November 24, 2014

A Cozy Winter Porch

faux fireplace
Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! We had a wonderful Christmas and I’m all rested and ready to do stuff!

Have you noticed that I have a new look? I want to thank the wonderful Amber of  Sprinkles On Top for designing my blog’s new look.  I think she did a fabulous job at capturing me and what my blog is about.
You know, I’m always looking for ways to make my house more comfortable for family and friends. I also try to get the most out of each of our rooms. Here’s what I did with my screened in porch to make it cozier and useable for this colder season .  I live outside of Atlanta btw and our winters are generally mild.

faux fireplace
The biggest thing I did was I took a gel fuel fireplace that we had downstairs in our Family Room and moved it up here.  When I originally designed this porch it had a real fireplace about where this one is now. But we had to cut it do to budget constraints (I could either have a vaulted ceiling or a fireplace not both).
Since we’re redoing the Family Room we decided not to use this fireplace anymore and I didn’t want to just get rid of it. So now it’s in the porch and I have my fireplace! See it all worked out in the end!

This print above the fireplace is one that some of you may remember. I got it at Goodwill at the beginning of the year I believe for $3 or $4. It has a small tear on the top that I fixed with some tape. It hung inside  at the top of my stairs for a while (until I found another Goodwill print – which I haven’t shown you yet) but, I always planned to put it outside.  At that price, I don’t really care if it falls apart due to the weather and it’s not in pristine condition to begin with.

This is is what this side of the porch looked like this summer.  I used lots of blues and greens. Which was fun since I mostly use red and black inside my house.
fireplace on screened porch
This is what it looks like this winter. Cozy, cozy, cozy!  For winter I added some red to the mix.
I put a quilt on the love seat. The Pusssywillow branches are from my backyard.

This chaise is where I hang out. I often bring my laptop out here and light the fire, cover up with that throw and visit all of you!

Some River Birch branches and a few pine cones. I try to keep it simple since I usually have to remove stuff if it’s going be windy!

As you can see this is a second story porch. We’re up here with the trees and birds!

gel fuel fireplace
The fireplace is not just decorative. Those gel fuel canisters throw off a good amount of heat as well as having a realistic looking flame. I buy them at Target these days. I used to only be able to get them shipped to me. But these types of fireplaces are sold everywhere now. I saw some last winter at Big Lots!
All the seating is faux wicker and is made for the outdoors. The rocking chair next to the fireplace is also a favorite place to sit. What could be cozier! We really love hanging out in this space. It’s even nice when there’s a gentle rain!

Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Wow! So cozy! Love the quilt on your love seat!
    So glad you had a good Christmas. We did too…and are enjoying a relaxing day today.
    All the best to you and your family in 2010, Manuela!

  2. I like your new look!

    Your porch looks like the perfect place to cover up with a blanket and read a good book.

  3. Confessions of a Plate Addict says:

    Hi Manuela! Yes, cozy indeed! What a comfy spot for taking advantage of our mild winters! I have been wanting an outdoor fireplace for our patio. And…have I told you that I love your new blog dress? Have a great weekend…hugs…Debbie

  4. It does look so cozy and inviting! Love it!


  5. What a wonderful porch! I would have to spend a lot of time out there! It is so pretty and welcoming. The fireplace is just charming! Enjoy!

  6. what a cozy room! i love your new look too…hope you had a merry christmas.

  7. Rhonda in OK says:

    so pretty Manuela
    I've never heard of gel-fuel but I am very interested.
    and are your walls glass or plexiglass?
    I know this can't just be screen walls, you would be too cold!

  8. Kathleen Grace says:

    Your blog looks beautiful Manuela! I had a great Christmas in spite of being ill. I plan to just sit around and do a whole lot of nothing today. I would love to live in a warm enough climate to use a screened porch this time of year. I have always thought yours looks like such a beautiful space to enjoy:>)

  9. Lisa@Pickles and Cheese says:

    Your porch looks like a real room. I would love to have a space like that. And I love the new look of your blog. Very nice!

  10. Ally's Corner says:

    Your screen porch is wonderful and that fire place it a great idea!!!


  11. Marla at Always Nesting says:

    Oh, sooo beautiful! Makes me want to stop by for a cup of coffee, especially after being in our Oregon cold and rain :)

  12. Happy@Home says:

    Your porch looks like the perfect spot to relax and recharge after the busy holiday season. It is indeed very cozy looking. The fireplace is a great addition and I love how you tied those branches together with raffia and added the pine cones and birdie to the mantle. Perfect!!

