scrapbook paper

Once I had my paper patterns picked out, I traced the face of the magazine file onto the back of the scrapbook paper.  Be sure to center your design the way you want it to look on the magazine holder. I forgot and had to redo the first two.

mod podge

mod podge

To attach the paper I used my favorite, Mod Podge, but I imagine a glue stick or spray adhesive would work also.

cardboard magazine holders with scrapbook paper fronts

I’m a lazy crafter sometimes! So I chose not to cover the sides since,  except for one side, they wouldn’t be seen in the way I have it set up. I did cover the outside of the last one because it is visible (but I could arrange my books so it wasn’t). It’s up to you. I was feeling lazy and didn’t feel like tracing and cutting out sides :)

homesteading books

I’m not going to label them right now. I don’t think I need to since I know what’s in them. Of course if I had done a whole long  row of magazine holders I would label them. I’d be confused as to what was where. But these four I think I can manage without a label.


DIY decoupaged magazine holders

Inexpensive, personalized magazine storage  (you can put other things in them besides magazines you know).

mod podge inexpensive white magazine holders with scrapbook paper

 Also, if  you decide to change color schemes… well… easy peasy, they can be changed since all you need to do is change out the fronts.

easy diy magazine storage

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  1. says

    That is a wonderful idea! I like to keep some of my magazines too, but I just put them on the bookcase, they would look much prettier tucked into a cute magazine holder!


  2. says

    these are cute. I’ve done these in the past with contact paper and cereal boxes…
    I need to make some more. I also have magazines I need to pass along!

    thanks for this reminder. Pat

  3. says

    Well what a good idea to just do the part that shows! I’ve got some old cardboard ones that I’ve had for years and years — discarded from the law library of the old courthouse here in Memphis — and I always wanted to do that but never did, because it would take so much paper, take too much effort, etc. — but a rectangle! Can definitely handle that!

  4. says

    Such a great idea, Manuela! These came out so pretty! You can’t beat that price either. As soon as I can figure out where I can put something like this, I should put some together for my decorating magazines. More often than not, I keep most issues and I really need some place to put them.

  5. says

    All of mine are the plastic or metal type that are leftovers from either my teacher days or toss aways from the husband’s office. I would rather get some cardboard ones and gussy them up like you. I’m putting that on my “to do on a rainy day” list.

  6. says

    What a great idea! So bright and colorful. I have some magazines in a basket and frankly, I’m getting tired of looking at them, but I don’t want to give them up yet, lol! I haven’t been on Google Reader much these last few weeks, but I was sooooo happy to see your blog pop up in my reader..

    I haven’t been able to access it for awhile, so I am so excited to “see” you again. You are truly one of my favorite blogs. I am in the process of redoing my sunroom and the curtains are black and white toile….you inspired me with your love for toile and color. I am adding some colorful pillows to go with the curtains and cushions (which are black and white stripe) and I think it’s going to look great!

  7. says

    Nice idea and they look so cozy and inviting. I don’t usually save mine anymore–trying to simplify and declutter. But every once in a while I might keep a whole issue …this is a great way to make it pretty!

  8. says

    Nice idea and they look so cozy and inviting. I don’t usually save mine anymore–trying to simplify and declutter. But every once in a while I might keep a whole issue …this is a great way to make it pretty!

  9. Mary says

    Such a great idea! I’m so glad you are blogging again. I love reading about all your adventures both inside and out.

  10. says

    They look great. I like that used the Mod-Podge, because at least in the photo they look more like fabric instead of paper and that adds to their beauty.

  11. says

    Gorgeous, Manuela! I would’ve never thought to do something like this…making ordinary magazine holders pretty. I love how the patterns are different, but are unified because of the colors.

  12. pattie says

    That looks so nice! I should do something like that, I have so many stacks of magazines piled up everywhere… I love your rooster and the “farm house” letters, adorable!

  13. says

    This is a great idea and just what I need to do with my holiday, especially Christmas magazines. I have some “leather” ones that I found at TJ Maxx several years ago on clearance for $2/ea., but have had no such luck finding them again. I must vista Ikea, and soon! COvering the boxes to fit your decor is such a clever idea.

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