  13. I love that you have a fireplace on your porch! It looks lovely and cozy. I like the new blog look too!

  14. What a lovely and cozy place to sit. That would never work for me as I live in New England.

  15. Storybook Woods says:

    I love it Manuela, cozyness GA style xoxoxo Clarice

  16. Love your new look and trying not to be jealous of your gorgeous winter porch. It's wonderful – trying to figure out how we can do one that will work in our Oregon weather. ~Adrienne~

  17. Your porch looks great. I love the fireplace too. I want on of those in our master bedroom.

    I use to live in LaGrange, Ga. Do you know where that is? We loved Georgia. My husband said that that is the place that he feels most at home. We are now in a suburb of Cincinnati and it is definetly NOT Georgia:)

  18. How great that you are able to use this most of the year! I love the whites and the open feel of this space!

  19. It does look wonderfully cozy and comfy. Makes me wish for a covered porch.

  20. You knew I'd enjoy that, didn't you? Thanks for the gift! Have a merry Christmas weekend. It snowed here in St. Louis Christmas Day!

  21. i love your porch! oh how i wish i had one just like it! i'd be out there every day!

  22. Lee Laurie says:

    I love your porch! Everytime I see it, I want one just like it. My favorite thing about it is that it is up in the air! I would love to have an upstairs bedroom with an outside porch. Yours looks perfect for relaxing with a good book or blogging! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Lee Laurie

  23. Aunt Amelia's Attic says:

    What a glorious porch! Made even better, by the fact that it's upstairs! Oh so purrrrrrrfect! Lucky you.

    And you've decorated it wonderfully tooooo.

    Your 'blog look' is soo soo soo lovely. I love pink and I love toile and I also love the simplicity of your 'look.'

    Gentle hugs…

  24. vintage girl at heart says:

    lovely and so cozy!!!

  25. Melissa Miller says:

    ~WOW! Manuela you porch is so cool! I love the cozy look of it. The rug and fireplace are so beautiful. You really made it into a room to enjoy. Lovely views as well!

    Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  26. Melissa Miller says:

    Hmmm…I'm not sure why but my button does not work on your blog??? Shucks. Thanks for displaying it anyway.

  27. Glenda/MidSouth says:

    Like your new look!
    Your porch looks like a great place to curl up and read.

  28. LOVE the new blog look!! It is perfect! And the porch?? LOVE IT!! I can relate to the mild winters as I am just next door to you in Alabama. Though today is a tad nippy!!

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda

  29. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    This is so pretty! Great idea to put the fireplace here, especially if it doesn't fit in with your redecorating. I envy you your mild winters! I noticed your new blog lay-out as soon as it opened up ~ I love it!

  30. fiberdoodles says:

    Merry Christmas!

  31. Manuela, Your fireplace looks great and oh so comfy out on the back porch. I would definitely do something like this if the weather was conducive! LOL All it does is rain and blow here in Dec. The snows will come in Jan. and Feb. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas.
    hugs, Sue

  32. Completely charming, Manuela. I could happily sit there and enjoy your winter porch. A winter porch is a new concept for me…no one sits out on their porches here in the winter and hardly ever in the spring either and rarely in the summer for that matter. Ha!

  33. I wish I had a porch like yours to make my own, but til then thanks for letting me enjoy yours…I have that same 2nd-hand sensibility, and wish that there was more to choose from around here, but you remind me that it's all about being in the right place at the right time!
    Thanks again…

  34. I love your fireplace! I want to find one! It would be awesome in my living room now that we moved the tv and computer downstairs to the family room!

    Love the new look of your blog!

  35. Momma Rae and the Deputy says:

    how truly lovely and peaceful!!!

  36. Tricia Anne says:

    Love your new look and your porch! I would never come inside. :o)
    I hope that you and your family have a very happy new year!! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  37. Your porch looks so inviting. Here in Michigan we have to clear off our porches and decks from the fall till the spring–except for Christmas decorations. It's too cold to use them and strong winds will blow cushions, etc. away! We try to make the most of our porches in summer–the rest of the year we look out the window and dream.

  38. love your new look, and of course i love all your decorations and decorating skills!!!! and ideas!!! I look forward for more from you in 2010

  39. I'm kind of jealous. I'd love to have a screened porch. I think we'd basically live there in the summer. We're starting to finish our basement family room. I've been wanting a fireplace down there. I'm glad you mentioned the gel fireplace. Are the cannisters very expensive? How long do they last? I'll be doing a little research today. Thanks! Mimi

  40. Miss Janice says:

    Love your porch and love the fireplace. Everything looks so cozy!

  41. Brenda @Cozy Little House says:

    I love that porch, Manuela! And especially the fact that it's "up in the trees" and like a treehouse. That has always appealed to me. And it looks so comfy and warm with the fireplace. I can just imagine you there writing to us in your chaise with the fireplace keeping you nice and toasty.

  42. You have a beautiful home; thanks for sharing it and your ideas with us! Have a safe and Happy 2010!

  43. Melanie@The Old White Cottage says:

    What a cozy little spot! ;-)

    Happy Holidays!

  44. How warm and relaxing your porch is Manuela! I love the way you change things out with the seasons.

    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with you family! I am really looking forward to the new year!

    xo, Jennifer

  45. Julie Harward says:


  46. Manuela, this does look like a cozy spot for winter days. Living in the south has it's advantages! ~ Sarah

  47. Very cozy Manuela. I love your new look. I more than likely won't be changing mine. Glad your Christmas was good. Have a great 2010. Take care.

  48. We would be icicles on our porch! ha! Yours looks warm and cozy!

  49. Your winter porch looks so cozy and inviting. I can see why you love to sit out there with your quilt. I would too! Love your blog makeover….it looks great!

  50. Wish I had a wonderful porch like yours! You were so smart to put that fireplace out there and actually use it!

  51. Blessedmom's Simple Home says:

    I love the new look of your blog and your porch looks so inviting. Do those gel fireplaces put out any warmth? I'm not too familiar with them, so I wanted to ask. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas. We did too.

  52. I just want to cozy up in that porch! Lovely!

  53. Indian Thoughts says:

    i wish i had something similar in my place. it's too good.

  54. Rhonda in OK says:

    Hello – I am back for a second look, I think it is wonderful and amazing that you can be comfortable in a screened in room in Winter

    we have lots of snow and no sign of it melting anytime soon,
    I think we need to move somewhere warmer

    any houses for sale in your neighborhood?

  55. makingthemostofbeingathome says:

    Your porch looks stunning!!! You decorate so well for the seasons you are such an inspiration to many.

  56. Oh how warm and cozy it looks! I love the new look!

    Happy New Year!

  57. Melissa Wertz says:

    Enjoyed the tour of the porch! It is lovely!

  58. Terri and Bob says:

    I loved your screened in porch. Adding the fireplace was a stroke of genius! Love it!

  59. texasdaisey says:

    Great job on your porch. It looks like such a lovely place to while away the hours visiting with family and friends. Isn't it fun when things work out so nicely.

  60. Glenda/MidSouth says:

    Me again!! I had to activate comments moderated due to something that happened last week. I accidentally deleted your cute comment about the nuts, before I clicked "Publish". I am so sorry – please feel free to comment again. Talking about "some times I feel like a nut" – I do right now! It has been crazy here today.

  61. Your new look is fabtastic! It's so you!

  62. Blissitydoodah says:

    What a happy place to be!
    Nothing like a fireplace is there?
    I love the first photo the best!
    Happy New Year to you!

  63. I love your porch!! What a cute idea with the fireplace. Thank you for inviting us in to see it! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  64. Michelle Hoad says:

    We are putting a porch on our new house this spring, so I am obsessed with pictures of porches. Thanks for giving me a quick fix for today! Yours is beatiful.

  65. Linda's Blue Gate says:

    What a sunny porch…… so romantic up there in the clouds and such a lovely view… the fireplace on the porch ….it is the coziest most lovely porch….EVER

  66. june@craftyniche says:

    Your porch is warm and cozy! I can definitely see myself sitting there with a nice cup of coffee and my Kindle. :)

  67. Melissa Miller says:

    I'm glad you like my new table! It's a versatile piece for sure.

    See you soon! :)

  68. I LOVE your screened-in porch…how dreamy! I would just live out there! Your new blog look is just perfect–love seeing everyone's "facelifts" after the holidays! Hope you're enjoying the holidays with your family!

  69. Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ says:

    Enchanting Manuela!! You never cease to amaze and inspire.

  70. Sweet Designs says:

    Beautiful, it looks so cozy and welcoming! I have a gel burning fireplace too, and I love it. I just wish our Target carried the gel cans, I still have to order mine!

  71. Oh wow the porch looks lovely! Sometimes it's easier for me to be outside in the winter than the hot humid summers we get! :)

    I love how you changed the porch with just a few items and love the fireplace out there!

  72. Manuela! This is beautiful! What a wonderful idea to use your fireplace this way. . . now THAT'S recycling!

  73. Barb~Bella Vista says:

    Manuela, you are a lady after my own heart. A porch and a fireplace….who could ask for more? This is simply divine….I truly love it.

    Happy New Year!

    Barb ♥

  74. They sell gel fuel at Target!! Wow that's a great tip. I live in a townhouse so i had to buy a fireplace and I hate paying shipping charges for the fuel. I live in California, I hope my Target sells it too! thanks so much i love your Blog– super inspirational!! :)

  75. The porch is pure perfection! We hope to go to the Scotts Antique Show one time this year in Atlanta:) Heard it is great for finding precious rustic treasures :) Happy 2011